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on morning team. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 10:00am on this wednesday, the day before july 4th. i'm james fletcher and we're continuing to follow the latest with this heat wave that seems to have a firm. grip on the bay area, john, with today, temperatures getting once again up 210 for now won 10 for spots like walnut creek as well as conquered clayton just below mount diablo. >> could take the cake is the very hottest spots today. mount diablo looking a little hazy, too, as we also have a spare. the air alert in effect today. no shortage of things to talk about in this week's forecast as we lead into the 4th of july. and unfortunately, that means not the most favorable forecast for being out and about a whole lot. we are looking at excessive heat warnings in pink continued all the way through tuesday at 11:00pm heat advisories also along the bay shore in particular. if you're in those pink areas where are subject to 100 degree plus heat, that's where we're going to be seeing some

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real risk to your health yesterday. one day, triple digits. we can get through that. but in the extended round of heat like this, especially if you don't have access to ac, can be really dangerous. so make sure that you're keeping an eye on cooling centers as well as family friends, neighbors that, you know, might be heat susceptible where we're sitting right now. we're already heating up. look at san mateo. 91 already brentwood at 94 right now, oakland and berkeley. you're still holding on to the 70's, but not for long temps will rise really quickly as the rises further into the rise and and with that, we will be in the triple digits again for concord livermore, antioch, as well as redwood city in santa rosa. just to name a few spots and already by noontime today, some inland areas will be approaching 100 degrees james. all right back. let's continue with our team coverage of the heat. john, the national weather service says this. >> extreme heat could cause and this is their worded exceptionally dangerous situations. kron four's will tran following the story for us out. walnut creek. well.

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>> it's already quite uncomfortable. it downright unbearable to be out in the sun, especially for me wearing a black shirt. i don't encourage you to do that. but i do encourage you to try to get your exercise is done right now. you can see people in the water, you in a short while it might be even too dangerous to be in the water because you could hydrate. the water temperature on a typical day here at heather farms about 81 degrees. it was so hot yesterday that a rose to 84 degrees in today's even hotter. so they do expect that maybe couple of degrees hotter than yesterday. i can tell you it's dangerous to the point where we do know pg e crews. they have beefed up their staff levels to respond any power outages. they did that in the overnight hours and they are ready to go. should that happen again? because if you're in your apartment and you don't have power. it could

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be dangerous for you during the next week or so with these intense temperatures that we are seeing. i got a chance to talk to some people this morning. here's what they had to say about trying to beat the heat. >> i have been i'm doing my errands early in the morning and hanging around at the house in the air-conditioning. if need be some of my friends are going to the library going to the movies, but mostly where kind of sticking to the coolness of our homes. >> and if you can't do that, then go to a cooling center. it's not just pg and e that's also having increase hands on deck. they're also having more firefighters. they are on hand as well because let's face it 4th of july. always a nervous time. if you're a firefighter, but because of these intense temperatures that we're seeing, james, they also ave have extra firefighters because are responding more to

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medical emergencies and to make a situation possibly even worse. we could be fully maxed out on the power grid today. so don't be surprised. fingers crossed, but don't be surprised if we rolling blackouts. back to will. thank you very much. yeah. and with these higher temperatures, obviously fire danger also increasing as well. in fact, another bay area cities been added to the red flag warning list. >> the layer residents now are under a red-flag warning until 08:00pm tonight the national weather service says it may extend that warning past tonight if the high temperatures continue the low humidity, the winds, all of that, they're asking all residents to exercise extreme caution. don't do any yard work today. anything that might throw up a spark and like grass on fire officials are recommending you avoid any of those activities, including outdoor barbecues as part of your independence day celebrations. so got to think twice about that. they also want to remind all residents

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that all fireworks are illegal in the city of and that includes the unincorporated areas as well. in napa county. that whole fire is currently 15% contained. you see video here of cal fire battling it. firefighters say they were able to stop the fire's forward they made that good news. crews are still working, though, to fully contain it. that fire broke out yesterday afternoon. it's burned 50 acres so far and nearby in solano county, firefighters there are battling a wildfire as well. this one broke out on devin devin everton road. that's right. yeah. near city of travis air force base, that fire is almost 500 acres in size. it's currently 60% contained at this point. no structures are threatened. so that's some good news. and here you see san francisco firefighters heading out to butte county. they're helping respond to the thompson fire up there. the fire department posted on social media that they're sending 18

