latté - tweekerbell - South Park [Archive of Our Own] (2024)

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Every year, Eric Cartman throws a massive house party that everyone looks forward to, personal feelings about Eric aside. Liane Cartman gets pushed over and manipulated, albeit she's become resistant to her son's contriving ways in adolescence, to leave her own house for the evening so he can have quote, "a fruitful and authentic high school experience", so this has been an annual thing since freshman year. This year, he's been keen on keeping his peers abreast to the fact that its the last one, so it's unquestionably sure to top the last three, and you'll have eternal FOMO if you don't attend.

"I just don't know." Tweek's eyes fall on his reflection in his mirror sullenly, "What's his problem? Like, why hasn't he asked you out yet?" He turns to the side and tugs down his tight-fitting, black boat neck long sleeve that's settled beneath a fur lined black vest.

He's never without company, especially not when arriving to Cartman's, who like a huge demographic of their peers, has fallen victim to a sudden uptick of attraction to him. So naturally, the fire crotch and stoner are shlepped around, Kenny guards his phone against his chest as he hangs upside-down off the bed, and Kyle's fixing..whatever Tweek needs help with his outfit. They've prevented at least ten text messages to Butters in the last hour. He's been actively ignoring (in Kenny's words, at least.) him for the past day, and its eating him up. Unusual, considering Kenny's the king of nonchalance and usually can't be bothered with relationship bullsh*t and games.

"He's a puss*!" Kenny spits out of his bruised ego, "Why even bother with the stupid f*cking flowers, or the dates..late night texts, sneaking out — all of that — if he was just gonna string me along like the f*ckin' loser fa*ggot he is?" His mind vividly replays these spoken scenarios as they spring out, almost melting down to insignificance at the inferrence that it was all for nothing.

"No offense, dude, but its f*cking Butters." Kyle reminds, fixing a flyaway from Tweek's hair, "He's not really known to..make the first move. Do you not remember how he was when we were kids? f*ck, talk about naïve and.. like, meek..." Honestly, Kyle's always been pretty cordial to Butters, there was even a time he replaced Kenny in their childhood friend group when he moved to Utah for almost a year. Even still, there were too many instances where he found himself frustrated with Butters' adversity to courage, and it seems he's not quite knocked that out of habit after nearly ten years have gone by.

"Well, f*ck! I'm not f*cking making the first move! He wanted to be with me, not the other way around...I was perfectly fine facing a gorgeous blunt and enjoying my late night cooking shows and epic fail compilations before he came along... That f*cker just interrupted my flow completely." Kenny sits up, dizzied by sudden motion and the blood rushing to his head. "Whatever. This is so stupid. I can't believe I wasted all this time givin' him a second chance."

Tweek shuffles over to his bed and uncouples Kenny's hands in his own, "Re....lax..." He smirks a little at Kenny's eyes welling up in defeat, and his adorable, duck-like lips jutting out in a pout. "You don't know what's gonna happen tonight, or tomorrow.. or next week..I highly doubt Butters, who shakes like a pitiful dog anytime he's around you, is just stringing you along. Practice patience."

"He doesn't know how. Just chill, dude. Everything'll work out." Kyle remarks with a playfully cynical intonation, but still follows Tweek in comforting him by forcing Kenny's fluffy, blonde head to his chest. Kenny then wraps his arms around Kyle's slim waist and groans for a few seconds before sobering up a bit.

"Thanks, mom and dad. I think I'm just gonna get sh*tfaced and f*ck around tonight."

"Just don't make any crazy mistakes you'll regret later." Tweek struggles to sit on his bed, ultimately allowing Kyle to help him down. "Thanks..I'm not saying I regret my baby, but I did get pregnant at a party."

"Huh?" Kenny perks up with a sh*t-eating grin, "No f*cking way, who's party was it?"

"Tolkien's.." Tweek admits with a teasing smirk.

"Aw, way, you told us you were helping Craig with his food poisoning in the bathroom."

"The fact you believed him is absurd." Kenny runs a hand through his hair with a disapproving shake of his head. "But f*ck, I guess we'll have to stop for rubbers, then."

"Craig probably has some,"

"Err.." Kenny interrupts, frivolously throwingg a pointed gaze at Tweek's stomach. "Sure.." He braces himself for Tweek's rebuttal-- a playful hit that always delivers a touch too aggressive, given what can only be described as 'pregnancy strength'.

"Craig probably has some.." Tweek continues, shockingly out of breath from just a small lick to Kenny's arm. "And I think believing Butters is going to f*ck you is...bordering on wishful thinking, don't you?"

"I do," Kyle raises a hand. "If he can't even ask you out, what makes you think you even need condoms?"

"Okay, damn, mom and dad! You guys were comforting me all of ten seconds ago, where's the love? Lighten up, I was joking, retards." Kenny trails off, anxiety rising briefly back into his stomach when he presses the wake button on his phone in hopes of discovering a new text from Butters.

The doorbell rings, and Kyle jumps to his feet and runs downstairs to get it, returning with a dazed-looking Craig. He wastes absolutely no time in coming to retrieve kisses from Tweek, and at the point he does, they both tune out the retching noises and gags from the other two.

"Mmm," He places one more kiss to Tweek's lips, then washes his dazed look off and peeks at the others. "You guys ready?"

"Yeah," Kenny zips up his jacket and throws the hood up, "Are you still picking up Clyde and Bebe?"

"Nah, they got a ride from someone else."

Tweek lives across town from Cartman's, but it doesn't take long for them to arrive, but when they do, the objective is to find parking--it's packed beyond belief, what with cars littered down the street, kids getting dropped off left and right whether it be their parents or via carpool. Even with the sheer volume of guests, Cartman would be remiss if he wasn't at the door to monitor who's all decided to attend.

"Well, well! The whale, Craig, their teenaged fetus, the Jew, and the beggar. I wonder who invited you fa*gs." Cartman taunts in a manner that would halt one from so much as even contemplating a rebuttal. He steps to the side and allows them in with a swig of his can of twisted tea, and Craig nearly pisses himself at the audacity Cartman seems to have when he's almost always gushing a gallon of sweat, hair's terminally greasy even when it's clean, and he always reeks a bit of mildewed rags.

He does throw one hell of a party, though.

Kyle brings up the rear and hisses when Cartman gives him a flirtatious growl, pointing his beer in the direction of Stan's whereabouts without him even having to prompt. He taps Tweek and Kenny on their shoulders, "I'm gonna go talk to Stan for a sec, I'll catch up with you guys in a bit."


Tweek blows out his cheeks. Normally, parties aren't overstimulating, maybe it's because he's usually already under the influence, usually having pre-gamed prior to arrival.

The party's crammed to the brim with their classmates, gyrating and grinding up against one another, babbling about god knows what, hollering 'SHOTS!' while recording for their social media accounts. His eyes flicker to Clyde and Bebe, who look to be in each others' faces, screaming about something-- he can't quite conceive what, not even with reading their lips. Then to Cartman and Heidi, who messily throw their tongues down each others' throats. Tweek grimaces, his hand instinctively rubbing his side. "Oh, Jesus.."

Craig looks over and down, "What?"

"Just.. there's so much going on.." Tweek flinches, relieved when he finds a barstool near the refreshments. "I feel like I'm gonna have a headache soon."

Kenny grabs a paper plate and loads it up with chocolate hard candy, chips, fruit, crafts a messy taco at the 'taco station' near the stove, and grabs a BuzzBall while he's at it. "You and me both. It was nice of Cartman to make outside the designated smoke area just for your sake, though. Didn't know he had it in him to be empathetic. Otherwise, it'd be loud as hell in here from all the smoke."

"Probably did it to butter him up thinking he'll f*ck him or something." Craig grumbles, eyeing his best friend still going at it with Bebe across the kitchen. "Let me go check on Clyde. You'll be alright with Kenny?"

"Just go.." Tweek rolls his eyes with a small grin tucked into his rounded cheek. "f*ck, I swear, he thinks everyone wants to f*ck me. It gets so irritating at times."

"I know it has to be. Want me to make you a plate?"

Tweek eyes the spread, and nothing looks appetizing enough to appease him except two things, "Just fill it up with cheese balls..and those chocolate covered strawberries look crazy."

"Hey, Tweek.." Tolkien comes from behind to squeeze Tweek into a hug from the side. "Where's Craignant?"

Tweek cranes his neck, "Uh, he said something about catching up with Clyde.."

"Oh, okay.. hey, Kenny."


Tweek pops a cheese ball in his mouth, eyes flickering to meet Tolkien's, " been here long?" He questions in between munches before throwing the back of his hand up to his mouth to brush off the residual cheesy dust from the corner of his mouth.

"Ah, not long.." He shrugs, "About an hour and a half, I drove Bebe, Clyde, and Jimmy over..Red wanted a ride too, but I guess Wendy picked her up before I could. Its crazy in here."

"No kidding." Kenny co*cks an eyebrow and pulls up his hood, his eyes nervously spill around to see if they can soak up any sight of Butters-- too chicken to just flat outright ask if anyone's seen him.

Craig and the now-extinguished couple return back over, clad irksome faces and folded arms. Craig shakes his head at Tolkien, who grabs ahold of Clyde's arm to inquire about the argument once he's close enough.

"Oh! Tweek, oh my god, I didn't even think you'd come!" Bebe's demeanor flips once she spots the other blonde sitting down. She swings her purse off her shoulder and takes the free stool to Tweek's left. "Damn, you look so good.."

Tweek leans back a little and smiles. "Yeah, I wasn't going to miss this for the world. You look good too, I like those lashes on you."

"Oh my god, f*cking thank you! Stupid ass f*cking Clyde complained about them the whole drive here! He was like, 'I paid for you to get f*cking spider legs on your eyes?'.. like I seriously thought they looked so cute."

"What a weak little fa*g, why the f*ck are you still with him?" Kenny eyes her up and down with a bite to his makeshift taco. "You know he has the hots for Craig, anyway." He jokes half-heartedly. But, who knows?

"Kenny." Tweek turns his head and perks his lips up, unamused. "Don't listen to him, Bebe. And don't listen to Clyde. I've never really thought he deserved you, anyway."

"Hell nah." Kenny shakes his head, "Clyde bagging a bad bitch was definitely not on my high school bingo card. I know you guys used to play around in like, fourth grade, but I didn't think he'd still be chasing you all these years later.. and complain."

Bebe exhales, slouching her shoulders while she scavenges through her bag for her mirror and a tube of lipgloss. "I'm definitely emotionally checking out as the days pass, that's for f*cking sure."

Tweek gently extends his arm to switch positions in his chair in hopes of finding relief from his aching back. "Mmm.. well, don't let him ruin tonight for you. He might not be in your life forever, but you'll definitely look back on this night in regret if you don't just ignore him."

"You're right. I'll try. No promises."

"Tweekers, you're squirming." Kenny's voice drops over Tweek's antsiness in the chair. "What, do you need to sit somewhere else?" He takes notice of how Tweek intermittently moves every few seconds, and the stool seems to suffocate his body.

Tweek frowns, searching for his boyfriend amongst the crowd of their extended friend group. Kenny picks up on the frustrated glance and tugs the sh*t out of Craig's jean jacket.

"Ah! What do you want?"

"Tweek." Kenny raises a brow and watches Craig's demeanor flip a 180. In almost an instant, his eyes fish around for his boyfriend, and once he's caught his little body squirming in his seat, he pushes past his friends and leans down to assist.

"What's wrong?" He musters as quietly as he can against the bass of some rap song. He knows Tweek doesn't like to draw attention to himself nor appear helpless, either.

"I..need to sit somewhere else.. my back is f*cking me up bad."

"That's not good.. okay, we can.. where can we go.. sh*t," Craig licks his lips, "We could go sit on the couch.."

Tweek nods and allows Craig and Kenny to help him up. Craig mumbles a 'thanks' to Kenny and walks down the hall and into the living room. No one's in there except Cartman and two others. He gently leads Tweek down onto the couch and settles in next to him once he's comfortable. "Better?"

"M.." Tweek halts his reply once he turns and finds Kyle and Stan not so stealthily making out in the corner beside what looks to be a portrait of Liane and Cartman. "Oh wow, are we interrupting something? Jesus."

"Don't act like what they're doing is so f*cking appalling. Don't clutch your pearls now, Mabel." Cartman scoffs from the recliner, "Like you don't have the product of you and Craig's impetuous f*cking on full display in everyone's f*cking faces."

"Shut up, lard ass." Craig pulls out his phone from his pocket, "Like you're not the display of your mother's poor decision of not swallowing you."

Kyle can't help but break the kiss he's very much invested in at this. He cackles viciously and allows Stan's hammered face to be put on exhibit for everyone's viewing. "Oh sh*t!"

"f*ck're you laughing at, Streisand?" Cartman reaches to his side to pop open another can of twisted lemonade to crush down his throat. "And Stan, have some decorum, dude, plastered and shoving your tongue down Kyle's hoe ass throat. God help you if you wake up with a coated tongue and a nasty case of mono."

"Show us your tongue real quick, Cartman?" Tweek lowers his brow, willfully ignoring the verbal wrath that's chanced at coming his way.

"Aw, Juno wants to come to the Jew's defense. Are you really his friend if you've hogged all his rations of knishes and latkes like the greedy whor* you are? Christ, at this point, you're about my size, if not bigger."

"Impossible, I heard TLC's been waiting for your call back to come set up a film crew for your episode of My 600 Pound Life...what's the delay..?"

Cartman jets out an exhale and forces himself off the chair and then mumbles something about how every one of them are fa*gs and he needs some puss* expeditiously.

"So I see you found Stan.." Tweek smirks, slightly amused by the fact that his comment was enough to make Cartman resign his slew of insults and exit the room. Kyle bobs his head, still straddling the clearly dizzied Stan with a bottle of Crown Royal tossing about in his fingers.

"Yeah, at first, we were pretty much alone in here, but then his fat f*cking voyeuristic ass comes in and just watches us make out after Heidi went to the bathroom."

Stan's eyes cross, showing obvious signs of being drunk in love. He follows Kyle's every move and even settles on resting his head on his chest, nearly knocking him back and onto the floor. "Ahh-- Stan!" Kyle's eyes flicker to the couple. "Why are you guys in here? Does the party blow this year?"

"No." Tweek shrugs, "I mean, I dunno. I can't really tell. It's just really loud. I'm overwhelmed, kinda. And my back is killing me."

Kyle caps off the bottle and steals a swig, "I'm sorry.. when I get this f*cker off my body, I'll help you make the most of the fun."

Tweek hums, but he can't help but engulf with remorse with Craig at his side, clutching his hand, doubtlessly missing out on the festivities. Its the same remorse that shows up abrasively when Craig blows off the guys to hang out with him, or when reminded of the fact that he's going to miss out on living on campus in college. It doesn't matter how many times Craig assures him that this is what he wants, Tweek's mind stamps in that all Craig is doing is settling in the name of not making him upset and wanting to do the right thing.

"Craig.." He starts, "I'll be fine in here. I'm just gonna chill for a second.. go back in there and have fun. I'll come find you when I'm feeling better."

"Yeah," Kyle picks up on what Tweek's putting down, "I'm finished with Stan, he's already hammered and I'm gonna get him some snacks in a minute to soak up the alcohol or he'll be yaking everywhere. I'll bring Tweek with me. Don't worry."

Craig blinks. "Oh. Okay. Well.. are you sure, babe?"

"Positive.. I have to check on Kenny in a bit, anyway. He's probably on the cliffs of having an anxiety attack 'cause of Butters anyway. I'll see you in there."

"Okay..." The hesitance claws at the raven-haired boy, but he shrugs it off with a kiss to Tweek's cheek and a finger salute to Kyle, who can't seem to escape the fierce, boozed-induced grip that Stan has on him.

Once Craig leaves, Kyle and Tweek playfully haze the fiercely inebriated Stan, who can't stop kissing various parts of Kyle, even running his fingers repeatedly over his lips to motorboat them. Kyle finally gets him off and promises to return to Tweek once he's done feeding him the frozen beef burrito Cartman's got stashed in the freezer to sober him up a bit.

"What do you wanna do?" Kyle returns, plopping down next to Tweek. "We don't have to go anywhere, even." He points to the TV, "We can just watch Catfish or something.." He flips through the TV guide, "What else is on.."

Tweek sits back. "I'm actually pretty hungry. We should probably find Kenny."

"sh*t, yeah, I totally forgot about that f*cker. I didn't see him when I walked in the kitchen." Kyle's voice bites a bit with alcohol, " Wait, you know who just walked in? f*cking Butters. He looked so spooked for some reason."

"Probably 'cause he knows he's avoiding Kenny and he could be lurking anywhere."

Kyle nods. "Well, if you're up for it, let's go find Kenny and check on him."

They mosey back into the party with locked hands, racketing a few 'hey's and 'hi's to those who greet them. Their eyes act as watch towers, dipping over dancing teenagers and the suffocating redolence of artificially flavored wine coolers and someone's clearly about to get kicked out what with the smell of mint flavored nicotine spilling out into the air. Orange hoodie is nowhere to be found for now, not over here, either -- oh, that's why. He's curled up on the floor just next to a storage closet in the hallway.

"Kenny?" Tweek holds onto the wall for support. "What's wrong?"

"I don't think Butters is coming..." Kenny mumbles in the fold of his arm. He slaps his hood off his head erratically, overcome with too much on his senses. "Why wouldn't he come?"

The other two exchange glances, deciding against telling him that Butters actually is here for the sake of him not going absolutely ballistic and running their chance that Kenny could either go off on him, or become a sobbing, half-drunken mess who ends up on everyone's Snapchat story for the entire school's entertainment.

"Dude, get up. This is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life. You're the f*cking life of the party and you're f*cking sitting on the floor crying in a hallway with a half-downed.. what is that? —PBR, — and a cup of cheese balls. f*ck Butters, here or not. You can't just wallow in your sadness all night. You'll regret it."

