20 Best Harbor Freight Tools for DIYers (2024)


20 Best Harbor Freight Tools for DIYers (1)

BySheri Kaz

Updated: Jun. 20, 2024

    If you're a DIYer, you'll find the best Harbor Freight tools to get the job done without wiping out your savings account.

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    Contractors and professionals have been known to find that the best Harbor Freight tools are as good or better than popular name brands—and in most cases, they are significantly less expensive. From generators to jumper cables, Harbor Freight has something for every home and trade. And with an ever-expanding inventory, there’s always something new to choose from.

    Savvy DIY shoppers look for the best value while expecting longevity and durability on frequently used items. From Harbor Freight garden tools to everyday hand tools, you’ll find pricing that pleases the pocketbook. Check out the best Harbor Freight tools, according to Family Handyman editors.


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    Compound Miter Saw

    Get the right angle with a compound miter saw like the Hercules miter saw from Harbor Freight. It’s a great choice for precision work and can be used horizontally or vertically.

    The sliding mechanism gives you a 14-inch horizontal cut capacity with a 6.75-inch vertical capacity. It comes bundled with a 60-tooth saw blade to get you started immediately.


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    Rolling Tool Cabinet

    When it comes to tool storage and work benches, Harbor Freight may be your best workmate. Compared to other name brands, you’ll find the best value and durability with the U. S. General brand from Harbor Freight. Check out this 72-inch triple bank rolling tool cabinet in your choice of eight colors.

    Organize your workspace within the 14 smooth drawers. Charge your tools or work directly on the bench with the in-drawer charging system. With the 6-inch casters, this tool rack moves where you need it, even when filled. Which, by the way, is a 6600 pounds. And for extra security, the entire tool chest locks with one key so the drawers can’t be opened.

    This rolling tool cabinet is built to last with rugged powder-coated steel and ball-bearing drawers. Plus, these U.S. General mobile workbenches come in various sizes, colors and configurations to suit all your needs. Don’t pay up for the garage of your dreams; Harbor Freight has you covered.


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    Portable Air Compressor

    Whether you need to power your tools or fill your tires, the Fortress 175 psi compressor is an excellent choice. This compact compressor packs a punch at 175 PSI with an impressive 3.0 SCFM and a six-gallon tank.

    Users love the portability, fast pump-up time and ability to work in extreme conditions down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t leak or collect condensation, and customers love its oil-free pump and easy start operation.

    You’ll be pleased with the small 16-inch square footprint and carrying handle. With large, easy-to-read gauges and brass universal couplings, you can get to work straight away.


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    Dust Collector

    Keep your shop pristine and dust-free with the Central Machinery High Capacity Dust Collector. Built for large jobs, the powerful 1550 CFM quickly captures dust and large chips with the 5-inch inlet. This machine filters particles as little as 5 microns to keep you safe and your environment clean. With an upright design and locking swivel casters, this dust collector moves with you from tool to tool.

    Woodworkers appreciate the large capacity bag because they don’t waste time continually emptying it. Other users find it much quieter than a high-pitched vacuum typically found in shops. Everyone appreciates how efficiently it keeps their shop clean and the portable, upright design.


    Need extra space to store your toys or work on projects? The CoverPro Portable Garage gives you peace of mind while protecting your vehicles and equipment from hail, snow, sun and rain. This heavy-duty 12-foot-by-20-foot garage is big enough for an SUV. Its durable frame is made from 1.5-inch high-grade steel with a water-resistant UV-treated polyethylene cover. The kit includes the frame, cover, nylon rope and anchors.

    The CoverPro has easy-to-access zippered doors on the front and back for a drive-thru design. The door flaps are securely stowed out of the way when opened with a pulley and roller system. Although assembly is easy, it’s time-consuming, and you’ll want to recruit a friend to get the cover on and anchor this carport in place.

    Users love the extra space it frees up and its sturdy construction. Some found it stable even in 50 mph winds. Don’t settle for less; expect quality materials and craftsmanship with this shelter from the storm.


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    Portable Power Station

    A portable power station is handy to have when the power goes out or you’re in a remote area. Power up your light-duty tools, laptops or lights with this 400-watt Jackery power pack.

    Weighing in at 6.61 pounds, the Jackery power pack has a roomy handle for easy portability to power small appliances. This power station is battery-powered and rechargeable. To charge it, plug it into an AC outlet, a 12V accessory car charger port or the onboard solar panel input for off-grid charging. As a result, it operates without noise, fumes or gas, so it’s perfect for powering a CPAP machine in an emergency or watching TV under the stars since it’s safe for outdoor use.


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    Light-Duty Cordless Drill/Driver

    The Warrior line from Harbor Freight is designed to be affordable and accessible without the frills of the mid-grade Bauer or higher-end Hercules models. That simplicity makes the Warrior 12v cordless drill/driver a great selection for DIYers.