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firefighters, one supervisor and 5 trucks. the thompson fire broke out yesterday morning in oroville. it'r exploded to more than 2900 acres in size. more than 13,000 people have been told to evacuate. and don't forget, we've got the latest that wildfire and our own wildfires on our website. kron 4 dot com. okay. in other news this morning, the oakland city council has finally passed a budget for the coming year. but the decision does little to solve the city's long-term budget crisis. kron four's dan kerman with a closer look. >> for now, the city of oakland will not be cutting 100 officers from its police force. the city council has approved a mid cycle budget which also doesn't close fire stations. but does little to solve the city's years of overspending. the approved budget comes from mayor sheng thao and council president nikki fortunato bas it freezes hiring and relies on 63 million dollars and one-time funding from the sale of the oakland coliseum. the problem is that deal hasn't been finalized yet. and

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council members were warned that could impact the city's bond rating and lead to more draconian cuts. should the coliseum sale fall through? we are using the illusion. >> funds that haven't arrived yet and that we don't know when will arrive. >> to try to balance a budget. and this is a wildly fiscally irresponsible decision is a complete failed to approve the mayor. and now i hear the council, president teams budget recommendations. funding plan that has no money. planned my own budget in my household. with no money. and i certainly will not take billions. of our taxpayer dollars without a fiscally sound plan. will council members read ramachandran and gallo found the proposal fiscally irresponsible. >> the 5 other members of the city council didn't want to be the ones responsible for cutting 100 caps and having rotating closures of 5 fire stations. people leave.

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>> that among very, very difficult choices that this option preserves our public safety services. it is the best option in terms of being able to continue the same level of service for police, for fire for violence prevention, particularly our cease-fire programs. this one >> is a somewhat better in terms of public safety and moves us forward in a way that i is likely to consistent with the reality that we're going to get coliseum money. so the budget was approved and now they'll have to keep their fingers crossed. the coliseum deal goes through. otherwise big cuts could come in september. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> well, 10, 0, 8, is the time and happening right now. bay area residents are hitting the road for the busy holiday weekend. fact triple a says this year's 4th of july travel is expected to break records. so there's going to be a lot of people out there. proffers michael thomas in san jose and talking to drivers as they fill up. good morning, michael.

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>> hi, good morning, everyone. what nearly 71 million people are said to be traveling for 4th of july, traveling at least 50 miles away from home. and if you're heading out for the holiday, what you probably should have already been on the road. >> holiday travel means pain at the pump and triple a says travel is up this year by 5% compared to last 8% compared to 2019 with 70.9 million heading to 4th of july events. 60.6 million are traveling by car and 5.7 million by air. chris hunters traveling to turlock for the 4th and says gas prices just aren't what they were. 34 96 for half a tank. >> just before covid, i think i was filling up his car for 25 bucks. right now. the average price of gas in california is currently $4.79 a gallon. >> more than a dollar and a half higher than the national average, which is $3 and $0.51 the highest price to gas up is in sonoma county for $5.4. and the cheapest is in santa clara

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for $4.80 stand. mueller says prices are bad, but travel time is even worse. sometimes called in to work. >> i have to travel at highway 17 and all that beach traffic is >> if you're heading out today or tomorrow, the best time to travel is before noon with the worst time to leave between 2 and 7 tonight traveling before 10:00am seems to be your best bet throughout the weekend, which is why chris says exactly ditched work today left a day early know tomorrow is going to be absolute chaos month ago during memorial day to get 7 hours to get from here to. >> reno, leaving 12 o'clock. >> but no matter the time, chp want you to take your time. the agency plans to be out in full force over the weekend, starting tomorrow at 06:00pm until midnight on sunday. back out here live. of course, if you are heading out, make sure you pack your patience as us news. people like to always tell you. >> drive speed limit. and of course, never drive under the

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influence. that is the very latest reporting live in san jose michael thomas. james, we'll send it back to live in the studio for now. all good advice. michael, thank you. >> it is 10, 10. we're going to take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the driver in that crash that killed a family of 4 is back behind bars. why prosecutors decided to file charges against her. plus, thousands of people in the east bay without power last night in just the first day of this heatwave job. >> yes, and we're looking at a continuation of it, too. triple digits again today, if not 110 in concord in antioch not 110 in concord in antioch and all the way the rash on your back,

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>> 10, 13, the time. and if you're looking for some free fishing, well, you're in luck this saturday. people can fish anywhere in california without a fishing license. all other fishing regulations like ours, bag and size limits, gear, restrictions and requirements. those are still in effect. but free day will be august 31st. all right, 10, 14, the time. and we've been talking about the heat this morning in the bay area here. we've got a live look, one of mount diablo in walnut creek on the left and the other ocean beach in san francisco. and it's sort of a tale of to temperature range is really all around mount diablo. it's going to be well above 100 degrees. but out at the coast, maybe a find some relief. how much cooler at the coast you think it's going to be job? yeah. i mean, 70's so better than 100 and ted, that's for sure. my gosh. do math there. 40 degrees.