Kenny lifts his head up to display his beautiful, reddened face, stained heavily with tears, and he totes soaked eyelashes. "Why can't I wanna spend one of the best nights of my life with the person I like the most?"

"Kenny!" Kyle drops to his knees to shake him by the shoulders. "Dude! You've been dating him for like, a month! What the f*ck were you gonna do at this party if he wasn't in the picture? Wake up."

Kenny nearly digs his eyes out his sockets with the way he rubs away his tears. "I dunno! I guess I would've just gotten drunk off my ass and tried to get Tweek to dance with me. Like I was hoping maybe he'd throw it back on me...for fun."

Tweek bursts out laughing. "Yeah? Well, we can still do that. I'll throw it back on you as best as I can." He offers. "You just have to stop crying and.. let loose, man. Why don't you go to the patio for a bit? I heard there's a bunch of top shelf Tegridy out there."

"Yeah!" Kyle nods. "Stan brought pretty much an entire mini cooler of sh*t. Smoke a blunt, finish off your beer, come back into the party, and we'll have a good time in a bit. Don't let f*cking Butters ruin this night for you, dude."

Kenny rests his head back on the wall for a second, gathering himself and allowing himself to reset. Butters ghosting him has taken a toll on him, and placed him in an emotionally vulnerable state he's never really experienced before. It's been exhausting, and distractions only last for so long. Still, if he's able to speak in turn to Bebe about not minding Clyde, he shouldn't be bent out of shape over Butters to begin with.

"Okay." He musters after a moment's grab of recollection. "I'm going to grab some more gummy worms. See if Stan brought edibles. And then I'm f*cking turning up."

"Good." Kyle and Tweek squeeze Kenny by the waist once he stands up. After he's certain that he's gained complete composure, he leaves them with a stumble to his step and retreats back into the party.

"Should we let him go alone?"

"I think he'll be fine.." Tweek nods, then he turns his head back from seeing his best friend off, meeting the inescapable scent of linen and verbena that only one person touts.

Its almost as if the boy could sense he was being brought up, though his naïve, yokelish disposition leads anyone to assume he's unconcerned with anyone but himself. He doesn't hold the same histrionic temperament that Kenny just held moment before. Doesn't even pay any mind to where he's stepping. Who he's approaching. Kyle goes silent once he notices his approach, an 'Oh f*cking great. Here he is..' stalks out of his lips under a decipherable decibel. This kid is brazen.. he's blithe.. he's.. well..

"Butters.." Tweek holds his arm out and on the doorway, obstructing Butters from escaping. A bead of sweat forms proudly on the other blonde's brow, and his eyes frantically stagger intermittently between the blonde and redhead while his lips fold into one another. Kyle crosses his arms and tosses the suddenly nerve-wracked, lanky boy a disinterested guise, which just sends him into an even deeper state of frantic.

"D-did I do something wrong?" His crystal, perpetually widened eyes stretch out further, "Why are you lookin' at me like that, Kyle?"

"I think it's just that I'm annoyed."

"With what?..If I might ask.."

"What's going on with you and Kenny?" Tweek rests his hands on his back. He steps back a little. His aim isn't to intimidate Butters, he knows the poor kid is riddled with anxiety right now, and that hits a bit close to home.

Butters stammers for a moment, collecting himself after he's wiped his perspiring hands on his pants, "What d'you mean?" His eyes stir around his feet, failing to make eye contact with either of them.

"Why've you been ignoring him?"

Butters' shoulder slouch, "Oh." His demeanor melts down from panic to gloom within seconds. "It's not that I'm ignoring him or nothin' like that. It's just that.. I'm..kind of afraid of asking him out."

"You're basically already dating." Kyle reminds monotonously with a peek in the doorway in hopes of catching some of the action inside the party. God, does he love Kenny, but this really isn't his fish to fry.

"I know. It's just.. I dunno, I guess the thought of letting him down again is messing with me bad." Butters admits with the most pitiful, defeatist expression that makes Kyle want to yak, if he's honest.

"You won't let him down if you just make an effort.." Kyle reminds, "I think you're already doing a good job. Just be consistent. He's not..really used to being spoiled and loved like this. And he is taking a huge risk after what you did to him, circ*mstances aside."

Tweek nods in concurrence, "But you're just going backwards by ghosting him. Its about'll lose him and his trust if you just suddenly stop talking to him."

"I..I don't mean to ghost him." Butters confesses with a twiddle to his thumbs, "I just don't know what to do!"

Kyle blinks. "I don't think it's rocket science, dude. If you like him, and you've been enjoying the time you've been spending with him, and wanna continue that, then ask him to be your boyfriend. If you don't want to, don't ask him out. But for the love of god, give him an explanation. He's driving us crazy with his anxiety."

"No!" Butters' voice quivers in upset, "He's been anxious? Aw, sh*t.. I'm an asshole." He begins his rumination ritual which consists of anxiously peering around and twiddling his thumbs, mumbling to himself in a self-deprecating manner that is unbearably off putting to anyone around him.

"Butters, dude..chill out. There's still time..he's here. Just go find him and talk to honest."

"Well, alright. If you guys think I can do it."

"Do you think you can do it? f*ck us." Tweek raises a brow.

"Yeah," Kyle echoes.

Butters takes a few seconds to quietly reason with himself before shaking his fists with a boost of confidence. "Yeah...yeah! I think so..!"

"Great. Now go find Kenny." Kyle instructs with a small push to the taller guy's back while simultaneously catapulting himself back into the action.

Butters falls back into the thick of the party. It's impossible to not spot Kenny anywhere, really. It would be unnecessary to put out a search warrant. He lives in that f*cking hoodie of his. When he grew out of his childhood one, he bought another, and he's been rocking the ratty, lint-riddled one ever since.

"Hey, Ken.." Butters taps the slightly inebriated on his stout shoulder. Kenny turns, and reads as a deer caught in the headlights. His lips unfurl and his voice grabs onto air, not allowing for him to reply. "Can we..can we go outside and talk? I figured you wanted a smoke break or somethin' anyway."

Kenny's heart bleats against his chest and audibly screams into his ears as he follows the lankier blonde outside and onto the cold patio. Tweek and Kyle stand idly by the window inside, no intention to encroach on their privacy, but maybe the eavesdropper in both of them wants to at least catch a reaction if possible.

Butters closes the sliding door behind them and relaxes against the wooden railing, his nerves overtaking and grabbing the remnants of the best of him. There's a stillness between them that sits comfortably, even if there's mutual apprehension that courses through them and sets an aura over their body as they shake from nerves. Kenny's anxiety, however, doesn't afford him to avoid eye contact, but instead offers the opposite-- he has a straight, curt, fixed gaze locked onto Butters, his heart physically aches at the worst scenario--that he actually is chickening out and letting him down once again.

His mind flashes images of the beautiful time they've spent with each other thus far, how fast things have been going, how every moment has been cherished and left him returning home every day emanating a giddiness he's never felt. Then, as the silence stretches further into another moment, he gently traces Butters' innocent features, how they match so perfectly against his own. Those unsure, bright eyes that fold happily into crescents when he smiles, that gentle smile that offers itself to anyone who is willing to look-- even riddled with uncertainty, Butters would be remiss not to smile whenever he gets the chance. And those--

"I'm uh, I'm really sorry I've been so quiet the past day or so. I've just kind of been..well, thinkin' a whole lot."

Kenny hums and shoves his hands in his pockets to keep warm. He inhales and basks in the amalgam of tobacco and weed dwindling into his nose, for some reason it imparts succor to him through his nerves.

"I think I... I think I love you, Ken. And it scares the living sh*t outta me." Butters confesses, finally able to meet eye contact with Kenny, who looks like the air's been knocked out of his lungs.

" me?"

"Yes. And I think the thing that's eating me up is.. how can I make sure I hold your heart tight enough that it never slips from my fingers if somethin' bad happens? Y'know, like last time? And I know, it's not really for you to decide..just.." He nervously sidles up to pluck Kenny's hands from his pockets and into his own. "I can be a bit of a puss*, I know it. I'm a little clumsy and ditzy at times.. and my words, well.. they get all jumbled up.. and.." He swallows, "I just.. I love you, Ken. And I want you to know that I've been thinkin' a lot and being quiet 'cause.. dealing with those emotions is new for me..and I never wanna let you go.."

Kenny blinks. His eyes follow Butters' when they fall to look at their hands slipped between one another's. He's unsure if he should say something, his mouth threatens to open at every beat that passes.

"But I think..I think I just have to get over it, right? If I know I love you, that love will protect me know, hurting you again, no matter what comes up. So..I um..I'm wondering if.. if maybe.." Butters' eyes tilt up slightly to meet the shorter's gaze. "If maybe you can trust me enough.. to be my boyfriend?"

Here, the spirit of the Energizer bunny springs up into Kenny, and he leaps into Butters' arms, clinging to him with dear life, stumbling at his feet a bit. He melts into the frigid, frail body that owns arms that lend themselves to Kenny's torso. Butters lets out a shaky breath and takes in Kenny's oddly comforting redolence, somehow the smell of weed and clean-smelling shampoo brings him calm, even though if it was on another, it would turn his stomach.

"Of course I'll be your boyfriend. Holy sh*t, I thought you'd never ask, dummy!" Kenny parts at the arms from Butters, offering him a smile that Butters just can't see himself living without. He offers his own in collateral, a gentle rouge flaming up beneath the skin of his cheeks. "And..I love you too. I really do. I didn't think anyone could ever love me."

"What? Of course you're lovable." Butters allows his brows to knit in concern, astonished that someone as beautiful as Kenny could think something like that, let alone, who are these people who made him feel this way?

Kenny blinks, grabbing Butters' hands and swinging them out in between them. "I've always kind of been... promiscuous... And, none of that was love, it was lust.. everyone's only ever been interested in me because of the way that I look.. but to be loved.. this is a first." His eyes fall on the cracks of the wooden floor, then he meets those tender eyes that glitter even in the overcast of night. "Thank you."

"Well, you're easy to love. I'm a real lucky fella, Ken." Butters shines, with a chuckle to assist. "You're gorgeous, caring, funny, and.. free.. You're free, Kenny. That's what's so addicting about you. I guess I'm so drawn to you because.. well, you don't live under anyone's heel. And that's so different than the life I've lived."

Kenny shrugs. "I'll always be adventurous and never hold back. And I want you to accompany me in that. We'll be free together." He lifts their hands to kiss Butters' frail fingers, unintentionally painting a thin coat of carnation over Butters' cheeks and nose when he does. "But for now, I'm free-zing.. so let's go back inside."

"Don't you wanna have a smoke or somethin' first?"

"Yeah, grab me three pre-rolls and... what is that Scott's got? Looks like a rice krispie edible. Hope his greedy ass brought his Metformin." He smirks when Butters grabs a few more things than he asked.

"f*ck yeah. Good boy. That'll get us feelin' good.. I wanna do some thaaangs to you." He leads a completely beet-red Butters back into the party, ushered in by his best friends who give him knowing smiles and wrap their arms around his waist for a congratulatory hug, then the new couple simply vanish to begin their own respective activities for the night.

"f*cking finally." Tweek's wide eyes expand dramatically. "Thank god I don't have to be up at 4 a.m. on FaceTime listening to him cry about Butters ever again."

"Yeah, but now you have to hear him gushing instead. Yuck." Kyle removes his hair from his neck as the sweat quickly accumulates back there. "They're so different. Butters is gonna be walking on eggshells when he stays over, trying not to confront him 'cause Kenny can't clean after himself worth a damn."

"Dude, I know..." Tweek shakes his head, then squeaks when someone comes behind him to hold him to their chest. "Eee!"

"Hey!" Tweek quickly glances up to reveal the perp, "Don't do that.. you almost spilled my punch."

Craig peppers his neck with kisses and reeks of coconut vodka. "Come dance with me, babe." He reaches down to grab a hunk of ass. "f*ck, you're so juicy."

"Juicy?" Tweek sneers. "Dude, you're so throwed. You're the designated driver, we're so f*cked.." He stretches a smile on his face and reaches up to squash Craig's cheeks. "But I'm kind of digging this. Show me to the dance floor."

They dance for a while, at least, as best as Tweek's mobility allows for. For the better part, Craig's slightly buzzed and grinding up on Tweek, and when the songs slow down, they slow dance. This is when Craig basically parks himself on Tweek's ear and professes his love for him, how they're going to get married and their daughter's going to be such a beautiful little flower girl. How much he covets Tweek. Mushy sh*t that still coats a dusting of blush over Tweek's cheeks. Meanwhile Stan does belly shots off Kyle, Kenny and Butters are nowhere to be found, and everyone's sort of completely envious at the way Heidi's just going at it, throwing it completely on Cartman, who gets mocked by Clyde and Tolkien nearby. The night spills into dawn in what can only be likened to a blink of an eye. What was once an entire grade of kids reduces into just seven of the same pack, strung out in various places on the couch. Nothing fills the air besides the playlist of gentle, unwinding music that Heidi put on the speakers, and the headache Cartman will have to look forward to from having to clean up by himself the next day.

"Hi, baby!" Kenny's hands come to hold both sides of Tweek's belly with a bottle of beer tucked into his underarm. "Did you have a good time too?"

Tweek smirks. "Uh-huh, and it looks like you had a great time. What bottle is that?"

"Two.." Kenny slurs, "But I had some other sh*t, too..Butters and I.." He belches, "Made out.. I'm so crossed."

Tweek steadies him with furrowed brows. "Didn't need those condoms, huh?"

"Naaaaah. I'm gonna.. I mean, I definitely neeeeeed some dick, but I'm gonna take things slow. He probably doesn't even knoooow how to put those f*ckers on. But Tweek.." He taps on Tweek's shoulder thrice, "Tweek, he's soooo cute. Like so f*cking cute. He kept choking on the blunt, I hadda teach 'im how to smoke it correctly.. he can do a.. he can do a French inhale now..."

"You're turning the poor kid out!" Tweek giggles. "f*ck, you're gonna put Linda in a cardiac arrest."

"Aw, no. She's so chill now!" Kenny slurs, losing his balance. "That's mother in law, for realz.. oh f*ck, Tweek! You''re gonna be a mother-in-law one day!"

"sh*t," Tweek pulls an existential look with a quick glance at his belly in front of him. "Let me drop the kid first.. don't remind me."

Kenny's eyes go lidded and he reaches slightly downward to squeeze Tweek's cheeks. "..You're so cute, Tweekheart."

"Tweekheart? That's new. Okay, Kenneth, let's.. let's get you off your feet." He gently holds Kenny's waist and leads him into the living room where a good portion of their friend group sit quietly under the annoying refrain of some pop singer's terribly overplayed stab at a 'gentle' song. "I come bearing a gift.." Tweek squeezes a strained smile and reads as grateful when Craig immediately aids him in sitting Kenny down.

"f*ck, you must be the only one who can out smoke Snoop Dogg." Stan plugs his nose once Kenny's seated. "I f*cking live with weed, and you're still loud as hell. There was literally no point in trying to cover it up with cheap cologne, either."

"Hey, I'm celebrating, f*ckwad. I'm.. I'm off the market now!" Kenny licks his front row of teeth with a flavor of bragging attached to his words.

Cartman scoffs. "Who hasn't f*cked you? Hell, I might even be on that list. Your ass has seen more f*ckin' schlong than a bathhouse in San Francisco in the 80s." He kneads at Heidi's thick thigh on his own, then bites down on her exposed neck. He quickly whispers something outrageous to her that still invokes a small purr and a giggle.

"Did I say I got f*cked? I said I'm offfff the market, you fat f*ck." Kenny throws his head back. "I have a boyfriend now."

"Great. You can finally get off Tweek's ass." Cartman rebuts, resting his head on his girlfriend's narrow shoulder. "Who's the lucky guy?"


Kyle lifts his head from Stan's shoulder to catch everyone's reactions. The room goes completely silent from the moment Kenny does the big reveal. Cartman's quite literally loading up a laugh, Heidi's got a somewhat accepting look on her face, Stan's eyes are still crossed, so there's no read there. Tweek and Craig know already.

"Butters as in.. Butters f*cking Stotch!?" Cartman's spit flings across the room. "Let's hope you don't scare him away, Kenny. You keep a nasty room and car.. who gives a sh*t about how pretty you are, you're like, off the hinges and he's like a f*cking Stepford wife. Kid's f*ckin' straight laced."

"Heidi's going to Brown, and you're going to South Park Community College 'cause they couldn't give a sh*t about a 1.9 GPA. What does that say about you?" Kyle scoffs.

"It says that you need to quit looking down on people, Kyle.. not everyone's a greedy Jew sitting on top of papa's greed-fed generational wealth and can afford a college like Brown."

"Even if you could afford Brown, you're not smart enough to get in, fat*ss." Kyle continues, "Point is, Heidi's out of your league and she's still with your fat f*cking chode-toting ass. Who gives a sh*t if Butters smells like Klorox and Kenny smells like Northern Lights?"

"Yeah," Heidi nudges Cartman, "Good for Kenny, babe. He's happy. We all deserve to be happy." She cups his chin and alleviates any animosity he might carry. Maybe all he needs a prick of magic.

"Well, I have to admit it'll be entertaining." Cartman admits with a twist to his lip. "Butters and his f*ckin' Thermos and Stanley cup, and Kenny with his Monster Energy and City Wok takeout. Opposites f*cking attract. That slick-ass Butters, dude. Wanting to get down on some sweet McCormick ass to see what all the hype is about."

"They used to date, remember?" Kyle reminds with a snarl.

"Oh, for what, like a week?" Cartman chokes out a rough, belly laugh. "Still, I don't blame that scrawny f*cker for wanting to get in on the action. You're such a whor*, Kenny."

"Your.. your f*cken mom used to have like... a massive file of noise complaints against her allllllllll the time for being too loud while getting plowed when we were kids." Kenny hiccups. "Any time they'd take me down to the station for taggin' walls, I'd hear them talking about Liane."