    With a lightweight 12-volt battery, this model is easy to carry from task to task. It’s worth picking up a trio of them: one for the house, a second for the garage, and a third to stash in the truck.


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    Suction Cup Lifter

    For some reason, not everyone has discovered the incredible usefulness of suction cups. Any time you’re moving a bulky object with a hard surface, you’ll be much happier if you break out the cups and give yourself a helping hand. This model from Laguna can hold 125 pounds, allowing you to easily move everything from windows and doors to refrigerators and stoves.


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    Magnetic Parts Holder

    A magnetic parts holder may seem like a simple device, but it can be a lifesaver when you’re on top of a ladder. Ever fumble to get your last screw onto a drill head, hoping it doesn’t slip off and tumble two stories before disappearing into the lawn? Then you know what we mean.

    This model holds up to 10 pounds of loose parts, and its non-marring rubber base protects delicate surfaces.


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    Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    A bottle jack is one of those tools that doesn’t get a lot of use until you need it. Then it’s an absolute game-changer.

    This hydraulic jack from Pittsburgh provides easy lifting of heavy equipment and comes with a twist top for precise adjustments. Whether you’re using it to lift a car, correct a cupped joist, or support a garage door during a repair, it packs 12 tons of power into a tiny package.


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    Floor Blower

    A floor blower is an all-around useful tool.This Bauer model is a perfect choice to dry water-permeated floors and carpets, ventilate tight spaces or draw dust out of a workspace (it won’t collect the dust, however). The three speeds allow you to select the right power level for your specific situation. And the adjustable blowing angles—zero, 15, 45 and 90 degrees—let you put air movement exactly where you need it.


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    Submersible Utility Pump

    Submersible pumps are a perfect way to remove water from flooded areas. This Drummond submersible unit can pump water down to less than 3/8 inches, saving you from water damage and getting you back in business quickly. Conveniently, it comes with a 3/4-inch garden hose adapter and check valve. It’s great for all kinds of situations, from emptying a flooded room or a pool to draining standing water from your yard.


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    Soft-Bottom Tool Bag

    Every DIYer needs a dependable way to carry tools from project to project, and one of the best options is a soft-bottom tool bag. A padded bottom protects the items inside the bag and also prevents scratches and dings to hardwood floors or countertops.

    The 16-inch wide opening can accommodate most handheld tools. The six interior pockets are rugged enough to handle bits, blades and accessories.


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    Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

    Modern flashlights use LED technology to put out far more light than similar devices did even a few years ago. This 7,000-lumen waterproof LED Braun flashlight provides a run time of 46 hours, with three light modes and a twist focus for close-up or long-range illumination. Plus, the Braun has a rechargeable battery and can be used as a power source to charge USB devices.


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    Retractable Utility Knife

    Knives like this retractable model from Doyle are designed for dependability and tool-free blade replacement. The knife body also stores up to five replacement blades, while an integrated trimmer lets you use it to trim string and wire without opening the blade.


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    Magnetic Accessory Holder

    Keep your tools close at hand with a magnetic caddy from U.S. General. The rubber-coated magnets attach to any ferrous metal without marring the surface, and you’ll have easy access to up to two spray cans and five screwdrivers.

    If those aren’t the tools you need most often, Harbor Freight carries lots of magnetic options, covering everything from paper towel holders to latex glove dispensers. Grab your tool caddy in a choice of seven colors.


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    Diamond Grit Hole Saw

    A diamond hole saw lets you cut into tile, stone, glass, granite and brick. This tool option comes with a side ejection slot to allow easy plug disposal. If you’re looking for clean cuts, this diamond hole saw works to avoid chips when drilling small holes in hard surfaces.


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    Rechargeable Lantern and Bug Zapper

    This rechargeable lantern and bug zapper is intended for campers, but the 200-lumen output also instantly brightens your workspace. Easily hung overhead, it’s especially useful in summer as it doubles as a bug zapper. This will help keep unwanted insects (and the critters who feed on them!) out of your garage or workshop.

    With up to 20 hours of run time, this lantern won’t make you fret about keeping batteries on hand. Just recharge with the micro-USB port, and you’re ready to go again. Best of all, rain isn’t an issue—it’s rated IPX6 waterproof.


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    Utility Rope

    Whether you’re tying down lumber in your truck bed or lashing stakes to support a post, every workshop needs dependable rope! This 75-foot rope is a great choice.

    The nylon-polyester blend fiber resists rot and mildew, while the diamond braid minimizes stretching. It safely handles working loads of more than 300 pounds.


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    Rechargeable Jump Starter

    A jump starter isn’t the kind of tool that you use every day. But when you actually need it, you’ll be glad you picked one up at Harbor Freight.

    This rechargeable jump starter from Viking has the power to jump V8 gas engines and V6 diesels. It comes with a USB port to easily charge your phones and tablets, plus an LED emergency light.

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