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cooler. >> so makes a difference for sure. this is your look outside from the east bay hills. crystal, clear skies overhead other than a's. we do have a spare. the air alert. in addition to all the heat and fire related concerns that we also have skies are crystal clear. temperatures are warming quickly under those clear skies. and this high-pressure ridge, that's just not budging is contributing to our hottest weather of the year. so far all across the west coast. so it's the pacific northwest down to here at home. those excessive heat warnings in pink extended through tuesday at 11:00pm heat advisories along the bayshore also remaining in effect. and in those pink areas, your risk of heat related illness really begins to increase as we work through incrementally day after day after day of triple digit numbers. so that means that you definitely want to get to some cool spots during afternoon hours. avoid a rigorous activities and exposure during those afternoon hours. red flag warnings also likely to be extended right now through early friday for upper elevations of the bay. where

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are we sitting temperature wise today? well, as i mentioned, some low 70's out towards the coastline could see a couple of low 90's, though, for some of our bayshore neighborhoods in the city, upper 60's and montero being our coolest spot today and definitely going to be a popular spot up and down the coastline to get away from the heat. of course, just consider those cooling centers, places that you get to your own backyard. that are definitely going to be escape from the heat as long as you do have a pleasanton and livermore at 108, today, danville in concord at one 10. if you don't have ac in your homes in places like this, definitely want to consider venturing to a spot. antioch in vacaville at one 10, santa rosa at 103. one good thing about this forecast as we are going to have a clear fireworks display. if you are heading out to the embarcadero, we will be looking at clear skies and warm temperatures right there. it's going to feel like the middle of summer leave it to the expert. as far as the fireworks go. the last thing you want to be doing is messing with that during our scorching heat in our heightened fire danger as you

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can see today may be the hottest day of the rest of the forecast. but you don't get much relief remaining in the triple digits inland all the way into the start of next week. all right, jon, thank 10, 16 and another big story this morning to san francisco. police officers are recovering in the hospital this morning. >> those officers were struck by a car in a head-on crash. kron 4 sarah stinson has the story. >> the 2 motorcycle officers injured in the crash are being treated here at sf general hospital. the police officers association says one of them is in critical condition. we've seen officers stopping by here nonstop to show their support. police chief bill scott visited san francisco generalphospital tuesday night where 2 of his motorcycle officers are being treated after being struck by a car. department is like a close-knit family. so when somebody gets injured, particularly something this serious, you know, we've come here to support. >> to see if we can do anything to support the families and the officers. police say around 05:00pm the 2 officers were traveling

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westbound on cesar chavez street. >> pennsylvania avenue when an oncoming car hit them head-on. paramedics and officers responded the driver of the car and the 2 officers were taken to the hospital. officers are in good spirit. you know, have long road to recovery. my heart goes out to them. >> that's >> they're looking in. a camera works near where the crash happened. he says the driver involved was his co-workers. uber driver went out, came in with coast like, oh, my word. i was going to get in thatvcar. you know? just as she was walking up and was crowd officers stayed at the scene for hours investigating the cause of the crash. they say there's no evidence to believe drugs or alcohol are a factor. these 2 today being involved in this accident is is very tough for us. >> but we're going to do the best we can and just make sure

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the investigation is being officers continue to stop by the hospital as well as mayor london breed. the chief says support is flooding in for the injured officers is a lot of officers. >> and there including the police officers association. now that the public is finding out about this, a lot of public support. so we definitely appreciate that. a spokesperson for uber has confirmed the driver in this crash is a driver for their company. the spokesperson also saying that they hope the driver and the 2 officers have a speedy recovery. >> i'm sara stinson reporting in san francisco. kron. 4 news. >> another big story that we're following this morning. the driver of that crash that killed a family of 4 in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. he's back in jail records show that mary fallout was booked shortly before 7 o'clock yesterday evening. being held now on $150,000. bond. she crashed her car into a bus. stop back on march 16 family of 4 was waiting there to catch a bus to go to the zoo.