Cartman's eyes well. "Bullsh*t! An' it doesn't matter how many guys f*cked my mom, your body count's surpassed hers, Kyenny."

"You mad.." Heidi jokes from his lap and reaches to squish his plump cheeks when he growls at her for this.

Kenny drunkenly lies on what's left of Tweek's lap. "Tweeeeeeeeeeeeek.." He gives a beaming grin to his best friend, eyes lidded and cheeks rosy. "...and the baby..." He places his ear to Tweek's huge belly and wraps his arms around his waist. "I'm..dude, I'm gonna be.. the best godfather in the world. broke ass will find a way to get her anything she wantsss...I promise.."

Tweek places a hand to Kenny's head, brushing his bangs from his forehead, fondly amused by his loving drunkenness. "You're so cute. I think your love will be enough for her."

Kyle glances slightly over from Craig's side, tangled up in a slightly sobered up Stan's arms.

"Aww..don't you want a baby, Ky?"

"You're more than welcome to carry it, sure."

Craig snorts from his phone, "Holy f*ck, it's true. You do wanna knock him up." He can't help but feel a slight ego stroke at the fact that knocking Tweek up has kind of started this mental domino effect with his peers, that they are somewhat influenced by him to knock their partners up. The fragile minds of adolescent horndogs.

"Who could resist?" Stan shrugs. "If Kyle's body filled out like Tweek's, I wouldn't let him out of my sight."

"Shouldn't you feel that way about him already..? Without him being bootylicious?" Heidi corrects, shifting in Cartman's lap. He fidgets drunkenly every few seconds, clearly discomforted by the weight on his small lap.

"I mean, I do..just,"

"C'mon, baby, be serious for a second. Everyone knows Tweek's just about as thick as they come right now. Every last one of these twats want to tap that ass." Cartman confesses out of inebriation, but still can't keep his hands off her doughy thighs.

Tweek's eyes widen, and he tilts his head to the side to catch Craig's reaction, but maybe the alcohol's got him tamed. He seems to be to be completely unbothered by everything that's going on. He's just so locked into this Wikipedia article about BuzzBalls on his phone.

"Everyone like who?" Heidi raises a manicured brow. She's got a rocking body herself, so its a wonder why the conversation is solely squared on Tweek's.

"Me, for starters." Cartman shamelessly spits, "Stan's sick-perverted ass just told on himself, I caught Clyde's closeted ass staring once at lunch, and we all know what he said to Craig. Kenny's trying to play uncle or auntie or.. whatever, I can't tell, but he definitely has the hots for him."

"Ugh!" Heidi raises up and settles on the arm of the recliner, unbeknownst to her, relieving her boyfriend of her weight. "You guys are so sick. He's f*cking pregnant, not some f*cking piece of ass you can drool over. I'm sorry that all your friends are perverted and demented, Tweek."

"I just... f-for the record, wanna saaaay... that I do think Tweek is hot, 'n' I always have, but I definitely....don't wanna f*ck him. Maybe..squeeze his ass, but..but..that's it. He's sooooo pretty... but he's..he's.. y'know, Craig's." Kenny drunkenly raises a finger to correct, but still purrs at Tweek's continued petting to his head.

"It's almost as if Craig isn't right f*cking here." Kyle points out. He too, can't scavenge an inkling of annoyance on Craig's face whatsoever, and he's left concluding that he's probably pretty pissed internally. "And I f*cking knew it, fat*ss! You've been eyeing Tweek for months now."

"I'm getting scared." Stan blinks. "Craig hasn't said a word."

Tweek's eyes dart back over to his boyfriend. "Craig.."

"Why's everyone looking for a reaction? I don't think I really care." Craig resigns with a shove of his phone into his pocket. "The most audacious thing I could do is get him pregnant. And I did, so I don't feel threatened by any of you assholes, frankly. Keep it in your pants and try not to cream yourselves."

"You're just gonna let them objectify your boyfriend like that?"

"Heidi, I mean, there's a reason he's pregnant. He's obviously hot... but we're never gonna get with him."

Tweek flushes red. He's more or less to his own discomfort, used to the attention being on him, and he's even used to everyone magically treating him nicer because pregnancy has caused his beauty to intensify and plump up some areas that needed it, but to arrive at the confession that most of their friend group want to do some strange things to him is beyond belief.

"Then..why did you cry like a bitch when Clyde told you he thought Tweek was hot? And we've all heard your little insecure ass whine about Kenny, too. The gall of you to cry about your giant pregnant boyfriend's best friend helping him out just 'cause your fa*ggot nerd ass isn't around all the time." Cartman raises the recliner and sits back comfortably while he eyes Craig from across the room.

"In his defense, he shouldn't be subjected to hearing that all the time..neither should Tweek, but I don't think anyone wants to hear their best friend say that.. or their partner's best friend, either." Kyle scrunches his curls with his hand. "Kind of like how you just admitted your desire to f*ck Tweek in front of your girlfriend."

"...Who invited the fegulah?"

"Ooookay.." Tweek cuts through his discomfort. "Let's..just stop talking about this. I'm not gonna look like this pretty soon.. so it's best to just.. pay attention to your partners.." He holds his stomach protectively, "Kyle's got the body of a supermodel, and Heidi's body is banging, you definitely don't want to see mine without clothes on. Craig will tell you its not that pretty."

"It is, he's bluffing, but yeah, kind of f*cking strange to be looking at my pregnant boyfriend when you guys are supposedly happy with your partners.."

"Aye, I'm definitely happy with Heidi. And Stan's just f*cking silly over there, fiending for Kyle's scrawny ass. Dobby's just grateful the firecrotch's even givin' him a chance after Testabitch let him go for good." Cartman defends. "Your boyfriend's f*ckin' hot, doesn't mean we're not happy with who we're with."

"And I have Butters~" Kenny's eagerness leaps out of his drunken stupor.

"That's not a flex, retard." Cartman rolls his eyes and dodges a pillow Kenny's dexterity surprisingly comes through on, delivering perfectly to his face, narrowly missing Heidi.

The party officially ends after Cartman very loudly proclaims he has a girl he needs to f*ck before the sun rises, and everyone left quote, 'doesn't have to go home, but they gotta get the hell outta here'. After Craig drops Kyle and Stan off, they arrive back at his house, and to their surprise, Laura's up and cooking at what's almost the crack of dawn. She smiles tiredly and offers them what looks to be a hearty stew and cornbread to soak it all up with. Having just sat countless hours in a home with no actual sustenance besides carby snacks and red 40 dyed drinks, they can't do anything besides accept the offering at the lurch of their stomachs. They catch up while Laura catches herself rubbing Tweek's stomach the entire time and offering him more of the stew, counting on the fact that Tricia won't want any tomorrow. Afterwards, she promises they don't have to clean after themselves and urges them to just head on to bed, and she'll do the same.

"You know I have eyes for you and only you, right?" Tweek reaches up to take Craig's face in his hands. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Craig steals a kiss. He's tickled by the fact that Tweek's so incredibly affectionate when he's sleepy. He's also just too adorable for his own good, wrapped up in a fluffy robe with his hair tied back.

"A million horny f*ckers in one room, and I'll always choose you. I don't know what I would do without you.. I love my Craig so much.." He takes Craig's hand and pushes aside the opening of his robe and his shirt beneath, and places it on his bare stomach. "So much so that I'm carrying our love around inside of me."

Craig can't help but allow a blush to stamp itself onto his cheeks. Tweek is so incredibly beautiful, and to see him carrying around their child makes his heart leap out of his chest every time, ceaselessly. "I'm glad. I'm sorry that I let my emotions get the best of me all these months. It's not like me, I know. I just.. sometimes I really hate when people lust after you. Even if I know it'll go nowhere. And it's f*cking weird."

"I know.." Tweek grins slyly, "Imagine how I feel.. "

"Yeah, I'm so sorry...I do have to agree with them, though. You look... incredibly sexy." He shrugs against himself, admiring Tweek's doll-like features as they settle slowly into sleepiness. "But still, you're not a piece of ass."

"I dunno.. it is weird, and it definitely makes me uncomfortable at times.." Tweek waddles over to Craig's mirror and runs his hands across his rounded thighs, then grabs his ass, "But I think I agree, I look pretty sick, dude. Like, my body is crazy right now."

Craig can't help but embrace the hard on he's accumulating at Tweek admiring what he virtually did to him. His eyes trace all the visible curves in the robe, and his dick throbs when Tweek opens up the robe to gander more intently at his figure. "..Yeah, it's f*cking crazy.."

Tweek can sense the sultriness in his boyfriend's tone. "Hmm.." He smirks. "See something you like, Tucker?"

Craig's words fail in their escape, and he instead pads over to Tweek's vicinity, taking ahold of his hand from behind, and hugs Tweek closer to himself, his hardened member pressing against his lower back.

"Oh.." Tweek turns, forcing their lips on one another's sloppily, leading Craig's hand to his ass to knead carefully as they continue their harsh harmony against their lips. He pulls back and kisses at Craig's neck. "Let me prove to you how crazy I am about my Craig.."

The real reason for all the controversy surrounding Tweek not going to college and managing the coffeehouse is due in fact that Tweak Bros is expanding and becoming a franchise, with the second location being in downtown Denver. The idea was that Tweek was supposed to manage it right out of high school while attending college in Denver, but that obviously didn't go to plan, baby aside.

It's been a grueling process, but the doors opened on Monday, officially. Tweek's cousin, Aaron, took his place as manager and co-owner, nothing but twenty-one, but pursuing a business degree, so Richard jumped at the opportunity to offer this endeavor, of course. Tweek, in all his sleepheadedness and bed-head, woke up to a picture of his father nearly breaking the constraints of his lips with Helen pressed to his side with an equally wide grin at the grand opening. At least the burden's passed elsewhere, and there's no more taxing squabbles of running the shop.

The celebration doesn't quite end there, though. It's Wednesday, and Richard's bright idea was to throw a celebration banquet for the grand opening, with their closest friends and family members in attendance. The caterers have been here since 7, a coordinator's been directing staff since 10, and Tweek basically gave up on restful sleep around noon. His parents were gracious enough to allow him to invite his best friends and Craig, at the acquisition that they'd behave (duh) and try to be as polite as they could be as some of their purveyors would be attending, and Richard wants to maintain good rapport.

"Ah, I just don't know what to wear." Tweek's shirtless, swapping his shirts in front of the mirror while on FaceTime with Craig, who also gets ready on the other side, but doesn't refrain from sneaking obstructive, albeit enamored, glances at Tweek as he gets changed.

"Wear whatever. You're in your own house, after all.."

"No, you don't get it." Tweek opts for a relaxed fit, slouched, grey long sleeve that slips slightly off his shoulders. "Some of my family's coming.. my parents' siblings and stuff.. they're uh, something... they never really come around unless my dad's in the mood to flex."

"I feel like you told me about your Aunt Rita once."

"She's a problem, but they all are, really. Except for one of my aunts.." He folds the sleeves against his wrists and dives into his jewelry box to pull out a cross necklace and a star necklace Craig surprised him with a few weeks ago. "I don't know how I ended up sane, both sides of my family are touched up there."

"Well, I'm gonna be there.. your best friends, too. We'll manage."

"I know. I just.. I wanna hide. Nothing could possibly hide me, but I can dream.. I can just hear them now. They used to make so many comments about me when I was a kid, to my face even. They would always ask my parents what was wrong with me, and why I was so chubby.. it got on my nerves so bad."

"Then just stick with us.. we won't let you cross paths with them."

Tweek shrugs with uncertainty hugging his voice, "I dunno, hopefully we don't get separated.." He squints at the notification that comes across his screen. "Kyle's here, he's coming up the stairs. I'll see you when you get here."


The call ends, and he struggles to ease himself back down on the bed-- his feet are out of service right now, it seems, if they feel like this now, it'll be virtually impossible to stay on them the entirety of the party. Once he settles in, his eyes snap to the lanky figure with his curls smoothed back and pulled behind his ears.

"Hey." Kyle settles his messenger bag on Tweek's desk. "Jesus christ, my mom blabbed the entire drive here about how I really need to network at this thing.

"Good luck. Unless you're going into political science or business, not worth striking up a conversation with any of those f*ckin' schmucks."

"Eww to both of those options. I'll stick to sociology."

"Better off." Tweek tenses up once more, a hand reaching for a bottle of peppermint essential oil on his bed stand.

"f*ck, is it that bad that you're having to smell oils? I'm so sorry, Tweek. I don't understand what kind of parent you have to be to force your almost due, pregnant child to walk around a party, anyway."

"I'll say." Tweek inhales, then settles back on his pillows. "My mom took me to the spa yesterday, she knows what's up. But alas, they just want me around to they don't have to feel remorse or something. I can't really come up with the reasoning."

"Seems counterproductive to want you to stay off your feet but also want you there and interacting with people."

"I think its so people won't ask where I am or something. I'd rather they be curious, because my feet and back are murdering me today."

"Want me to massage your feet?" Kyle raises a brow as he settles on the end of the bed. He playfully squeezes at Tweek's foot, gaining laughter when Tweek moans in pleasure.

"If you want to.. I feel bad.."

"Don't feel bad. We're best friends, I'd expect you to do the same, dude."

"Okay.." Tweek whimpers when Kyle begins massaging deeper, allowing his eyes to succumb to rest while his pain reaches relief. As he falls into relaxation, Kenny tiptoes in the room after taking notice of the voicelessness.

"Kenneth McCormick.." Tweek's voice calls in a decibel above a whisper.

"How the actual hell..? I was dead silent coming in here."

Tweek points to his nose. "This gave it away."

Kenny's bedroom eyes fall onto his dress shirt and he pinches at the fabric to take a whiff. "I just got out the shower and I put some nice cologne on. The expensive kind.. there's no way you knew it was me."

"He's pregnant, Kenny. He can smell you from the driveway. Probably can smell your shampoo too, I mean, who can't miss the smell of cheap Pantene?"

"Whatever." The taller blonde pads over to the mirror to do a once-over, pulling out his phone to take a few selfies to send to his new beau. "Do I look okay?" He turns to face his best friends, pushing a particular portion of his bangs out of his eyes within their persistence.

"I think you know you look good."

Tweek opens one eye and shrugs. "No, you look terrible. Of course you look okay, Kenny. Come over here and help Kyle massage me. My legs are in pain, too."

"You're so spoiled." Kenny slips his phone in his pocket and slumps over on the bed on his stomach, undoubtedly wrinkling the shirt his mother spent ten minutes pressing. "Where your baby daddy at? You got us doing his dirty work."

"Don't worry about that." Tweek shakes his head, his silky hair falling against his pillow. "Just massage me and be quiet."

Kenny gives a singular eye roll and begins kneading at Tweek's legs, fighting back laughter as he moans audibly and sticks a smile on his face in contentment. "By the way, is your cousin hot?"

"I know.. I just know Butters Stotch's future husband is not asking me that right now." Tweek utters with shock clutching his words.

"I'm not asking for myself. Bebe called me before I got here and wanted to know if your cousin was cute, because she's breaking up with Clyde."

"About time." Kyle scoffs.

"Ah," Tweek opens his eyes and raises his phone to check the time. "He's my cousin. I don't really know how to answer that question. He just kind of looks like my dad. He looks more like my dad than I do... curly hair, brunette, tall, skinny, kind of boring.. I don't think Bebe would like him, she would intimidate him, I think."

"That's kind of what she needs, though, don't you think?" Kyle places a point ahead, "I'm sure she's looking for something low key and down to earth. Clyde is so much.. I don't really know how she was able to stand him for so long."

"Right," Kenny shakes his head. "I think he was kind of checking me out at the party. He looked pretty spooked when he saw me walking out the bathroom with Butters."

"I'm sure he has a crush on you. But that's besides the point."

"Yeah, Tweek, do you think maybe you can pass Bebe his number? I'm gonna take a picture with him and send it to her."

"Oh?" Tweek chuckles. "How's that gonna work?"

"I'm gonna be like, 'Oh my god, Aaron, congrats..let me get a pic with the new face of Tweek Bros'.. light work, dude." He tilts his head, thumbs pressing deeper into Tweek's legs, "Just a quick selfie that I'll send to her, if she thinks he's cute, y'know, you can send her his number maybe."

"I mean, okay. Like I said, he's kind of boring. I think all he really does is play tennis and watch Smiling Friends."

"That's fine. I mean, I totally feel her. After all the f*ckheads I've dated, I wanted something more tame, too.."

"A little too tame, don't you think?"

"Shut up, Kyle. Stan is just about the most boring motherf*cker in South Park and you're head over heels because he has high cheekbones and free weed."

"I don't even smoke weed like that. What the hell are you even talking about?"

"Guys, please." Tweek pleads, an arm robing itself over his eyes. "One day without the playful bickering. My blood pressure is already high."

"Sorry.. but he insulted Butters."

"Surely you can handle insults, Kenny. You're almost eighteen."

"I can! But be nice.. Butters is my baby.." Kenny trails off with a sulk.

"..Both of your boyfriends are boring, just fyi." Tweek interjects with a smirk.

"Not Mr. Monotone's baby mama saying this." Kenny rolls his eyes. "Butters isn't boring. I rest my case. Stan, however, a bit too puss* and unassuming. He never wants to be direct with confronting people. All my luck and prayers to you, Ky. You're just about as fiery as they get. Think it's 'cause of your hair."

"Okay." Kyle shrugs, resigning to simple nonchalance at Kenny's relentless baiting. He glances toward the door frame, having noticed a figure in all black in his peripheral, then imparts a small wave and averts his gaze back to Tweek, who for now, is still under the shelter of his arms.

"Damn, Craig. You look nice." Kenny does a once-over, astonished at how well Craig cleans up. Tweek nearly gives himself whiplash the way he cranes his neck from his position and sits up a little.