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investigators say allow a speeding driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic. district attorney brooke jenkins charge loud yesterday with 4 charges of vehicular manslaughter. >> this case we found that it was gross negligence meeting. this was outside of of the this isn't, you know, somebody's going a few miles over the speed limit. this was excessive speeds driving in a manner that was not safe and that could reasonably first, you know, foreseeable because death. >> investigation ruled out any mechanical issues. and police chief bill scott says lau was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol supervisor. martin melgar whose district includes west portal says she's actually been leading an effort to improve street safety in that area since the crash. >> that intersection was designed 100 years ago. and there's lots of new things. lots of busy, busy, nessie know a lot people, pedestrians, bicycles at. robot taxis, even impact lutz.

10:21 am

and so. >> we do have to change the way that we use that intersection at. we have been working with the merchants to come up with something that everyone can live with. and i think we're there. >> well, the proposals include adding turning restrictions for 3 traffic, adding transit lanes and provide a more dedicated and protected pedestrian space. the supervisor says the sfmta board is set to consider the proposal later this month. patelco credit union says it could be days, maybe even weeks before full service is restored for customers. a ransomware attack over the weekend force. the company to shut down all electronic transfers, direct deposits and balance inquiries says it will reimburse customers for any late fees. waive overdraft late payments and atm fees because of this attack. in the east bay looks like 2 school board members in seminole are being recalled. the latest vote count shared by the alameda county registrar's office shows that more than 50% of voters chose to remove ryan jurgensen and linda

10:22 am

hurley. the recall efforts began after those 2 members voted last september to allow only the u.s. and california flags on school grounds. critics considered that a ban on pride. flags. all right. we're going take a break here at 10. 21 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we're going continue our team coverage of the dangerously hot temperatures that are gripping the

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>> 10 24 is the time and an update now on the trader. joe's in larkspur city officials say it is not a

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sinkhole. that's >> causing the closure. they say trader joe's is actually repairing a failing column located in the refrigerated section. they say the base of that column failed due to water damage, but they're not aware of any sinkhole in the building. so that's the official word from the city. still no date, though, on when trader joe's there will reopen. all right. take a look. oakland police say they seized nearly 600 pounds of illegal fireworks. look at all that officers say they were responding to a call on 6th avenue when they saw group surrounding a car and they walked over. they found the stash of fireworks inside. nobody was arrested. but this comes just a few days after oakland police seized nearly 100 pounds of fireworks from a group that was selling them out of a car as well. the fireworks are illegal. don't forget in san jose, including those that are labeled safe and sane. city leaders are encouraging residents to attend firework shows instead of buying fireworks. mayor matt mahan, by the way, is reminding you of what will happen if you are caught with illegal fireworks.

10:26 am

>> todd selling illegal fireworks in the city of san jose. >> we're going to do everything in our powers. 2. find you and prosecute you. it is a serious crime in san jose. you can face up to a $50,000 fine and jail time. >> san jose residents can watch fireworks shows at lake cunningham park and almond in lake. if they want to see and a professional show and don't forget, you can watch all of it from the comfort of your own home because we here at kron 4 are providing these fireworks shows to you. we've got dan stormed into what bello hosting this special and it's going to highlights from the best fireworks in san francisco, san jose and marin. so all over the bay. again, that special is tomorrow night at 09:00pm right here on kron 4. in other headlines this morning, we're following breaking news. the new york times report states president biden is thinking about dropping out of the race. we're going hear from the presser on what might happen next.

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>> and of course, the latest with the forecast, the high temperatures, as you can see, getting well above 100 degrees for a number of communities all around the bay will have your full forecast in just a minute.

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>> we are back 10, 30, the time and at the half hour got to check the forecast. if you have to leave right now, no, it's going to be hot and get the quick update here from john. yeah. my goodness. so hot out there today. again, 110 degrees for many inland areas. that's not fun. it's actually quite dangerous. it's looking like it could several more days of these triple digits, too. not letting up in

10:30 am

the future. let's look outside at mount diablo. clayton at the base of mount diablo could very well be our hottest spot in the bay today, getting in excess of 110 degrees later on today. we will be seeing excessive heat warnings continue down through tuesday at 11:00pm. that's what i mean when i say it's multiple days of just the searing heat becomes quite dangerous. when you see heat waves extended like this and why i'm also stretching to get to those cooling centers, maybe a trip to the coastline. if you have that option or just over to the friends house that has a c and make sure that you're keeping the body temperature regulated. temps are already climbing right now. mateo at 92 dublin at 95 oakland. you're getting close to 80 along with san francisco berkeley, one of our cooler spots. lucky you. it's 71 right now. we also are seeing daytime highs on the warmer side of things, even out the coastline today will be a little bit warmer. concord in antioch, up to one 10, san jose and santa rosa right around 100 degrees. and i will already be seen near triple digits by the time that we

10:31 am

reach noontime today, james. all right, john, thank you. >> well, the big story that we're following this morning, that woman who was pushed in front of a bart train on our way home in san francisco. we know she died from her injuries and a man now has been arrested in her death from force. lezla gooden has the update on the investigation. >> 74 year-old quarters on dan. dan was pushed into a millbrae bound train at the powell street station, san francisco late monday night, according to bart police, dandan was transferred to san francisco general hospital and later died and an arrest has been made. >> you know, right all just leave it at a murder. but we are at investigation to see what charges are appropriate. chief, a bar police kevin franklin says they rested at an house man. 49 year-old trevor belmont also known as hoped. hang on the powell street platform. the connection to the attack. the chief says dan dan was pushed around 11 o'clock pm telling

10:32 am

us she hit her head on the train and then fell onto the platform. bart has thousands of cameras use and incidents like this. >> but the actual interactions between the suspect victim is still part of the investigation. some writers at the powell street station say more police are needed to avoid incidents like this. i think they need to just start making rounds more often not maybe by 2 more. >> marc option here. i'm all time. and i just, you know, during peak hours, others say the overall feel safe. taking bart hearing that kind changes like the whole deal kind only my take part in the same. you're just like your characters, but also hearing some one thing that's kind of it. >> very, very strange. i still can't feel it's safe. let's look good in kron. 4 news. >> now to the breaking news this morning. the new york times is reporting this morning. the president biden has acknowledged to close advisers that he might not be able to continue in the

10:33 am

presidential race. if things don't turn around. the newspaper says the president told an ally that he needs to convince the american public is still a viable candidate. otherwise you might not be able to salvage his candidacy following last week's disastrous debate performance. now the white house is refuting this report. short time ago we talked with cal state east bay professor nolan higdon who breaks it all down for us. >> the first timein as we've seen this coming for for a handful of days now. there's been a lot of top democrats on the record, some off the record questioning whether or not biden should we've seen biden do a fundraising blitz. these are usually signs of the campaign knows it's in trouble. so i'm not surprised that biden and the rest of his campaign around some very difficult conversations about whether or not they should proceed in this election. >> let's talk about the president and what he potentially has to do to turn this around. >> yes, sounds like an instant to change the public

10:34 am

perception and change the so on the first friends he needs to inspire some confidence in his ability to do the job. i think some a solid interviews, some solid speech would do it. well, i think he's also hoping you know, potentially other big news stories might distract attention from this question. whether or not he should be running in 2024. >> what we know we had a campaign rally in i think was the next day right after the debate in which he did come out and seem much well, much stronger and much more coherent. we know he's got an interview coming up with abc news on friday. a couple more campaign stops one in pennsylvania, one wisconsin battleground states. and we know the polls in these battleground states have been really tight. and i think in the days following the debate, he's trailing now trump in that. so are these the kind of you're talking about? he's got to really hit home runs in order to instill confidence. >> you know, the speeches may

10:35 am

be a little difficult there. there is a perception and a lot of chatter online. that's when you know, biden has something to read off a teleprompter. he's able to convince audiences of his cognitive ability. but i think something like a sit-down interview with abc where he's not able to know the questions in advance and not able to prepare becomes often. that interview looking strong that could prove quite decisive for the president. i think that's the type of moment he's looking for a might. your audience will probably recall that there's a lot of change of discussion about biden's cognitive abilities after the state union that, quote, a lot of criticisms for at least a couple months. i think he's looking for another one of those moments. >> that we know the white house absolutely denying claim. do you think that that's going to do any good in terms of squashing the story? it off? >> i don't think this story has gone you know, throughout the weekend continued this week and we're getting more voicing their concern about a biden. we're getting word