"Hi, you.." Tweek's brows knit, awestruck by how handsome his boyfriend is. There might even be a skip to his heartbeat, sometimes Craig can make him feel like he's ten years old with a crush on him all over again.

"Hey.." Craig perches next to Tweek's pillow, "You getting pampered?"

"Yeah, motherf*cker, you take over, my hands are tired." Kenny groans.

"You know you can stop, right?" Kyle jeers with a slap to Kenny's thigh. "I'm sure he's fine by now."

"Nah, Kenny, sometimes its nice to have a little break. I'm on massage duty like every day." Craig teases, then takes Tweek's hand to help him sit up a little more. "Should we head down in a sec?"

"Yeah.." The other two clear out the way for Craig to help Tweek stand fully on his feet, and once he's there, he stands in front of everyone with an alarmed countenance. His usually calm and kind eyes find themselves revealing more white in them than usual, and his lips quiver ever so slightly. He twitches a little, too, but his hands mostly give his apprehension away in their tangling with one another.

"Tweek," Kenny giggles, "Dude, you look so distraught."

"I kind of am." He slides off a silver ring that rebuffs his attempt to slide it down his finger. "My f*cking family's downstairs. Not just Helen and Richard, but their siblings who are at least a million times worse when it comes to prying."

"Great." Kyle leans over and walks away to in front of the mirror, sure to evade whatever prospective playful squeeze at his ass from Kenny when he gets up.

"You can't ever seem to catch a break..I don't understand your parents. They want you to rest, but then they want you to walk around a party? For what?" Kenny absentmindedly notes, checking his phone.

"That's what I said." Kyle alludes with a tuck to a loose curl that retreats from its place.

"To boast. Which is kind of ironic, but I know they're trying to show that they aren't ashamed of me."

"I would think your dad would be showing off your cousin, since he's the one taking over."

"Oh, trust, he is. But I just kind of have to be down there. I don't want to. Wanted to kind of just chill and," He holds up a colorful snack bag with bubble-lettered Hangul on it, "Craig brought me these cool gummy snacks from the Korean market. I was just gonna eat these and watch something funny. My back's on a 10 today."

"Well, there's your back-up plan if things go awry."

"He's gonna be fine." Craig monotonously rebuts, cognizant that Tweek's best friends will terminally feed into his delusions and anxiety. "Let's think on the positive side. Maybe your aunts and uncles will be cool this time."

Just as expected, the party is achingly full to the brim with cohorts, family members, loyal customers, even the mayors of both South Park and Denver. If you look to your left, you'll find Richard show boating and toting around his nephew, who looks just as uncomfortable as Tweek does, and it turns his stomach how his cousin could easily be mistaken for his son. No doubt the disappointment on Richard's face when he has to scavenge the crowd to point out his very heavily pregnant son, perhaps clad a small group of similarly modelesque teenagers.

"Well." Kenny exhales once Richard has finished his toastmaster speech. "Good for Richard, but I'm f*ckin' starving. What did they have catered over there?" He cranes his neck to inspect the large silver serving trays about twenty feet away.

"I don't know. Probably bland chicken and vegetables. Something like that." Tweek guesses, his hand laced tightly in Craig's, who follows Kenny's eyes.

"I'm starving too, I didn't eat before coming over. But if you say it's bland then.."

"I don't know. It could be good. I'm just hating." Tweek admits accompanying a small, vexed smirk.

"Welllll.." Kenny draws out, "I'm gonna go look, because there's a million motherf*ckers in here and I wanna get a plate before they start lining up. I'll be back."

Kyle points, "And I gotta run to the bathroom.. I'll be quick."

Tweek peeks up at Craig and blinks a few times. "What do we do? This is so pointless."

"We just talk and walk around, like we always do. If people come up and say hi, we be polite and make small talk, and then move on. It'll be fine."


A few minutes elapse, and they don't really grab anyone's attention besides a few people who go 'Oh, that must be their son. He looks just like Helen', a few stares at Craig and some remarks about how handsome he is, but nothing overt, and nothing intimidating. Kenny is still lined up at the serving line, obviously ended up getting caught behind a few people, he gives a flat faced expression when the couple meet eyes with him across the room, and Kyle rolls his eyes because he ends up caught in Sheila's vice grip, presumably coerced into a conversation with someone in business.

"Craig! Glad you could make it." Richard beams, having finally located the taller boy against the inexhaustible crowd. He peers down at Tweek. "Hi, son.. Craig! There's someone I want you to meet, he's apart of an aerospace program, I think it would be great for you to meet him." He forcibly takes Craig by the back and leads him away.

"I'll be back, babe." Craig's expression reads as remorseful once he leaves Tweek's vicinity, but he's more than aware that Tweek understands that once Richard zeroes into his persistence, there's no way of escaping his clutches.

"Well, I guess I'm all alone.." Tweek sighs as he takes a gander around the room for any familiar faces. He spots Kenny still in line, hopefully he'll get his food finally and come accompany him soon. Kyle looks like he's being pushed through a maze on the other side of the room. When his eyes finally stop to his immediate line of vision, he nearly jumps back a foot.


"Aunt Rita.." Tweek voices through gritted teeth and a false smile. His eyes swim around the room for an excuse to escape, being that she's one of his more vocal aunts.

She eyes him up and down, cradling some Sauvignon-Pinot-Zinfandelwhateverthef*ck like it's a dapper, Rolex-toting replacement for whatever husband she's divorced once again. She's Richard's older sister, not by much, but comfortably in her late forties with a raging shopping addiction and an ill mannered Maltese presumably at doggie daycare in the city.

"How are you, sweetie? You never call Auntie Rita to check up on me. You know I'm lonely..." She wreaks of booze when she leans down to smash an ironically chardonnay colored kiss to his cheek.

"Sorry.." He fiddles with his hands. "I've been kind of busy...with my own life.."

Her eyes lazily spill about his stature, and she forcefully moves his shoulder so she can confirm what she's intaking visually from the side. "Oh! Ah, that's right! You've gone and gotten yourself knocked up. I completely forgot, dear. You know alcohol does the mind dirty."

"Uh-huh.." Tweek's cheeks heat up once his mother's younger sister sidles up behind Rita.

"Goodness, Tweekers, what's going on in there? Your parents told me you're just having a little girl!" His other aunt squeaks with a bite to her mini quiche.

"I am.." Tweek blinks uncomfortably.

"Well that looks like multiples to me! You poor thing, I don't for the life of me understand why your parents would make you come down here when you clearly need to be off your feet."

"Well you know, Elle, Tweek was quite chubby as a kid wasn't he? I think that's just how he carries weight."

Tweek fiddles with his fingers, praying that someone, anyone, will rescue him from this ruckus. The simple fact is, his family are mean-spirited at times, albeit a bit airheaded as if they are wildly unaware of the ruse they engage in to embarrass Tweek every time they're in his company.

"Well, anyway. How's school, doll? You graduate this year, right?"

"Yeah. In May.." He exhales, "I left a few weeks ago for the next few months."

"Well, good luck. It'll be a struggle raising a child so young and on your own. Especially if you're considering going to college, it'll be a burden." His aunt spits, still steadying a scrutinizing gaze on him.

"I'll be fine.. my parents are helpful, so are my boyfriend's, and he has a nice job lined up. I think we'll manage."

"Oh, is that right? Well, you know you can't rely solely on that, sweetie. You need to make sure you have a lucrative income and can handle yourself against the unexpected trials of life. It's not a crystal stair, you know.. and," Tweek's eyes threaten to close at the point he realizes how long-winded this particular aunt can be in her lectures that are more than often very unnecessary. He nods, though everything around him seems to mesh together, her voice soon amalgamates with the rest of the bellowing dialogue of the room.

"There you are, babe. I was trying to find you, but there's like, a million people in here." Craig. Thank god. Tweek's focus returns, his hearing now fixes on the familiar safety of his boyfriend's voice.

"And who might this be?" One of his aunts gawks, and he wants to vomit at what can only be perceived as blatant eye-f*cking emanating from her gaze.

Craig looks over and down at the middle aged winos hovering around. "Oh. I'm Craig. Tweek's boyfriend."

"Oh, wow, you're absolutely gorgeous! Tweek went and got himself a looker!"

"I was just about to say that. Stunning, look at those eyes. Are you the baby's father too?"

Craig smirks. He figures it just runs in the Tweaks' blood to be thoughtless and crude, no exceptions. "Yes, that would be me."

"Well, our little Tweek has always been beautiful, but with your genes, that baby's sure to be a model or something."

"That's what I'm thinking too.." Craig nods politely, then reaches to take Tweek's hand. "Let's get you something to eat. Excuse us." He turns and leads Tweek to the catering table. "Have you seen Kyle and Kenny?"

"Kyle's mom went to introduce him to someone.. I don't know who. Maybe my cousin, wait 'til she finds out he's not rich, and Kyle's swimming in the Marsh." Tweek raises his thumb to bite instinctively. "Kenny.. I think he gave up on the food, I'm sure he's play-flirting with one of my aunts and sneaking booze.."

"Oh, okay. What was going on back there?"

"Chaos." Tweek grumbles. "Aunts being aunts."

"They trip any wires?"

"No, just the usual 'you sure there's only one in there?' and complaining that I don't call them enough, warning me about parenthood and the consequences of my actions."

"Can't say I'm surprised. I mean, why wouldn't I be your baby's father if I'm your boyfriend?"

"I don't know, Craig. I must be a whor* in their eyes. And they have no reason to be prudes, because most of them got pregnant in their early twenties."

"..Well, that's over now. I'm here. Let's get some food.." They begin at the self serving line, filling their plates with grapes, finger sandwiches, pastries. Tweek notes that he stands corrected in his judgment, that the food doesn't look so bland after all. For a moment, there's a juncture of lull, where they're deep within a gentle, playful dialogue with one another. That is, until an older woman spills something all over herself, and Craig volunteers to help her clean it up, and... he's gone again.

"Tweek, is that you, doll face?" A familiar voice calls from behind, and he nearly knocks over something with his belly when he jolts in shock. He's relieved that it's his one chill aunt out of the other headaches for aunts he has. His father's younger sister, Renée.

"Aunt Renée..!" He reaches to hug her with one arm, relieved that it's her. She's the one who would come down from Denver and smoke Tweek out sometimes when stress was high at the house, or bring him his favorite snacks, she'd let him vent for hours. He called her around the first Valentine's Day he had with Craig to ask what he should get him. She's the only true safe person in his family.

"Look at you!" She holds him by the arm and looks him up and down with a shocked smile. "Wow, you look beautiful, honey. I always thought pregnancy glow was a myth, but you're proof it's real.. how are you feeling?"

"Thank you.. and, exhausted. But I'm almost there, so I'm dealing."

"Yeah? Wow, I missed you, sweetie. You still in school?"

"I missed you too.. and yeah, I actually left two weeks ago. I'm gonna spend two months with the baby, and I'll be back for graduation."

"Oh my goodness." She takes his hand and squeezes it. The gentleness of her jasmine perfume washes over him and lulls him back to his upbringing, when they'd stay up late on the weekends, she'd come and get him watching movies, her favorite was always Uptown Girls. The smell of burnt popcorn and fruit punch invades his olfactory. "I can't believe it.. my baby is having his own baby.." Her eyes fall on his belly. "Can I..?"

"Oh! Yeah, of course.." He nods encouragingly, then allows her to place her hands over his stomach and feel around.

"Wooow, hi baby! Oh my God, do you know what you're having?"

"Yeah.. a little girl."

"Oh, stop, she's gonna be so beautiful, good luck saying no to her. Ugh, Richard doesn't know it, but he most definitely will be wrapped around her finger."

Tweek purses his lips. "I hope so. If I'm honest, neither of them have been really helpful until recently. And I mean, in the last few weeks recently."

"Really? I can't really say I'm surprised, but I'm sorry, babe. I wish I had known. Of course, I don't have any kids of my own, but been around enough pregnant people to help out. Hopefully things are better. I'm sure once they see her face, they'll make up for it tenfold."

"Yeah, let's hope."

"Is your boyfriend here? I'd love to meet him.."

"Yeah! Umm.." Tweek peers out at the crowd and spots Craig suckered into a conversation with the older woman he was helping, chuckles, then meets his eye contact and waves him over, and Craig is..over the moon grateful for this interruption, to say the least. Too many middle aged women who seem to suck him into conversations about how handsome he is and how well he carries himself. Classic.

"Craig, I want you to meet my aunt Renée.." Tweek beams, holding onto Craig's arm tenderly.

"Whoa! Look at you! The famous Craig.. I remember when Tweekers was small, he'd talk about you endlessly. You are gorgeous!"

"Thank you. Tweek's said a lot about you too, nothing but the best.. you seem like a kick-ass aunt."

"I am!" She boasts. "How are you both enjoying the party? I'm having the worst time ever." She knits her eyebrows, sending the couple in a laughing fit.

"It kind of does suck, huh?"

"All my brother does is boast. It drives me up a wall. He's a natural born braggart, and it definitely doesn't help that he has such a smooth way of speaking. Now there's Tweek Bros commercials, and hearing his grating voice after an Arbys commercial makes me want to bash my head into a wall."

"It's so insane that he has commercials now. Not trying to sour my chances of being his son-in-law one day, so I won't say anything unsavory for now.." Craig declares with a playful tug to his collar.

"I will." Tweek shrugs. "It's bad enough living with him. I'll be watching some reality show, and there he is right at commercial break. Makes me want to throw up every time."

"And he has Aaron walking around like he's his son. I'm sorry, honey."

"Don't be." Tweek lifts a grape to his lips. "I'd rather the attention be off of me, anyway. And it's better Aaron than me, I never wanted to take over. It was inevitable that they'd try to force me into it."

"He's not making you still work at the coffeehouse, is he?"

"Oh, no." Tweek gestures to his belly. "I think my little one wasn't having it, she kept making me knock things over, and I couldn't help but take a nibble on our pastry stock every day. Dad was like, 'K, think it's time to relieve you of your barista duties for the next couple of months'."

"She's already helping you out." His aunt jokes, "And I'm glad you got off the hook, I know he was very adamant about you running the business fresh out of high school when I talked to him a while back." She raises a manicured brow at Craig. "What's your relationship like with him?"

"Formal, I'd say. I mean, at least, in comparison to how my family is with Tweek, he's like their son, too.. I have like, a really huge job opportunity fresh out of high school, and I think he sees me in a different light now. Like, he thinks I'm so accomplished and I'm a wunderkind, that now he's kind of been.. toting me around this party to network, and he seems oddly excited to see me whenever I'm over here." He swallows, "But it's always been super formal. I don't call him Richard or anything like that. He just knows me as his son's boyfriend. We've never been super cool with each other."

"He's always been opportunistic, so that doesn't surprise me. But congratulations on the job opportunity. It's such a rare occurrence for something like that to happen so soon."

"It's his dream job, too." Tweek nudges the taller proudly. "I told you, my Craig is so cool."

"That's so amazing, love. It's pretty rare for something like that to happen.. and I'm sure its easier to handle a pregnancy when you have something like that lined up."

"Definitely makes it easier, I would say, yeah. But you have an amazing nephew, I couldn't of asked for a better person to raise a child with, honestly. We just work so well."

"So sweet. Ah, young love.." She reaches to grab ahold of Tweek's hand and kisses it. "Lets us three get away from all of this debauchery of a party and catch up a little in the living room."

They talk to Renée for a little under an hour, though the strident voices from the other room seem to spill from time to time into the room, it's quiet enough for them to make endless conversation. She catches Tweek up on all her travels, that she hasn't been around for no reason, and that she wishes for him to be able to see the world as well. They ask her if she knows of any prospective condos or apartments that are seeking tenants, and what restaurants she enjoys in Denver for them to check out after the move. She promises to come visit a few times a month, and offers to babysit whenever. She and Craig hit it off swimmingly well, but perhaps that could only be attributed to the fact that she's in her early thirties, and she has such an affinity for Tweek, it's honestly refreshing, she doesn't seem as if she'd be related to the Tweaks in the least bit. After enough banter has passed through their lips, she sullenly announces that she has another prior engagement she has to attend to for the evening, that Tweek ought to keep his head up and ignore his other aunts and their ridiculous impertinence, that the last thing he needs right now is stress, and that she will be zooming down the highway to come see the baby when she's born. She departs with not just a kiss to Tweek's fluffy head, but to Craig's too, whispering in declaration that he's now her nephew, too.

Though Tweek's feet protest, he desires to catch up with his best friends, but the more he scavenges the crowd, the more it feels like they've simply vanished without a trace. The party just seems to get bigger as time passes, not contrarily the opposite. His eyes find Sheila exhaustively a few times, but no sign of her son. When it comes down to milfs, Kenny is always on the prowl, but he's nowhere to be seen, not buttering a Botox-pumped, buccal-fat obsessed, extensions wearing, acrylic nails toting woman in her fifties up. They are simply lost from his vision.

"I can't find those two.." Tweek resigns, his hands coming up to rub his stomach gently. "And I'm soooo hungry... all we had was those stupid little finger foods. I hope there's still come food left."

"With this many people? I think so, babe. I'll go fix you another plate. I'll be back."

He bites his lip, fatigue beginning to retreat into his legs and down into his ankles from standing up for too long. "I guess I should find somewhere to sit..." He blinks, peering over people's shoulders to see if there's a designated seating area. It would be kind of dumb to have a quasi-banquet if there were no place for people to sit and ea-

"Oh, Tweek! There you are, darling." He is violently plucked out of his entire dialogue by no other than his mother's older sisters. f*cking great.

"Hi..." His eyes fall out of concentration and onto their vapidly familiar faces scrutinizing him up and down. They're brutish hens, at least that's how he's always viewed them. Selma and Patty sans the cigarette smoking and deep, scratchy voice. Like if Selma and Patty were on Dynasty and basically lived in Barneys department store and smelled heavily of Chanel No. 5.

"Out of curiosity, how much do you weigh?"

Tweek stutters in bewilderment, "H-how much do I weigh?" So much for a 'hello'....


"..I don't see how that's important.."

Albeit them being taken aback, they still manage to sop up whatever shock they have and place an expectant glance on their faces. "Well, its just that you've blown up."

Tweek's been more than acquainted with this kind of dialogue for so long, that it starts to feel like a Peanuts' character's parents' speech after a while. Womp-womp-womp-womp womp. He spots his mother standing idly by, in another conversation just about a foot away, but obviously eavesdropping on this conversation simultaneously.

"Well, I mean. I'm pregnant." He laughs out, still in the thick of his own shock. These bitches.

"And the way you're carrying.." One of his aunts reaches to tap her wine glass to his belly. "Are you sure its not a boy?"

"I'm sure." Tweek argues back against his gentle voice. "I've had way too many ultrasounds to not know what I'm having."

"Oh? But you only need two, really.. unless there's something wrong with the baby.. That Helen is so skillful at keeping things under wraps. That's alright, doll, you can tell auntie if you're having complications."

His eyes prick with tears in defense. "There's nothing wrong." His eyes swim to his mother, who briskly makes eye contact with him, then her eyes whisk away as if she's been caught.

"I would hope not. After all, it's a teen pregnancy, you started extremely young, honey. I didn't have my first until I was thirty. Should be no complications. Were you trying to get pregnant?"

At this point, a third party would believe that Tweek's natural expression is glassy, hurt, widened eyes the way he's been stuck on it. He discovers himself at a loss for words, not sure what to do with the awkward soundlessness of the three of them, pressed between the overlapping voices in the room, and his eyes fall from his mother, to scavenging his stupid friends and Craig, who were supposed to help preempt this. What a nightmare.

Perhaps silence is louder than anything he could ever say. He tips his head as if to impart an 'excuse me', then turns and waddles away from the party to go back upstairs to his room, winded when he finally reaches the top floor. His hands cradle his giant stomach, and he unwieldily kicks off his shoes. "Hey..I'm sorry you had to hear that.." He mutters to his belly, sniffling. "They're so cruel..I hope you know we never have to be around them when you're out."

He struggles once again to lay on his bed after throwing his robe on. "They're always talking about my weight. Ever since I was little.. they can never just say, 'Tweek, you're so beautiful!' or, 'Tweek, we're so proud of you! A straight A student!'.. it's always something negative about my weight. Even when I lost all of it, now I was 'emaciated'.. I can't win."

His heart skips when he feels the baby shift around a little, he can't be too sure, but maybe a little hand stretches across his belly. His own hand presses over the little movement, fondly taken aback by the little sentiment. "Are you trying to comfort me? Thank you.. I know.. I'm sorry, I don't wanna make you sad, too. I just hate when those idiots open their fat mouths and say dumb sh*t about me. It's so annoying.. I'll never let anyone talk about you like that. My own mother doesn't ever come to my defense. She was standing right there!"

A distant memory floods into his mind. He was celebrating his twelfth birthday. His parents wouldn't allow any of his friends over for this party, just strictly family — aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. A recipe for the third ring of hell for Tweek. He was on a high, Craig had gotten all of their friends together at the park after school to celebrate. They'd brought little snacks and small trinkets and gifts, just to kick off the fun under the implication that they'd celebrate for real at his actual birthday party. It was a blast, and Craig had never been so kind to him before, he even gave him a birthday kiss in front of everyone, which was a big deal for sixth grade. That in mind, he was at least compliant about this get together. That is, until his extended family started with the comments about his body. How it was such a shame that such a beautiful face was overtaken by a chubby body. How he was lucky he was so adorable, because it made up for the rest of his body. How it was absurd that his parents were so fit that they'd neglect their child in their pursuit to stay trim. They poked and prodded, from his soft cheeks to his waist. Violation was the only word that could be described as how he felt in those moments. He would go on to spend the entire rest of the evening in his room, sobbing his eyes out. Honestly, today just feels like that trauma relived.

His eyes water at the recollection, and he ends up full-on bawling, overwhelmed by the fact that he anticipated this, and it ended up happening. All for no reason at that, he didn't spend a single second with his parents, perhaps they still are ashamed of him, like he thought.

"Tweek?" Kenny respectfully creaks the door open a smidge to peek inside. "Noooo, he's crying, you guys." He whispers, allowing for Kyle and Craig to follow in observation. Craig's heart shatters at his little boyfriend wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his robe and he pushes past the other two in their hesitance to approach the blonde.

"Hi, honey.." Craig sits at the foot of the bed. "I'm so sorry that I left you behind. Nobody was important enough to meet over making sure I was at your side. I'm so sorry."

Tweek stays quiet, sniffling intermittently just as the other two walk in.

"Tweekers, what happened? You're not crying because we all kind of got lost in the party, are you? Because if you are, I'm really—"

"It's my f*cking family!" Tweek clutches a teddy bear. "They're sooo mean sometimes. I was just trying to lay low, and here they f*cking come bombarding me with questions and asking me my weight and asking me unnecessary sh*t.. I just wanted to chill, and my nerves are shot now. I feel like that anxious little boy I used to be."

"Aw, Tweek.." Kyle holds the blonde's head to his chest. "I'm sorry. I wish we'd found you sooner. I kind of feel like it's a health hazard down there. So many damn people."

"For real." Kenny smooths his hands up and down Tweek's legs soothingly in rhythm. "Man, they can't all love coffee. They got the I Gotta sh*t So Bad Right Now But Damn That Coffee Hit Crazy convention going on downstairs."

Tweek manages to pry out a wet chuckle, ushering Craig and Kyle to do the same. "You're so stupid, Kenny."

"I'm serious!"

"My mom was close by and she didn't even say anything. They just kept asking me about school, what I'm gonna do with the baby, if I got pregnant on purpose, if Craig was my boyfriend or if the baby had a different father, what I weigh, like that was ridiculous. They used to do that to me when I was a kid. Only they'd make fun of me for being chubby and say I was lucky that I was so beautiful."

"The f*ck?"

"Yeah. If you think my parents are a lot, like I said earlier, their siblings are a hundred times worse. That's why I kind of cringed when they told me they were inviting them."

"f*ck, man." Kyle leans to place a kiss on Tweek's head. "Let's do something else, then. We can turn on The Boys and Kenny and I can sneak you some food up here while Craig.."

"While I cuddle you." Craig squeezes Tweek's hand, melting when Tweek pouts at this.


Kenny and Kyle race downstairs to stealthily swipe a few plates of food and beverages, all while Craig positions himself to where he's behind the blonde, and settles his hands protectively over Tweek's chest, then nuzzles himself into his neck. "I'm so sorry, babe. People are so weird. But I've got you.. just remember, we'll be away from all of this soon."

"That's what I keep reminding myself.. Gah, I just.. I hate how my parents never come to my defense. I'm gonna make sure that I always come to my child's defense, no matter what. Even if she's wrong! ..Even if she's mad at me."

"I can see that. Begging her to not be mad at you for the sake of peace. Meanwhile me and her duke it out when we argue."

"Exactly." He exhales, "I just wanted to disappear down there.."

"I'm so sorry, honey. And you predicted this, too."

"I know how my dumb ass family are."

"I didn't think there would be more bullsh*t after your aunts that I met at the beginning."

"Nope, both sides are assholes. I guess that's why my parents got together."

"Your parents are kind of alike, now that I think about it. It sucks, because your Aunt Renée is like, one of the coolest people I've ever met." Craig presses a kiss onto Tweek's neck in hopes of providing comfort to his distress.

"Yeah, well. She's the only good apple. I used to beg her to adopt me when I was little. She was really young, so I kind of get why as much as she wanted to, she couldn't bring herself to do it. But none of my other aunts really like her. Not even my mom's sisters. I don't think they can relate to her either.. but it'll be nice to have her around when we move to Denver." His nerves are virtually shot, and stress wears at his heart rate and his blood pressure.

"Yeah.. I'm so sorry again, babe. I should've just brought you with me to get food, or told your dad that I'd catch up with the people he wanted me to network with later. You shouldn't of been alone for a single moment. I failed you in that way."

Tweek sniffles. "It's alright.. I knew it was gonna happen, so I can't really be mad at you, or anyone for that matter. It's just the fact that it was kind of inevitable, and my mom didn't do sh*t to preempt it, or even come to my defense. If she felt like it was gonna be confrontational, she could've just made up an excuse to move them away from me. That's what I would've done."

"I know, babe. And she was wrong for that, too. We all did a horrible job of protecting you tonight."

"Ugh," Tweek blows out his lips and turns the volume up on the TV. "Let's just stop talking about it.. I want to keep my mind off of this.. I'm so stressed, I don't want to mess with my blood pressure or get little star upset.. let's just watch something and relax."

"And you let me know if you need anything else, okay?"

"Mhm.." Tweek settles into Craig's arms and waits on his best friends to return with the food. They bring a lot, enough to share amongst the four of them, with drinks and a plate of finger food in the lot. Thankfully, once fed and entertained by the other three and the TV, Tweek's nerves regulate, and he almost completely forgets what occurred this evening. The night approaches, and they all sit quietly at the moment, glued into a children's sci-fi movie from the 80s.

"Tweek? Hon?" Helen raps against the door, cradling a ceramic bowl with a lost expression when four pairs of eyes intimidatingly land on her from the crack in the door.

"Oh. Mom..." Tweek shifts a little in Craig's arms. "What's up?"

She opens the door fully, with stains of remorse painting her pale skin, and her full lips pleat into a contrited frown. "I'm sorry about your aunts. I heard what they were saying, and I should've taken up for you right there, but I didn't want to cause a stir and make your father look bad at this event. It's a big deal for him."

"Oh. Okay.."

"I know that's no excuse. I did tell them private. They're sorry. I won't excuse all the things they were asking you, honey. I'm really sorry."

"It's okay, I guess." Tweek snuggles into Craig's arms under the covers, "You're right, there wasn't much you could do at such a big event."

She makes a noncommittal noise and holds up the ceramic bowl that's situated in her ruby polished fingers. "I brought you this. A while back, your father and I decided that we'd collaborate with an ice cream company to expand our menu with coffee flavored ice cream." She takes a few steps forward and keeps a steady gaze on her son. "This is 'Tweek's Treasure'.. it has your favorite stuff in it.. it's mild coffee flavor with fudge and marshmallow swirls.. not too sweet." She settles at the foot of his bed and passes him the bowl.

Kyle and Kenny look over from where they are with widened eyes, fighting the urge to take a peek into the bowl because damn, that sounds incredible.

He spoons it, then laps it with his tongue at first to test it, then puts the whole spoon in his mouth and melts into heaven. "Mmmm..."

"You like it? I spent a couple of weeks working with them to perfect it to your liking."

"Could be the best flavor I've ever had." His wide, innocent eyes peer into her own. "Thank you."

"I know it's not a real consolation, hon. But I love you, and I'm sorry I didn't protect you back there. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.. and your silly aunts."

"I'm a big boy. I think I can.. thank you." He pauses. "Do you.. do you have like, an entire pint of this? I'm going to die if I don't eat the entire stock, I think."

She chuckles, reaching out to tuck a strand of his hair behind his ear, lovingly. "We have so much of it, honey. It's projected that it'll be our most sold flavor. There's plenty. A few pints stashed in the freezer just for you and the little one."

"Oh," His mouth falters. "Thank you.."

She winks. "I have to get back to the event. Let me know if you need anything, okay? And again, I'm sorry, honey. I love you." The leaves as quickly as she came in with a gentle close to his door. There's not acknowledgement between any of them verbally, just raised eyebrows towards one another, and they're back to watching the movie. For Tweek though, to have his mother fall on her sword when she's seldom been able to do that prior to recently, is enough for him to accept her apology. He can do well with humility, and that, with the support of his loved ones in his company, is enough to close the day on a somewhat neutral note.

The baby's due date's approaching within a mere few days, and Tweek's so uncomfortable, he spends a lot of time crying and pleading with God to have her come faster. Usually regretting that beseech when he gets a round of contractions. Today he's in the bed attempting to entertain himself with an adult cartoon and a few snacks. It's a little too late to be eating healthy, but for some reason he was craving veggie sticks, so here he is.

"Tweek," Craig stands at the doorway, pulling a hoodie over his head. "I'm gonna run to the store really quick, do you need anything?"

The blonde blinks a few times, trying to move without pain. "Can you just help me.. mm, get to the bathroom?" His face twitches from the intermittent pain he causes himself when he tries to sit up. Craig rushes over in record time to help him, then they start a team effort to get Tweek out the bed. Craig's eyes fill with concern as he helps him to his feet, he doesn't think he's ever seen someone in so much pain in his life. He allows Tweek to adhere himself to his side as he walks him slowly and mindfully across the threshold and into the bathroom. Once there, he holds his arm for support as he relieves himself.

"Ahh," Tweek clutches his lower belly. "Noooo, please.. what's the matter now?" He frowns, throwing his head back in exasperation. Craig's eyes snap to his belly, and he can't help but notice the thrashing against the fabric of his boyfriend's shirt.

Craig helps him slide his pajama bottoms back up and helps him back into the bed with seemingly ease. There, he sits on the small space between Tweek and his nightstand and presses a hand to Tweek's overstretched belly. "'re not tired or anything? I know you wanna come out, but you have to chill until then, love.." He lowers himself to drop a kiss to Tweek's midsection in hopes that she'll lull down. His eyes flicker to Tweek, who's been crying for actually quite some time now, but he's been a master at concealing his sniffling. The raven-haired heart drops. "T, no, honey.. I know this has to be so hard on you. I'm so sorry."

"I just want this to be over." Tweek wails. "This is like torture now! Pure torture.." He attempts to bite back crying full-on, clutching Craig's hand when he offers it to him. His swollen lips quiver, and he ultimately fails at trying to hold it back. Craig leans over and takes him into his arms, his heart smashing the more frequent Tweek's sobs become. He's watched him face this experience like a champ, even with unforeseen symptoms, he's like completely unfazed by it. Or maybe he's not, maybe he's been trying to be strong for himself, for Craig, for anyone who might pass judgement on him for being a pregnant teen. Tweek himself is a baby, never mind him being 'legally' an adult, he's still a kid, and there's only so much overwhelm anyone-- of any age, can weather before they're worn down and spread thin.

"I'm so sorry, babe. I really am.. she'll be out soon, I promise. Until then, can I do anything to make you more comfortable?" And he feels helpless asking this. If anyone asked him this, and he were Tweek's size, with nothing to do but ride out the next few days, he'd probably throw hands at them. But that's just it, he can't do anything but offer support where he can, be at Tweek's every beck and call, nothing more. He'd love to be able to trade places with him just to bring comfort to him, but that's impossible.

"I..I dunno." Tweek wetly replies, his voice cracked and a touch pitiful. "Just go run to the store.." He tiredly resigns, beautiful, yet somewhat weary eyes meeting Craig's. Suddenly, he doesn't have an appetite, he's not sure if he's going to spend the afternoon wallowing in the depression that's struck him, or if he'll be consumed by slumber to combat it, but for the time being, he just wants to not be a bother.

"I can't just leave you here like this, crying.." He squeezes Tweek's hand, "I'll stay with you for a bit, hm?"

Tweek blinks feverishly and swallows, still wet and sniffling. "No, no.. just go.. if I need anything, I'll just hit you up. I can't do anything at this point but wait, but it's just so painful in the meantime." His eyes are growing redder and more bloodshot by the minute, and his scarlet eyes busy themselves on Craig's wrist that sits against his own. He takes notice of how slender and beautiful his hands are, and how they're always so frigid against his own sweaty ones. He sniffles, lashes soaked in a way that makes Craig want to collapse in awe of how gorgeous he is, even when he's overcome with emotion.

Finally, Craig resigns with a kiss to Tweek's incredibly swollen lips, then to his belly, then he's off after promising he'll be back no later than an hour, leaving Tricia in charge of checking on him since his parents aren't home. The lonely blonde checks his phone and replies to Kenny who's DM'd him a bunch of memes, maybe he can sense that he's feeling blue and over it today. When he's done, he tosses his phone, not too far from his reach, of course, and focuses his eyes on the quiet TV in front of his line of vision.

"Ugh," He wipes the residual snot from his nose and settles his hands over his belly, then begins to rub gently up and down. His daughter's still stirring under his touch, but she's not nearly as combative as she was just a while ago. "We're almost there.." He whispers to his belly in a gentle, encouraging cadence, "We have to work together.. I'm trying to feed you and rest to make sure you're healthy and ready to come out in a few days.. please, I can't handle any crazy kicking anymore." He pleads softly, hoping somehow she'll get the message.

His eyes return back to the TV, and he continues with a sigh, "I really do love you.. everyone's really excited for you to get here, especially daddy. I've already told you, but he's really handsome. I think he's gonna be crazy about you, he already is, actually." He smiles at this, reminded of how Craig always drops kisses on his belly and talks to the baby any chance he gets. He has a routine of lotioning up Tweek's stomach and telling the baby funny stories from childhood before bed. Or how he blows raspberries in his belly and both Tweek and the baby flail around -- they both wonder if she's laughing in there too. Most of all, he loves that Craig gave her the nickname "little star" almost immediately after finding out about her.

"Even your silly grandparents are excited. My parents are a little nuts, don't say I didn't warn you.." He playfully adds, his hands coming to cradle his belly protectively. "I think they're coming around, though. I'm literally positive that when they meet you, they'll fall in love the way daddy and I are." He exhales, "And my best friends. They've gotten you so much stuff. So many people who already adore you."