10:36 am

chatter from from folks in media and now even people within the biden campaign. so i think it really going to need some kind of dramatic if from biden's perspective to change the public perception. otherwise, i think the conversation is is going to keep going in the direction of maybe who should replace biden. well, let's move on to that question because as we know, we have california governor gavin newsom heading to washington. he's going to be there with the other governors from various states. we know the white house says this is. >> president biden looking to assure democratic leaders like those governors that are coming to the white house, that he is still fit for office, unable to carry out another 4 years. but gavin newsom's been rumored to be potentially an what do you what do you think on that front? >> i think they're you know, a handful of people who have who basically doing a shadow for the last year, too. and i would put newsom up there. let's not forget he was running, you know, national as he traveled to florida,

10:37 am

debated ron desantis who have that i was a or contender. so i i some is clearly been trying to to get this nomination. it's it's going to be a sticky situation now for the california democrat that the vice president, kamala harris, it's a sticky situation for the democratic party in general. i think there's probably a lot of that they didn't hold a more traditional primary with debates over the last year. so it's a lot of these questions could have been answered with the public's input. if biden is replaced. now they're going to have to, you know, rushed to the convention and have delegates come up with some getting behind the candidate, which is very difficult on truncated timeline. >> and you just brought up the vice president. i mean, let's also talk about the ads. talk about connelly here. do we think that she's going to be the forefront of this? and we just talked about the governor, but is she the for sure person that they're going probably focus in on and push for? >> should be the for sure

10:38 am

person. kamala definitely has a lot of support. i think she has a good argument to make the american public that and i'm the vice president here of serve this administration. if you like with this administration is doing, but you're not necessarily confident and biden, i can continue that. so i think there's a there's an argument that harris could to the public and the party to become official nominee. but look, this this is politics. there's a lot of people who have big dreams of being president. one day, only so many people president's. imagine all these contenders are are circling biden right now. >> so you've got newsom. you've got kamala harris, anybody else out there on the democratic front that's gaining the type of national sort of name recognition that might be a viable alternative. >> i can see pete for sure a crack at the nomination. there's a handful of governors, obviously gretchen whitmer in michigan or andy beshear and in kentucky this folks have been mentioned as well. so i would assume that

10:39 am

biden >> is not the nominee, you'll definitely hear those names pitched. what would be the president's role? do you suspect if he does make the decision to step down? would he sort of anoint a successor? do you think he would stay back and let them debated out? there's not much time left. yeah, there's a much time and i biden's will play a critical role because you're going to need biden, you know, to step down order for you to be the nominee, whoever that nominee, maybe if there is one. >> and so you're biden support. we would go a long i also think it kind of depends where biden is in the polls at the time. also about how much that endorsem*nt is going to mean for that that so i think what you're saying, there's a lot of things that are up in the air and a very short timeline. so that to put it lightly, this is a very difficult situation for the democratic party. >> o, let's talk about the republican party. i mean, what does this do for trump's campaign? >> you trump has a unique

10:40 am

ability to to seemingly always always for a lot of these these the democrats were clearly banking heavily last year. so on all of these charges and trials hurting the trump campaign and now it looks like he may be able to avoid a lot of that criticism and and trials and charges now comes before the election even takes place biden had made the other thing democrats are banking on as biden is the guy who beat trump in 2020. but now polls keep showing biden getting worse and worse. so i trump has had a really good couple of weeks for his campaign and i'm sure the republicans are happy about >> so let me bring it back to this interview friday with abc news that he said he's going to be more critical. actually, the campaign stops because it's the sort of unprompted unprepared questions that he's going to have to face. and george stephanopoulos will. i'm sure press him pretty his debate performance. if that

10:41 am

interview does not go well. how quickly do you think the decision is made and the pressure mounts on the president to maybe some really start considering a change. >> it sounds like from this you know, the president have front around him or at least can considering the idea if the interview goes disasterous, read a few of you goes ok, and it just doesn't inspire any more hope. i can see the biden campaign -% spending the weekend. i'm figuring out a message may working with the democratic party to figure out a route to a new candidates and trying to get that announced early next week because we are just over a month away from the they're critical decisions to make there. there's obviously debate scheduled in early fall that they're going to have to figure out as well. so there's a lot of things they're going to move quickly. biden does indeed step down. wow. so this time next week we could be talking to you once again, reza, hayden with the whole different headline.