The tears soak up with each passing minute, and he thinks on to meeting the baby, what she'll be like, if he'll make any rookie mistakes, if Craig will. He chuckles at the entertaining vignette of Kenny babysitting her and duct-taping her diaper. Or Kyle and Stan babysitting and f*cking up the formula to water ratio over and over. Or Tricia accident--


He isn't sure what's more startling, the fact that Tricia pops up right as his mind travels to her, or the simple fact that she shows up while he's caught up in a reverie. She holds a hand on her hip with a lollipop dangling lazily out her lips. She's your typical fourteen year old girl, clad baggy jeans and some fast fashion website's accessories littered on her neck and wrists. Claw clip cradling her strawberry blonde, waist length hair. She's grown to look so much like Craig in adolescence, just bordering on being the female version. A little scary sometimes, admittedly. But for the time being, her face carries mild concern as she peeks at Tweek from the doorframe.

"Hmm?" His eyes calmly meet hers. "Hey.."

"Hey, just checking in. Do you need anything?"

He shakes his head. "No, nothing I can think of right now. Thanks, though."

She narrows her eyes and removes her earbuds from her ears, annoyed when they tangle up in her piercings. "You look so miserable..are you sure you're okay? You're not like, having contractions, are you?"

Tweek raises a hand to run through his tresses, "Nah. I think I look miserable because I'm about to have this baby any day now. I am miserable. Textbook definition."

"Aww.." She pads over startlingly swift and settles down at Tweek's legs on the bed. "I've always wanted you and Craig to have a baby. I always thought they'd be super adorable."

"Really?" Tweek co*cks a brow. "So you're to fault for this? Did you manifest this happening?" His breathless voice wears a coat of joking skepticism as he reaches for her hand. She laces her hand into his and nods seriously.

"Duh. And I wanted a niece. Finally."

"Finally? I'm only eighteen!" He argues lightly, "Could you of at least waited until I was I dunno, twenty?"

"Sorry.." She jokes further. "But you look soooo cute. My boneheaded brother is so lucky. You're so freaking beautiful, Tweek. I wish I looked like you."

"Me? You need to be in magazines, silly. I don't know why you won't model. You're so tall, like Craig."

"Yeah, yeah.." She looks off to the side and tucks a stray piece of hair behind her ear with a blush glossing her cheeks. "One day.. maybe.." She points her attention back to Tweek. "You do look stinking adorable, though. You're all out of breath, and your cheeks are all fluffy." She pinches them.


"And you're still glowing even if you're miserable.. and this belly makes you look a million times cuter." She reaches down to hold his stomach from each side. "No wonder my brother's always saying disgusting sh*t to his friends about you."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Tolkien, you should see how cute he is when he's waddling around in my t-shirts, Clyde, I know you're just jealous I have a gorgeous boyfriend whoadores me and would never trade me for the world."

"That lovesick idiot."

"He's obsessed with you. I just remember when we were little, he always used to act like he didn't care and he was too cool. Now he worships the ground that you walk on."

"I know.. his transformation is pretty insane. He's such a sweetheart now."

"You're gonna have to marry him, you know. Not just 'cause he's miserably in love. But 'cause me and you have to be in-laws or I'll like, die."

Tweek reaches to pat her cheek. "You're so cute. You know I'm gonna marry him. Even if we didn't get married one day, which would be impossible, you and I will always be close. I promise."

"Tweekaleek, don't make me cry.."

"I'm serious. You're the little sibling I never had. I watched you grow up.. life without you would be so empty."

She pouts, and the way her face contorts in a way that reflects Craig makes Tweek arrive at the realization that genetics are absolutely insane. "Ugh, stop. I'm going to legit start crying if we don't change the subject like, now." She clears her throat, "Um, are you excited about the baby coming this week?"

"f*ck. Yes." Tweek shakes his head. He's the epitome of heavily pregnant, almost like he needs to catch his breath after every sentence. The baby's pressing down on everything at this point. "I just wanna see her little face."

"She's gonna be literally so freaking pretty. Like, she's gonna be tall, too. Imagine like, a girl Tweek who's super tall and she's got your fashion sense and everything. My niece is gonna be a slay queen."

Tweek grins, "She's gonna take after her aunt, then."

"Ah! Stop flattering meee!"

"It's true.."

"I wonder who's eye color she'll have.."

Tweek hugs his belly. "Well.. I tell Craig all the time that I want her to have his eye's so beautiful, you guys are lucky."

"She'd be a true Tucker.. right, Tucker? She's not gonna be a Tweak, right?"

"No, she's a Tucker. And yeah, Craig's convinced she's gonna look like me, so I think its only fair if that's true, that she at least has his eye color."

"Ah!" Tricia holds her cheeks and sways excitedly. "I can't believe she's coming so soon! I can't wait to spoil her rotten. I swear, I'm finally old enough to get a job, and I will be using a portion of my paychecks to buy that little princess everything she wants."

"Aw, Tricia.." Tweek chuckles sleepily, reaching to squeeze her hand. "You don't have to do that.. I'm sure she'll just be so glad to have you in her life."

"Ew, Tweek! You're so sentimental, you sound like my mother!" She pauses, "But I guess you kind of are a mother, huh?"

He shrugs. "Yeah.. but it's true. You and that Kenny keep talking about spoiling her, but I think she'll just be happy to have you guys. And besides, when her dad's Craig, I think she'll be totally content with the spoiling she's already getting."

"Holy sh*t, yeah. Dude, I'm so jealous of all the stuff she's gotten. And she has two rooms? Like oh my god."

"I know, I'm so jealous.. how was that date with Karen? You never got to tell me about it."

"Oh.." Tricia blushes, "It was like a dream. She's so perfect, I can't even front." She hides beneath her adoration with a gentle sweep of her hair behind her ear. Tweek gives her a knowing smirk. Ah, the first dates stage.

"I took her to the movies, then we caught the bus to Denver and walked around the city.. Mom gave me some money to get us a nice little dinner...We got sushi. She was all, 'no, no we can get Burger King! I don't want you spending all this money on me', but I got her to shut up.. then we uh, came back, went to Stark's Pond, and.. we..we kissed."

"Ah!" Tweek takes her hands and shakes them around excitedly against his drowsy demeanor. "That's so cute. Are you guys official yet?"

"I don't know yet! Feels like it? But I think I wanna ask her out officially soon. I think maybe I'll ask her on Valentine's Day this week.."

"You kind of have to, that would be so perfect."

"Right? The day my niece is born and the day I ask Karen to be my girlfriend.. that'll be huge."

"Mhm.. aww, I'm so happy for you. Karen's so sweet. Kenny literally never shuts up about her."

"I can't shut up about her. She's so beautiful.. I always thought Kenny was so gorgeous, and she definitely looks exactly like him."

"Seriously, all of them are so beautiful. I could spend hours looking at Kenny, he just looks like a beautiful doll."

"Pothead Barbie."

Tweek grins, "Exactly." He yawns, "Well, I'm rooting for you.. she's definitely gonna say yes.." His eyes seem to grow heavier by the second, and he clutches another pillow to his chest, lulled even deeper by Craig's redolence that's embedded deep into the feathers.. smells clean and sweet.

"Thank you.. you look so sleepy, Tweek. I'll let you get some rest. Yell if you need anything, 'kay?"

"Thank youuu..."



A single wide, deep blue-green eye peers open to find an inquisitive figure above him with silky black hair and snow dusted on his shoulders. Tweek's face contorts at the interruption of rest.

"Hey.." Craig chuckles at Tweek's sleepy face. He can't help but to indulge in those beautifully swollen lips that are pressed into a pout. He pulls a bag out of his backpack and sets it next to him. The blonde co*cks a brow and rummages through the bag, sleepy eyes slightly widening as he pulls his favorite snacks out one-by-one.

"Craig..." He hugs the last bag of chips to his chest. "This is really sweet, thank you.."

"Of course.." He leans over and stealthily pulls out the bouquet of daisies and watches Tweek wind out the waterworks. "Don't cry.. enough crying..hey, I just wanted to cheer you up." He lands his slender fingers on Tweek's cheek to erase the droplets that cascade down.

"This's so thoughtful." Tweek sniffles with a cupping hand to Craig's face. "My husband."

"Keep calling me that, and I swear to God, we'll be down at city hall tonight." Craig jokes under a coat of blush. "Don't even joke like that."

Tweek rests his head on his shoulder with a gently pulled smirk. "Well, we basically are married. Tweek Tucker. I get to keep my initials."

"Don't tempt me. You're tempting me, you know."

Tweek raises his left hand and stares at it in a jokingly dissatisfied manner with a sigh. "My left hand.. so barren.. and sad.."

"Hey.." Craig narrows his eyes. "Don't make me ruin any surprises. You know that's next."

"Hmm, is it?"

Craig rolls his eyes and flashes a grin. "Anyway, I got little star this.." He settles in next to Tweek and pulls a little brown stuffed bunny from his side. Tweek's face falls into an awed expression, his pout deepens when Craig settles the little bunny next to his belly. "Hi there, little star.." Craig's deep, monotonous voice folds into a saccharine baby voice that sends Tweek into humor. "I heard you're gonna come out soon.. I also heard your mommy and daddy are really excited to meet you."

"Is daddy really excited to meet her?" Tweek's large eyes fall on Craig's with a knit to his brows.

"Silly question, little star's mommy." Craig stays in character, slightly lifting the bunny to his face to talk through it to Tweek. "I heard little star's daddy is about to burst with excitement." He moves the bunny and turns his head to talk to it for the sake of alleviating Tweek's apprehension. "Dude, you're stalking me now? I guess I can't hide it. I am over the moon.. I just want to see my baby's face and squish her cheeks."

"She's gonna be so fluffy." Tweek smirks with a hand coming to hold his side. "I can't wait to see you annoy the living daylights out of her."

Craig places the stuffed animal down in collateral for Tweek's gentle hand. "I can't wait to see you hold her. I think I'll f*ckin' pass out, dude."


"Too much beauty. I swear, she's going to look exactly like you. And with two Tweeks, I'll probably die of happiness. Too much preciousness."

Tweek tilts his head. "You say that all the time, but what if she looks like you? Are you gonna be mean to her? It's said that girls usually look like their dads."

"Of course I'll still love and dote on her. Who doesn't want a mini me? But I'm like, certain that she'll look like you. Isn't that right, Mr. Bunny?" He uses his long fingers to bob the head of the bunny up and down to agree, earning a smile from the blonde. "That's right, little star's daddy. She told me she looks like Tweek."

Tweek holds his stomach tenderly and lovingly smiles. "You're probably a million times more beautiful than's true, me and daddy are counting down the hours 'til we get to see your beautiful little face.."

Craig leans down to press a few kisses to Tweek's belly. "I dream about you every night nowadays. I'm on top of the world that I get to see you so soon.. Daddy just has one request..just come out happy and healthy.. that's all I want. You can yell at me all you want when you get here, just do that for me, okay?"

Tweek strokes Craig's head lovingly from the bed of pillows and exhales. "She will.. don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay, I think... If I'm not panicking, it's gonna be alright, right?"

"Oh, hell yeah, if Tweek's not panicking, it's gonna be alright, alright." Craig acquiesces under a jestful tone.

Tweek's anxiety has been manageable for countless years. So much so, Eric Cartman once stated that his name 'no longer fit' him, on account of, how can your name be Tweek Tweak and you don't tweak anymore? There hasn't really been an instance where his anxiety has flared up to where he's retreated into old habits. But today's unfortunately that fated day.

Here he is, perched in the middle of his parents' couch, hands agitated as they tangle into his hair, and his body's shaking at a disquieting vibration every few seconds. It is almost as if the spirit of his past has come creeping up and robbing him of any calm he's worked hard to maintain. He gnaws on his lip, nearly breaking the skin, and his eye's twitching with the tightness of his shoulders, to top it all off.

"Just breathe, honey." Helen's on board this morning, though her rollers are still dangling at her ears. One of her hands occupies Tweek's shaky one, another rubs soothing circles into his back. Richard and Craig are loading the car up with the hospital bags and triple checking the list Craig made a few days ago.

"I can't.." Tweek's breath bates, "Babies die all the time during birth, right?" His eyes frantically meet hers as if he's assuredly doomed, bulging out maniacally. "I don't want anything happening to her.."

"Tweek, honey, listen to me." His mother sternly implores. "All this stressing and overthinking is going to stress you and the baby out. The worst thing you can do is put her in distress. You've got to relax. She's going to be fine...cesareans are quick. A few minutes and you're holding her."

His eyes fall to his belly, and he rubs it gingerly. Tears well up in his eyes at the thought of something going forcibly left field. The horror stories he'd read online -- it wouldn't be like him to read polarized content, so he read about both sides of the cesarean experience spectrum. His heart wasn't racing, it was leading first place in a marathon as he read through the forums that were gorged with horror stories. Now, here he is. Recounting them all in perfect timing.

Just then, Craig enters the house with his tangible list nearly dangling out the pocket of his navy bubble coat. His nose is stained carnation, and snow seems to defrost in his eyebrows. His nose runs a little as he approaches the living room to check on Tweek.

"Craig, honey.." Helen removes the metal clips from her rollers and swirls them off. "Can you calm him down? I can't seem to get him to relax."

Craig's eyebrows conjoin, and he holds Tweek to his waist, slightly out of breath from going back and forth to the car. "Hey.. what's going on?"

"I.. can't do this.. I'm so scared, Craig. What if she gets hurt?"

Craig kneels down and takes Tweek's cold hands into his own slim, reddened fingers. "Honey.. you're going to be okay. I'm scared, too. But everything's gonna be fine. Nothing's gonna happen to her."

"But what if the doctor cuts too deep and hurts her?" Tweek argues with a crack in his voice.

"She won't.. don't you wanna see her?"

"I do, Craig.. of course I do. I just.." He buries his hand back into his hair to pull. "I don't want her to get hurt.. or have any complications because I did something wrong.. what if she has issues because I fed her too much? Or.. what if something's already wrong and we just don't know?"

Craig chuckles and removes Tweek's hand from his honey blonde hair tenderly. "She's probably just going to have adorable cheeks because you were so gracious enough to make sure she was well fed. She's fine, babe. Just dial it back, okay? I think it's time to have this baby."

"Mmm.." Tweek whines, just sniffling and letting his shoulders shake as his breathing evens out. He's left with a residual pout and soaked eyelashes. Craig can't withhold himself and laughs at how adorable and swollen he is.

"Wanna go have a baby?"


"Let's go have a baby."

The ride to the hospital surfaces any repressed anxiety Craig's masterfully concealed for the past few months. While Tweek's gaze is focused squarely on the winter foliage outside the window, sneaking an occasional glance at Craig to see how he's holding up, anxiety is violently feasting at Craig's psyche. He's been pretty level-headed in all of this. When over his friends' houses and been asked how he feels about this, he's candidly replied that he has no worries, that all he's concerned with is being good enough for his daughter. And truthfully, the idea is back to taunt him in the final moments before she arrives and there's no offsetting this unease. Often entrenched with the responsibility of being strong for Tweek's sake, so much so that the other night, his father quietly visited his bedside to remind him that it is, indeed, okay to be disquieted about becoming a father, especially when life is just beginning. Its a battle against himself, to be vulnerable or resilient in the name of maturity. It bubbles up in him so much so, he nearly yaks in the parking lot.

His parents, having gotten to the hospital about twenty minutes prior, are there to stand idly by while the Tweaks assist with check-in, and Thomas can't help but notice that something's off.

"You good, son?"

Craig smooths his hair out of his face and grips the baby and Tweek's bags with whitened knuckles. "Huh? Oh, yeah, dad. I'm fine." He looks over the reception desk to distract himself while Tweek's mother holds his hand. It's so real. Tweek's in a wheelchair. He's clutching onto the little bunny he'd gotten a few days before for the baby for dear life.

"I can feel the nervousness emanating from you." Thomas presses a hand to his son's back. "I feel like it might be wearing off on me, too."

"Oh." Craig inhales a bit shakily, "It's all kind of settling in right's real."

"It's only going to become more real. Wait 'til you cut that umbilical cord.. or give her that first bottle. Look around, son. All of this is real. You're really going to be a father. It's an honorable duty, and I think you can handle it. I was once a twenty-something in this same situation; your mother's parents, my parents, at the hospital.. scared out of my mind. All I could do was support your mother and hope that I wouldn't drop you. But you know something?" Thomas clears his throat with his brows furrowed, "The moment they put you in my arms, all of my worries were gone faster than they came. And I have a feeling that'll happen to you, too."

Craig's eyes well up for a moment, allowing his father to fully embrace him in a hug. For this moment alone, nobody takes a single notice of this. It's just father and son, this still, quiet moment before the single most important event of Craig's life thus far. And it's... inspiriting.

It doesn't take long for them to get checked in, and at a certain point, they have to bid their parents goodbye for the operating room. They won't go far, just in the waiting room, perhaps clad bobbing knees and bitten nails, on the edge of their seats for the doctor's aid to come and announce that they successfully delivered a healthy baby girl. It looks as if it tears Helen apart when she imparts one last hug to Tweek before Richard pulls her away. There's a thick, pronounced air of emancipation here, that she is losing her "baby" for good, as he's about to have a child of his own. She says nothing but "I love you", and presses a kiss to his head that lingers for a bit too long. Richard gives a squeeze to his shoulder and proclaims that everything will go smoothly. Laura prays. Thomas parts with a lighthearted joke. All of these interactions glide over the young couple's frenzied minds for a moment, just to get them through the corridor and into the actual OR.

Once there, it feels as if Tweek blinks, and he's in a gown, arms strapped down with a divider at his abdomen. There's a sense of instability that eats away at him once he can no longer see his stomach. There's a draft in here.. the nurses quietly banter with one another at their stations. Craig, who is usually the most beautiful olive shade, is blanched pale. It borders on feeling like they're in a different dimension, a different timeline, with nobody familiar here but themselves for the time being. Tweek can't see past the overhead lights, and the divider, but Craig's eyes dart around from the various stations in the room, the scalpels, the clampers, the monitor that checks Tweek's and the baby's vitals, he keeps a steady eye on it for a moment to ensure their rates are normal. Everything is so foreign, even if he's throughly read up on cesareans countless times over this journey. It's still novel.

"Hi, Tweek!" The doctor finally enters, and provides a gentle wave while the rest of her team of nurses and aids man their stations nearby. "And Craig, gosh, you two look so nervous. Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine, alright?" She mumbles something to her assistants and peeks at the couple one more time. "It looks intimidating, but in a few minutes, you'll have your precious little girl in your arms, 'kay?"

Tweek's brows furrow. "Will I feel anything at all?" He knows the answer to this question, of course, but his anxiety quite literally has him in a chokehold, and at this level of anxiety, he tends to act out of character and ask things he already knows.

"No, just some pressure. It'll feel like a bit of a pull, that's all. And we'll stitch you back up and you'll be all done." The syrupy tone of her voice quells them both for the time being. She seems to pick up easily on their energy, and even allows for them to play music. They're too nervous to oblige, but they're not exactly complaining when the nurse turns on the radio and it's The Cardigans. Pretty sick way to enter the world.

"You okay?" Craig smooths his hand over Tweek's exposed forehead as the nurses continue prepping him. He somehow accumulates enough vigor in his strength to still his own shaky hands.

Tweek swallows. "Um, not really.. it's all sort of hitting me now.."

"I know, right?"

"Oh. You're nervous, too. Good..I'm not all alone."

"Yeah, it's kind of a given.." Craig notes, his fingers gently following the short, wispy hairs around Tweek's hairline. "But everything's gonna be alright. I know you're nervous about complications, but she's gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. We've been waiting a long time to meet her."

"I know.. it's just a surreal feeling that I'm going to be someone's parent.. me.. that's so weird, dude."

"Yeah, but we're gonna do our best, and we're gonna try not to make the same mistakes our parents did.. and I think she'll like us. And if she doesn't, well, we have each other for moral support."

"I think she'll like us.. I just don't want to hurt her.. and I just want to be perfect for her."

"You will be, babe." Craig's brows knit in a hopeful expression, attempting to bring calm to the smaller, who looks like he's going to pass out at any given moment. "You're already perfect for her.. she's going to adore you as much as I do.. think about it, in a few years, she'll be drawing family portraits at school, and you'll clutch the picture to her chest, and tell her you'll cherish it forever.."

"She'll draw you in a spaceship.." Tweek cracks a little.

"She'll draw me in a spaceship.. and she'll tell all of her friends that her dad is a total space nerd and that's why her name is what it is.. and she'll get so many compliments, and she'll say she got her beauty from you.."

"And that she got her wits from you.." Tweek reminds with a hum, his heart rate still marathoning inside of his chest against this banter that is a clear distraction for the both of them.

"She's going to be perfect. And we're going to be perfect for her, because we were made to be her parents, honey. I think everything happens for a reason.. she was very clearly sent to us, so we have nothing, and I mean nothing, to worry about."

"Okay.." Tweek exhales, and the doctor announces that she's going to begin the procedure. There's a calming presence in the room as she hums, expertly working her way through this with her assistants at her side. Though Craig kind of wants to witness what's going on behind the divider, he decides against his urges in exchange for making sure he stays by Tweek's side. He gives him a loving grin every now and then, and whispers 'I love you', just to make sure he doesn't forget that.

Ten minutes stretch into thirty, and the anticipation goes full throttle at their nerves, respectively. Tweek contemplates if it was all a dream, and if she's actually coming. Even if half an hour isn't a long time, for some reason, it seems to compete with the nine months he's been waiting to meet his daughter. His mind sinks back to the dream that made him realize he was pregnant to begin with, and that the very moment it played will soon become a reality, sans the horror, without saying. Craig's starting to bounce a bit in apprehension, and his legs are growing tired with how long he's been standing without movement. He doesn't want to inquire about when they'll finish up, but it does seem like it's taking forever in his mind, just like Tweek, it feels as if these thirty minutes are longer than the entire pregnancy itself.

Then, just as their patience begins wearing thin, the room scrambles in reaction. "There she is!" The doctor pulls out a squirming baby girl, who after a second of her mouth and nose being cleared out, pierces the air with a precious scream. Tears prick her parents' eyes without a single second passing, and their lips fall from their closed position. Tweek looks up at Craig, who stares back in complete awe, both rendered completely speechless under the heart-shattering wails coming from their daughter.

"Dad, do you want to cut her umbilical cord?"

"Oh..yeah..!" Craig briskly foots over to the doctor who instructs him on the clamps and after a moment, he cuts the cord. His eyes swaddle the baby girl, who for now, is covered in blood and vernis, and she's rushed to the side to get cleaned, weighed, and to have her vitals checked. He looks like he's seen heaven, on pause from the rest of the world. Tweek's not sure he's ever seen Craig look like this a day in his life. It's beautiful.

"What's she like?" He calls out, wishing he could see everything that's going on. His eyes twitch a little, still keeping an adoring eye on his boyfriend's stunned face.

"I couldn't see much.. she's kind of covered in stuff.. but she's long.. like me." Craig chuckles absentmindedly, a protective force emanating from his demeanor. His eyes catch everything the nurses do, and the gentle cooing they direct at the baby. His smile begins to stretch farther than he's figured is a limit.

"She's gorgeous.. hi, pretty girl!"

"Look at her lips.. oh my god, what an angel.. what a little doll.."

"Wow... she might be the prettiest baby I've ever seen.. and you know I've probably seen a million."

"I was just about to say that.. oh my goodness, look at those cheeks! You can't help being so precious, huh, little one?"

Tweek's heart wrenches at the fact that they all get to see his daughter first, coo over her, and nobody was nice enough to come lay her on his chest. Even with blood and all, who cares?

"Big girl.. ten pounds, ten ounces."

"Jesus." Tweek shakes his head at an antsy Craig, who can't help himself while he watches his daughter whine at the nurses. "I feel like she's been ten pounds since she got in there."

Craig snaps out of his reverie and leans down to kiss Tweek. "You did it, angel. I'm so proud of you."

"Craig.." Tweek pouts. "I'm so glad you've been by my never once made me feel uncomfortable or alone in this.. even though it was tough, I have to believe that it was the greatest experience of my life.. 'cause we got to do everything together."

"Mhm." Craig presses another peck to Tweek's lips. "It was the greatest experience of my life, too.. and now we get to raise her, so I have no doubt that'll top it."

"I know.. I just wish they'd hurry up so I can see her.. I thought they brought the baby to you when they cleaned them up a little."

"I guess they forgot." Craig smirks. "They keep like, fangirling over her."

"Oh.. really? Still? What are they saying?"

"They just keep talking about how beautiful she is.. how she's the prettiest baby they've ever seen.. stuff like that. Stuff you and I already know, really."

Tweek frowns. "Well, I wanna see what they're talking about. She's my pretty baby."

"Ahh.. mama bear Tweek. The first sighting." Craig giggles, "I'm sure they'll bring her to you in a second."

And things don't go exactly to plan. The doctor wants to run a few more tests on the baby, and Tweek, in his own nature, can't understand why the tests can't just be administered later, like maybe when he's asleep and can handle not seeing her for a bit. But she's just entered the world, she's fresh, and she deserves to meet her parents at last, so this wears on his nerves. Craig's in the same boat, especially given that he's over the moon in love with his daughter, and it's predicted that she's a daddy's girl, it pains him to not be able to hold her for a moment longer. In the interim, they stitch Tweek back up and get him transferred into his bed and into the suite he'll be staying in for the next couple of days in recovery.

"I hate this." Tweek admits, once it's just the two of them in the suite. "I can't understand why it's been like, half an hour, and we still haven't seen her. Do you think we're dreaming?"

"Feels more like a nightmare, doesn't it?" Craig raises an eyebrow. "And we're not even being dramatic. I watched so many documentaries where they at least let the parents see the baby after cleaning them up in the operating room.. this seems a little excessive.."

"Yeah.. and I'm so tired. I just want to see her and take a nap."

"I'm going to say something if they take another five minutes. I don't care at this point."

But it doesn't take long, and there's eventually a small click at the door, and in comes a tiny nurse, cradling a bundle in her short, stubby arms. She's tender with her every move, her face reading as regretful against their unamused expressions. "We're so sorry it took so long, the doctor wanted to make sure that all of her blood work and tests were normal, and she's very healthy, so no worries. She got kind of worn out from everything, so she did fall asleep.. but I brought you a bottle to feed her in about twenty minutes."

"Okay.." Craig's heartbeat grows swiftly as she approaches the bed. His eyes black out everything besides the white blanket that cradles his world underneath. Finally, her voyage completes, and she holds the baby out to Tweek, who moves intently and deliberately as she places the baby into his arms. His beautiful, alert eyes fix gingerly on the bundle, making sure to instill his baby holding skills flawlessly at this moment.

"There you go.. perfect. I'll leave you two to meet your little one.. she's gorgeous, absolutely a little doll. Congratulations!" The nurse expertly tucks the baby in Tweek's arms, cooing at her as she makes tiny noises from being passed around. The woman then dismisses herself from the room, not allowing another single moment to pass before the young couple meet their little bundle.

Tweek's eye seems to twitch more in habit when he's overcome with emotion, and it doesn't seem to stop at this moment. Craig leans over to take a gander, holding Tweek's shoulders closer to himself. Her face's shielded up by the blanket, and he removes it ever so gently, trying to still his shaky hands as he does so. Tweek blinks a few times, adjusting her tenderly so they can see her better, and..she's absolutely stunning.

Already, to Craig's prayers, she's a little Tweek. It is so very clear that she's his daughter, even with her eyes closed. They definitely take up half her face. Craig melts at the gentleness of her soft, rosy cheeks, and how she looks just like the love of his life. He runs his finger against her cheek, and she seems to move closer to his touch.

"Craig.." Tweek whispers, speculating if even the stillness and calm of his voice is too loud for her sensitive ears. "She's so beautiful.."

"We called it, babe." Craig replies, his voice cracking by the height of his emotions. "And she looks just like you. I knew it."

Tweek just stares at her, admiring her every feature. She has his pouty, plush lips, and her nose is so tiny-- it seems to be the only feature that echoes Craig. Her cheeks-- he wants to nibble on them, they're round and plump. She sleeps so soundly, as if she's completely secure in awareness that nothing and no one can interrupt her beauty rest. He wonders if she got Craig's eye color,if she's just as cranky when she's awake as she was in his belly. One thing is for certain, if Tweek's been likened to a human doll, she's definitely a human baby doll.

"No way, dude, she's more beautiful than I could ever be."

Craig nervously touches her little hand that rests balled up to her chubby cheek. "She gets it from you, though... Dude, look at her hands, they're so cute and chunky." He has a lump in his throat, but laughter sits on top of it, as he's not yet ready to allow his emotions to overtake him before he's captured and soaked in every part of this once in a lifetime moment. He tilts his head, "She's gonna be so tall, I was ten pounds too."

The blonde tilts his head, still admiring her face. "She still feels a little heavy in my arms, but its not nearly as bad as hauling her around. With her face and how long she is, she's definitely gonna get to be the model I never got to be." He holds her a bit closer to himself, oddly saddened by the fact that he can't hold her completely intimately and shield her from the world in his belly anymore, never mind how drained and huge he was.

"She looks so innocent and sweet.. how can someone be this precious?" Craig shakes his head in utter disbelief, resting his chin on Tweek's shoulder, sneaking a kiss to his neck while he's there. He watches Tweek's curiosity grow as he removes the blanket from her head to reveal a full head of light brown hair, nothing like the wildness of Tweek's own, it gently rests like a tiara on her head.

"Ah," Tweek's heart skips. "She's got latté hair." He leans down to take in her hair's scent -- he's read about a million times that babies smell incredible. Craig hasn't, for some reason, that wasn't mentioned in any of the baby books-- so of course this leads him to raise suspicion. Nevertheless, he simply observes more, kind of completely in love at the sight of Tweek and their newborn daughter. "Whoa, everyone was right, babies smell incredible. She smells so good."

Craig blinks, then cranes his neck down to take her scent in for himself. "Oh, wow." His eyes peek at Tweek, who is still ceaselessly glowing as much as he was when pregnant. He leans to press a gentle kiss to his lips. "You're so cute, 'latte hair', you must really want some coffee."

Tweek shrugs, "Can't lie, I could definitely go for some...but its an adorable testament to her hair color being an actual mix of ours." He leans in for another kiss, this time allowing his free hand to rest on the back of Craig's head, hand tangling itself in the silky forest of black hair. Their lips chase each other for a while before they pick up on a little whimper from Tweek's arms. They break the kiss abruptly to find her eyes have opened, and she doesn't look too amused with her parents kissing. They both sit there, dumbfounded at how even more breathtaking she is with her eyes open. Tweek's hunch was correct, she has Craig's eye color, and with his own eye shape, she's perfect. But still, she looks totally annoyed.

"Oh.." Tweek's a bit embarrassed, like she can even decipher what they're doing. "Hi, baby.." He places some of his hair behind his ear and adjusts her in his arm. Craig's frozen, and he feels like his heart is about to fall out his chest every time her eyes switch from Tweek's eyes to his own.

"Babe, I need to hold her." His monotone voice declares. Tweek murmurs a little 'oh', and gently places her in his arms. And without question, she looks incredibly tiny in his arms compared to Tweek's. He'd never hesitate to see Craig hold a baby-- their baby, especially to prove his theory that Lux is indeed a daddy's girl. Craig looks so natural, even if internally, he's freaking out, hoping not to accidentally pinch her, or put her in an uncomfortable position.

"Wow.." He finally surrenders to his emotions, allowing a tear to fall as he stares more intently into her eyes. His hand gently supports her head more, and he presses a kiss to her forehead. Tweek wants to faint. Craig looks like a father. Well, he is.. but he seems to be a natural expert, and he has a feeling their daughter feels protected in the confides of his arms. "You're.. you're so beautiful." He whispers, and the baby whines a little when he presses a few more kisses to her fluffy cheeks. "Shh, let me kiss you, little star. You're just like Tweek, whining all the time."

Tweek shoots him a jestful glare, then melts back into the beautiful tableau before his eyes. Craig's still allowing the tears to cascade down his face, but it doesn't obstruct him from this time with their daughter. He looks at their daughter the same way he looks at him, and Tweek's heart couldn't be beating faster.

"I'm Craig. I'm your daddy.." Craig introduces himself, "I'm still a kid myself, but I promise you I'll take care of you the best way I can.. and that guy over there will too, you guys could be twins.. he's a little anxious sometimes, but he did an amazing job carrying you inside of him all those months. You kind of gave him a hard time, so I want you to be really nice to him now to atone."

"Craig.." Tweek chuckles. "Atone? She didn't mean to.."

"She knew what she was doing! She's a Tucker!" Craig argues back, "Those cravings, the kicking, the heartburn, knocking into stuff.. she was running you like a machine in there."

Tweek tucks a frown into the corner of his lips at the truth, but seeing her adorable face makes it worth it, he doesn't want Craig disciplining her over something so natural.

"Still, we're going to do our best and protect you from the bullsh*t.. and of course, we'll give you all the love you deserve.." He leans down to give her another kiss on her cheek. "You're so cute, it's unreal.. you're my princess."

Tweek runs his bent finger over her cheek. "You know who I am, don't you, little star?" He can't stop cheesing. It's infectious. "We're already best friends. You know I'm gonna take the best care of my mini-me."

"Hey," Craig sticks his tongue out and leans down to press another kiss to the baby's head. "We're best friends too, you know I'm the one who got your mommy all that terrible cream cheese, right?"

"Eww.." Tweek nearly gags. "Now I never want that sh*t again. We went through like, fifteen tubs in the last two months...I don't blame you if you hate that stuff. I promise to never give you a bagel with that on there.." Tweek pledges, still directed to his daughter.

She begins to whine a little, and Craig's face softens, bringing her up to his face. "Are you getting tired of me already? Don't tell me you look like your mommy and you're a mommy's girl too."

"No.." Tweek assures. "She's a daddy's girl. Those times she'd be so knocked out in my belly until you came around and she was suddenly jumping around in there... she's crazy about her daddy."

"Oh yeah.." Craig leans down to press a kiss to her forehead, admiring how little everything is. "She's probably just hungry, huh?"

"I guess so." Tweek's eyes scavenge for the bottle of formula the nurse left behind, but Craig beats him to it. He takes ahold of the small bottle and teases her lips with the nipple, both of them fall deeply into fascination at her natural instinct to suckle. She looks like she's in heaven when she finally has her first postpartum meal.

"Yummy.." Craig coos at her, stunned by just how gorgeous she is. "Tweek, I feel like I'm going to collapse. She is just so unreal. I didn't think it was possible for a newborn to be so beautiful."

"She really is.. I'm in shock myself.. she's like an angel."

"Lux Star Tucker.." Craig verbalizes. His mouth is more than familiar with these three names. Months ago, the debate was between Luna, Lux, and just plain Star. Tweek had claimed that the baby started kicking up a storm when she heard the name Lux, so it stuck. Following the first name debate, it was between Lux Love and Lux Star. Not wanting their child's name to liken the main character in a self insert One Direction fanfiction from 2014, they decided on Lux Star.

"It fits her so well." Tweek's voice softens, a finger dipping over her nose. "She has your nose..I've always thought you had the cutest, tiniest nose.. she's so lucky.."

"Yeah, but that face is 99.99% yours. I can't say no to her.. I really can't. I mean, I kind of figured.. but to actually see her in the flesh, I'm like, so not ever saying no to her. I don't really care if she becomes spoiled."

Tweek raises her little hand to wave around. "I don't think I can resist either.. I'm not really conceited, but you can kind of bet your ass I'm going to spoil a child that looks exactly like me. Like, no way, I get to give her the childhood I never got to have.. She's obviously not me, but it's kind of healing for me to have a mini-me and give her everything little me wanted."

"I think it's fate, then." Craig hums, eyes still lovingly holding his little girl. "You deserve a second chance in a way, and this might be the way..and your parents are starting to treat you better, too. Let's hope they're kind to her."