10:42 am

>> again, depending on how friday turns out. all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. 10 44 is

10:43 am

10:44 am

the time and we're going to check and get our final full look at the forecast here this morning with john on what is. >> expected to be a blistering day to day in terms of temperatures, john. yeah, another one like yesterday, james, which was really tough to get through for a lot of people. i know. >> and this extended forecast is showing even more this heat ahead of us, even though today will be the very hottest, not a lot of relief after today. now we'll start with this view right here from the east bay hills, a spot that has both a red flag warning right now as well as an excessive heat

10:45 am

warning. and in addition to that, a spare the air alert. you can notice the haze out there in the distance heading outside today morning hours are absolutely the best time your windows are kind of closed as far as what felt good earlier this morning starting to get hotter and hotter is these moments go by high pressure, ridges built in across the west coast. so it's really not just us in the bay area that are dealing with this heat. it's so much of the west coast all the way into the pacific northwest. our excessive heat warnings in pink for the bay of been extended through tuesday at 11:00pm with heat advisories along the bay shore. now, this is multiple days of triple digit heat and is each day wears on our body becomes more vulnerable to heat related illnesses. so it's very important. i know than stressing a lot to get yourself to those cool area. stay hydrated. cooling centers are open a trip to the coastline. it that's it all possible is definitely helpful as it is cooler that direction. we're also seeing red flag warnings with heightened fire danger through the 4th of july and at the start of the weekend, any fire

10:46 am

starts could rapidly spread with such bone-dry humidity. winds out of the northeast and also just the triple digit heat that we have 70's 80's for sf today could see one neighborhood or 2 getting up to 90 degrees like we did yesterday on terror. again, our cool spot. if you need to head out that direction, it's you're guaranteed that for a cooler feel. burlingame at 96 redwood city at 100 today, south bay temperatures also upper 90's to triple digits for your highs as will also see in the east bay pleasanton and livermore at 108, each while danville and conquered each one. ted oakland, up to 91, antioch in vacaville. also among our very hot spots, 110 degrees. each. let's look ahead at tomorrow night for the 4th of july. fireworks display. if you are heading out to the city to let the experts handle the fireworks as we should, especially with our heightened fire danger. it's going to be a beautiful display, clear skies, warm temps in the city. a nice 4th of july evening to be out and

10:47 am

about. we're going to be the next 7 days. not a lot of relief. as i've noted, temps remain in the triple digits, likely all the way into the start of next week with 90's by the bayshore. also through the weekend, james. >> john, thank you. 10 46 is the time thousands of bay area. residents were without power last night in some neighborhoods are still without power. even this morning for us, jack moment reports from san ramon. >> well, tuesday night in san ramon, thousands of people were without power as they were trying to navigate just the first day in a massive heat wave that's supposed to last through the week hitting many parts of the bay area. we are standing in front of a tesla charges here at the diablo shopping center. tesla charges have been out for hours here on this tuesday evening. many tesla owners driving by with just a couple miles left and they're battery without knowing where else they can charge up. we did have a chance to talk with one woman who had about 40 miles left in her battery. here's what she had to say. >> i it was good, you and

10:48 am

because juiced right now, so, you know, i wanted to get topped up for tomorrow morning. it's a day for me. but again, i have to charge at that moment. a little frustrating. >> and at the shopping center in san ramon on tuesday, dozens of people were checking up the safeway. the cvs, starbucks, any restaurants, any place that was open to escape the seat, any place that they can get groceries, medication, anything to just waiver through these multiple days of heat waves. everything was closed because about power outage. we had a chaece to catch up with a couple people. and here's what they had to say. >> yeah, could as hot and if the ball is out, it is even worse. we don't know. we dinner for anything like that. so we have a baby at home so you're just worried about, know, the >> we just came out and that's a noble, but in a house. so we just came for that in the what's happening nobody out here. and so you >> getting the apps just like go do that shot about

10:49 am

something it's going to say it. >> appreciate that pg e workers that are outside what i don't understand how it like every other day in a heat wave, we lose our power. >> and with pg and e estimating more than 15,000 people without power throughout this inland part of the east bay area. we did ask many of those people that were here in the san ramon shopping center today when expect their power turned back on. some of them say it was only offer a couple hours. others say they don't know when their power will turn back on. and you can only imagine the frustration felt by those people knowing we were just in the first day of what's supposed to be a long line of days ahead of us with that extreme heat for now reporting in san ramon, jack moment. kron 4 news. >> well, to south bay movie theaters have abruptly closed in the middle of the summer movie season. the icon theaters of san jose's valley fair and in mountain view are shutting their doors. company says customers who purchase advance tickets directly from

10:50 am

showplace icon have already been refunded and refunds are processing for customers who purchased from third-party vendors. the theater chain based in chicago is also shutting down its website, too. in a statement the chain said, quote, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to our guests for your unwavering support. loyalty and enthusiasm. over the many years. for the first time in 13 nba season, steph curry and klay thompson will be playing for different teams. it was reported yesterday that clay had agreed to join the dallas mavericks and on tuesday, curry said goodbye on social media. he turned to instagram and here's the said, quote, even though we won't finish the journey together, what we did will never be done again. couldn't have imagined a better run with you and draymond green changed the whole bay area change the way the game is played. killer clay at the center of it all. thank you for everything, bro.

10:51 am

go enjoy basketball and do what you do. splash bros for life. my guy. well, curry and thompson are often referred to as the best nba backcourt of all time. don't forget together. they won 4 championships. they have the best regular season record in nba history. back in 2016 and they also recorded the best playoff record in 2017 just to name a few of their accolades. thompson reportedly signed a three-year 50 million dollar deal with the mavericks. and although that void with the warriors will never be filled. the team did bring in some reinforcements, at least to try kron four's. erin wilson reports. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, free agency surprises. they continue in the bay area. clay thompson, of course, is headed to the dallas mavericks. well, slow mo also known as kyle anderson seems to be headed to the warriors on a three-year 27 million dollar deal. so it's all a part of a sign and trade deal with the minnesota timberwolves it's with golden

10:52 am

state sitting over a future second-round pick in some case for right there. they although it may raise a few eyebrows. anderson did help the temples in their playoff for says year before falling to average just short of the nba finals. so far that leaves the worry is without klay thompson is. he's headed to dallas. as i mentioned, chris paul, who is joining forces with when the nominee in san antonio, the warriors and anthony melt into the mix from philly on a one-year 12.8 million dollar deal and are in serious for buddy hield. that's all i have to submit to you that all right. thank you. aaron is 10 right. thank you. aaron is 10 52 and we'll be right back. ♪

10:53 am

on your period, sudden gushes happen. say goodbye gush fears! thanks to always ultra thins... with rapiddry technology... that absorbs two times faster. hellooo clean and comfortable. always. fear no gush. sometimes jonah wrestles with falling asleep... he takes zzzquil. the world's #1 sleep aid brand. and wakes up feeling like himself. get the rest to be your best with non-habit forming zzzquil. ♪ ♪

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>> all right. we're about done here on the kron 4 morning news. so let's head upstairs as we like to do and check in with jessica wills. see what's coming up today. live in the bay. hey, jess. hey, good morning, james. coming up today on live in the bay, we're shaking up some delicious co*cktails for your holiday barbecues, entertaining expert paul zahn is sharing his recipes for a spectacular 4th of july. >> then it's the film fest dedicated to justice diversity and inclusion through the art of film. we get the lineup for all the events happening at the brave maker film festival. plus school street fair returns to oakland with 3 stages of music and dance showcase. we'll get a live performance in studio and details on how you can join in on all fun. and as always, we want to hear it. you have to say about our question of the day today. we're asking, what is your 4th favorite 4th of

10:56 am

july dish? go ahead and scan that qr code and your answer could be read live today on the show at 01:00pm right here on kron 4. james, you're a foodie. i'm interested to know your answer. my wife. >> and this was passed down from her. parents makes a killer macaroni salad that goes great with everything off the grill. >> looking forward a good save if there are some yeah, thanks, jess angst and all right. next, get with this next story. some student chefs in bolivia tried to break a world record. >> for building the largest sandwich. look at this thing. it's called sandwich. that rolla and it weighs nearly 900 pounds. the traditional bolivian roasted pork sandwich is made of onions, carrots and 837 pounds of pork. 100 students took part in making that sandwich. not clear yet if those students officially broke the record as a guinness will have to verify the attempt last week. but i can you you joey chestnut would

10:57 am

give that sandwich a run for its money. what he's got to find other lays well, anybody is oing to be outside for the 4th, enjoying a barbecue in some mac salad that defined the shade. i know. and i know that that's your plan, james. yore going to be in the shade. i know. and maybe even init's not the same. but hey, it's what you got to do. >> conquered in antioch at one 10 for your highs today. tomorrow for the 4th is going to be quite as warm as these numbers on the map are, but they're still going to be scorching. >> on average inland tomorrow, we've got 1, 0, fives 90's by the bay shore. as you can see it last of the week ended well into next week. lame, only one way. one of 5. can anybody tell the difference? no, that's all they no matter you cut have a great day, guys. we'll see you back here tomorrow.

10:58 am

10:59 am

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