"I don't see how anyone could be mean to this face." Tweek's voice goes soft again to baby-talk towards the baby once again. "I think if anyone is ever mean to her, or makes fun of her, I'm gonna have no choice but to kill them. And I'm so serious."

"Me and you both. I think she'll be alright, though. I mean, I'm her dad. And you definitely know how to tell people off when you have to. She'll probably have the thickest skin known to man. Like, don't let the sweet face fool you."

"I think that's going to be perfect..hey, maybe we won't suck at this after all.."

A rap on the door causes them to jump for a moment, but it's very likely their parents at the door, presumably having just been told that the baby's healthy and happy and united with her parents. Tweek's kind of dying to see his parents' reaction, and if Helen's going to be in pieces at the fact that her only child's all grown up now. Craig's betting on millions that his mom is going to flip her lid at the cuteness.

"Come in!" Craig calls out, just as he finishes burping the baby. He hands her back to Tweek, who coos at the milk-drunkenness that coats her tiny, stunning face.

A pack of four middle-aged adults retreat from the hallway and into the suite, varied expressions painted on their mature faces. The Tweaks are obviously the first to enter, with Helen being the first to enter the room, perhaps the most anxious one in the waiting room for the past however long they've been waiting.

"Oh!" Her eyes go soft at her baby holding his baby, and how adorably natural he is with her. The mother in her wants to correct things that are already correct, but she notices how diligent he is, to her surprise. She's joined by Laura when she pads over quickly to sit at Tweek's side to meet her first grandchild.

"Hi, kiddo. How are you feeling?" She gently moves Tweek's bangs out of his beautiful face, that undoubtedly reflects her own. She has a warmness in her tone of voice and demeanor, tender at the sight of her Tweek, he's still a baby himself, but he looks so mature in this moment. He melts into her touch, eyes still and relieved that it all worked out in his favor.

"I'm okay for now..I thought I'd be in excruciating pain and that I'd be freaking out..even if I practiced holding babies a lot. But, its so natural for me.." He glances over at Craig, who looks to nearly suffocate with the bear hug his father locks him into. Richard joins his wife at Tweek's side.

"Good..well, don't leave us waiting, son. Let's see the little coffee bean, we've been itching for months too, you know."

Tweek chuckles and turns her so they can all look at her angelic little face. "Here she is.." His eyes lift with Craig's to take notice of their reactions.


"Look at how gorgeous she is.."

"Look at the wittle doll baby.." Laura resists snatching her from Tweek's arms, eyes freshly stung with tears. "Look at her little cheeks." She sniffles, recalling being in Tweek's position with Craig, and how she too, delivered an adorable ten pound baby, bless her heart. "Craig. I remember when you were this little. She's so unbelievably beautiful... oh my god, I have a grandchild, and she's gorgeous.."

Richard looks stunned, his mouth still frozen on the 'wow' he and Thomas chorused out a moment before. "She looks like you when we brought you home from the hospital, Tweek." He shakes his head. "I just remember your mother being so pissed that I wanted to name you Tweek."

"Because its ridiculous for his first and last name to be the same!"

Tweek shushes his parents, "Hey, she just got here, she shouldn't be subjected to bickering." He reminds, then tilts his head toward his mother. "Wanna hold her?"

Helen doesn't hesitate, and holds her hands out, melting at the weight in her arms. "Ohhh..." Her eyebrows knit as she holds the baby closer to her chest. "Hi, beautiful..oh my god, she's got the most beautiful doe eyes.. she looks like Bambi." She moves over for her husband and Laura to take a look. Laura gently runs her finger across the baby's cheek. "I think that's what I'll call her.."

"Is she a Tweak or a Tucker?" Laura wonders verbally, robbing Helen of personal space to gain a closer visual of her granddaughter.

"Tucker." Craig proudly touts. "Lux Star Tucker."

"Lux.. that's perfect.. she is a little beacon of light, isn't she?"

"Yeah.." Tweek agrees, instinctively pulling a stubborn piece of fabric away from the baby's face. "Craig wanted a name that was only one syllable like ours.. I think it fits perfectly.. Tweek, Craig, and Lux.."

"Richard," Helen pouts up at her husband. "You called this baby so many names pertaining to being big, like monsters and giant creatures.. how could you? She's just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." She tears her pointed gaze from her husband back to the baby. "You're just going to be a supermodel, aren't you?"

"Oh, mom.." Tweek shakes his head with an eye roll. "You definitely indirectly called her those names too.."

"I know, kiddo. But I wasn't overt." She punctually corrects, matter-of-factly. "I guess I forgot to take into account your genes, Craig, honey."

"Yeah," Craig rubs his neck, trying to relay his annoyance without coming across rude. "But I still don't think Tweek needed to be reminded of his size every day. He knew, and it wasn't his fault completely, obviously. You see how long she is."

Laura smirks, "Oh, trust me, your grandparents did the same thing when I was pregnant with you, Craig. Both your father and I are pretty tall.." She squeezes Tweek's hand. "You looked so beautiful the entire time.. I'm really proud of you. Pregnancy is rough."

"I'm relieved it's over, I'll be honest." Tweek tilts his head, his hand instinctively bending to press his fingers to his daughter's cheek. "I wanted to see her face..and she's more beautiful than I imagined. She's a doll."

"She is.."

Thomas looks over Helen's shoulder and peers back at his son. "Yeah, good luck. She's an angel. She'll be wrapped around your finger forever. I knew it was over for me when I saw Tricia."

Craig shrugs. "I already know. She looks like Tweek, and she's attached to me already."

"Can I hold her?" Richard pipes up. Tweek's eyes go wide for a moment, but he nods in all genuineness, and tenderly places the baby in his dad's arms.

Such a bewildering, yet wholesome tableau that plays out when Richard walks them both over to the window and sits in the shade in such a way where the light still highlights the golden undertones in her hair and the ribbons of amber in her eyes. "She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.. and she came from my little Tweek."

Tweek's heart melts into a puddle. His father looks completely enamored with his granddaughter. He's diligent and mindful with his every move. He leans down to press a kiss to her round cheek, absolutely bawling his eyes out once she locks eyes with him. Tweek supposes he can forgive him for all the giant creatures he compared her to when she was in his stomach. Just a dad being a dad, he supposes.

"Thank you, dad. I'm sure she's really happy to finally meet you."

"Wow, Tweek. I'm a grandfather already. Way to make me feel old, son. This time next year, you'll be throwing me in a senior home." His father jokes between his tears, allowing the room to fill with an infectious laughter. Richard's eyes raise to take up the young couple. "But in all seriousness, we're so proud of you two. Becoming parents is a huge responsibility, no matter how old you are. And you both stepped up immensely. Kudos."

"Thank you.." Tears spring to Tweek's eyes with a vigor that burns. "We make a really great team. Craig was a complete dream the entire time. You should be really proud of the way you raised him." He tilts his head, the burden of exhaustion seeping into his body. "I hope I can raise Lux to be just as precocious and responsible as him."

"She'll probably take after me, so I think it'll happen." Craig snarks. "It's only fair, your looks, my wits."

"She is beautiful like you, Tweek. It's astonishing. You wouldn't even know she's a Tucker."

"Yeah, my mom's genes are so strong." Tweek reaches to squeeze his mother's hand. "Look at you, mom, passing your dazzling good looks down two generations in a row."

Helen's lips fold into an abashed grin. "You're so kind, sweetheart. Both of you have your own beauty, but I'm glad I could facilitate that somehow."

"Ah! I'm here!" The redhead stumbles as everyone nearly jumps at the door suddenly clicked open against the comforting silence. Her chest heaves for a second as she leans up against the door, backpack smothered against her weight. "Damn, mom and dad, you couldn't just come get me?"

"Did you guys make her run here? I would've paid for an Uber or something." Craig monotonously interrogates his parents with a skeptical, raised brow.

"No, we paid for an Uber, it's just, you know, in typical Tricia fashion to perform any chance she gets." Laura points out in jest, evading a sharp glare from her daughter.

Tricia settles her backpack on the ground and dusts herself off. Her eyes scan around her surroundings briefly, spinning like a slot machine from her parents, to a wide-eyed Tweek, to Tweek's mom, to Craig, and finally stops on Richard. Bingo.

She bypasses everyone else and slips over to Richard's vicinity, where he pays her no mind for a delayed minute, still wrapped up in his own world with his eyes fiercely locked into the baby's. After a second, he looks down and over. "Oh, Tricia..hi." He lowers the bundle with a proud grin. "She's beautiful.."

Tricia gasps. Dramatically, but well within her right. Her eyebrows knit as she claps her fingers over her lips. "No--!" Her eyes grow as she peers over at her brother and Tweek. "What the hell is in you guys' DNA?"

"Isn't she just a little angel?" Laura lovingly replies on behalf of the couple, who are too tangled up in laughing at her reaction on the side.

"Craig, you could've at least tried... she looks exactly like Tweek!"

"You know I wanted that to happen.. it's okay, our next one can look like me."

"Next one?" Tweek twists his face up and pinches Craig gently. "You wish."

"Oh my goodness..look at my niecey-niece..she looks like a baby doll.. her features are so freaking pretty.. look at her doe eyes..literally Tweek's twin.. I figured she'd be blonde, but her hair's darker.. that's so cute, it's like she has you guys' hair color mixed together.."

"That's what we said."

"What's her name? You guys have been so fu-freakin' tight lipped about it forever."

"Her name is Lux. Lux Star Tucker." Craig boasts.

"Lux! That's so adorable, oh my god.." Tricia gently brushes a hand over her niece's head. "Well, your parents might be young and dumb, but at least they named you something as adorable as you are.."

The baby squirms in Richard's arms, and he flashes an award winning grin. "It does fit her, huh?"

"Yeah..let me hold her now, Mr. Tweak.."

Richard's face falters momentarily as he lets go of his granddaughter and allows her to be adored by her aunt, then her other grandparents, who unsurprisingly obsess over her, Laura calling her cheeks 'marshmallows', and Thomas baffled at how much she resembles a doll. Finally, they return her to Craig, who is just relieved that he doesn't have to let go of her again.

"So have you guys decided on what you wanna be called finally? She's here now." Craig raises a brow at the couples before he leans in to rub noses with the baby girl in his arms. From there, he can't stop smiling.

"Well, your father and I decided on 'Lola' and 'Papa'.." Laura nods, "My nickname is Lola, and I think it's a cuter name for grandma, anyway."

"That is actually really cute." Tweek admits. "And mom and dad?"

"Nana and Lovey."

Tweek twists his face up at the fact that Richard would come up with such a strange name. "Dad, you really wanna be called 'Lovey'?"

"Tweek, I'm too young to be called 'grandpa', son. I'm only forty-six."

"Well, fine by us, I think." Tweek shrugs. "As long as you guys like it."

The families stay about an hour or so longer, nothing but cooing at the baby and countless ricocheting of newborn stories from both sets of parents. Richard stays by Tweek's side, surprisingly, rubbing his son's back comfortingly all while cooing at his 'coffee bean'. Laura and Thomas tease their son while he's holding his child, that he's going to have grays by the time the year ends, he's growing up so fast. They initially snap photos of him by himself, which come out as breathtaking as art. They're in awe at the fact that she has the famous Tucker amber eyes, and how she seems to feel like her world's falling apart if she's taken away from Craig, who holds annoyance for just about everyone, she got the soft spot. They take a few pictures of the couple together with the baby, with all including Tricia muttering that they are such a stunning couple, and that Tweek looks so sweet holding their baby, even if he's probably fatigued beyond belief. Laura can sense that the couple are probably exhausted after nine months of preparation, and the entire morning of the cesarean, and professes that she thinks it's high time they left for the day, and at the point of agreement from all parties, they begin to gather their things. The Tuckers part first, with Laura and Tricia basically suffocating Tweek and Craig with kisses and hugs, and what feels like endless baby talk towards Lux. Thomas takes both of their hands and expresses his proudness once again with a singular tear in his eye. Craig cries at this.

Unsurprisingly, the Tweaks linger for a while longer. Something about leaving Tweek feels.. off.

"I'm proud of you, kiddo." Helen leans down to smooth a kiss to her son's fluffy head. "You look so natural." She lets a beat go by as she takes in her son's face as he looks straight up at her. "You're still my little boy, you know?.. You still have such a sweet face, such a beautiful face to look at, honey."

"I know.. I look just like you, mom."

"You have your own beauty.. and I've always thought that. I didn't do a good job of telling you how special you are, Tweek. But you are." She reaches to gently cup the baby's head for a moment. "And so is she.. don't be like me, tell her she's special every chance you get."

"I've been on it.. since before she got here."

"Good." She leans down to press a kiss to her granddaughter's head. "Please be nice to my Tweek, okay, little sugarface? He's my baby."


"Her face is made of sugar!"

"I guess that's true...thanks, mom. I'm going to be okay, I think."

"You will be. The first day and night in the hospital is a breeze. If you're tired, don't feel bad about leaving her with the nurses. You deserve some good rest after this."

"Eh," Tweek peeks down at the sleepy baby in his arms. "I don't think I'll be letting her go. And with Craig here, she'll probably be sleeping in the bassinet the entire night next to him tonight, if not in his arms."

"Yeah.. I'm not letting her out of my sight. I'll be up for feedings so you can sleep, babe."

"Well, good. You two have it under control. Well.. enjoy your first day as parents.. call us if you need anything and we'll be on our way, okay? We're so proud of you two." Helen places her arm around Richard's waist and begins escorting them both out.

"I don't wanna leave her.." Richard looks to be..tearing up? "One more kiss.." He claws his way out of the confides of his wife's arms and presses one last kiss to the baby's head. "Lovey will see you very soon, coffeebean. Okay?" He nuzzles her cheek, then presses a kiss to Tweek's head. "And I'll see you soon, son. Call me if you need anything. I love you."

"Thanks, dad. I love you too."

The door shuts and the couple let out a deep, emotionally charged, mutual sigh. The baby yawns in Tweek's arms, and Craig settles on the bench by the windows, his eyes growing with restlessness as the moments pass.

"I guess that wore us all out, huh? Even the baby's yawning."

"Yeah. I feel like I can relax now.. my parents were so in love with her. I expected your parents to be, Tricia of course, but my parents definitely threw me for a loop."

"I figured they'd be crazy about her. I mean, we kind of all called it. But the hard parts are over for now.. she's here, and our families are obsessed with her. We kind of deserve a nap now."

"Mhm.." Tweek holds the baby to his chest, then extends his arm over to slightly recline the bed a bit more without bothering his stitches. "You're not gonna come cuddle with us?"

"I will when we go to bed for real." Craig nods, shifting different positions on the bench as he lays down with a sheet. "You deserve the whole bed to yourself. I'm sure this will be the best nap you've had in months.. you want me to take her or put her down?"

Tweek shakes his head under a yawn, "No, I got her. She's actually super nice to cuddle with.. we'll be fine."

" up. I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too."

Tweek cascades into a heavenly slumber, he finds that he can fall asleep a million times more comfortably without the extra weight and internal pressure.

"Tweekerbell~" A surprisingly clean blonde appears at the door, ushering a redhead in tow. Craig looks over from his slumber on the bench near the hospital bed, a bit vexed that Kenny didn't even have the decency to knock prior to barging in.

Tweek's eyes fly open, thanking god he didn't startle the baby out of shock. He blinks a few times to gain his full vision and pulls a sleepy smile on his face. "Hey.. I didn't think you'd be here so soon after you texted me."

"Did you maybe wanna knock?" Craig adds, still lying down, rubbing his napped in eyes.

Kyle grimaces, "Sorry. I begged him to knock, but he was just.. eager. Like an idiot." He shrugs, and Tweek's eyes can't help but land in shock on the balloons and stuffed animals, huge bags with gifts, Kenny looks to be carrying takeout, too.

Tweek shakes his head at the inference that Kenny was just waiting for that text, and he was on his way. Hell, he'd even begged Tweek to let him wait in the waiting room with their parents, but backed off when he realized it wasn't really his place. Craig wanted it to be family only, anyway.

"Let me see her.. is she awake?" He drops the bags at the end of the bed frame and pads over to Tweek's side, hoping to catch a glance of the little angel Tweek's got a vice grip on in his arms.

Kyle melts at the sight of his best friend, his baby, really-- holding his baby. He joins Kenny as gently as he can manage, but decides on the other side of Tweek so he can see the baby just as easily when the time comes. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay for now.. pretty drugged up." The blonde whispers, then shifts his arm a little to take a peek at the baby. "She's still sleep, yeah. She has to get up soon to eat, so you'll get to see her awake, I'm sure."

Kyle pouts, "Congrats, you guys. Seriously, I'm so happy for you. Tweek, I know you went through so much hell."

"It was all worth it.." Tweek blinks unevenly with a relieved, overjoyed grin towards his baby. "She's not real, dude. Look." He very cautiously moves her in an expertly manner, just so his best friends can see her pretty face. She's sleeping so soundly, nuzzling closer to Tweek when he suddenly moves her.

"Oh my god." Kenny's voice catches in his throat, and a lump forms where it stops. Tears spring to his eyes and when he locks eyes with Kyle, and notices tears congregating in his eyes too, he can't help but give in to his emotions.

"Tweek.." Kyle frowns emotionally, almost indistinguishable from a pout. He studies his goddaughter's features with a tilt to his head. "How is it possible to have a newborn baby this beautiful? She's not beautiful like how people just say that about babies who look like old ladies. She's like, seriously beautiful.. like a doll or something."

"Me and Craig are kind of wondering the same thing.. she's just.. so gorgeous." He's fully amused by Kenny crying into his hands, and he gently proffers an arm out to console, "Aww, Kenny.. don't cry.."

Craig rolls his eyes, but in good nature, he can't really offer annoyance to a person who has been over the moon excited for his child's arrival and has supported Tweek every step of the way. He'd just be a textbook dick for that.

Kenny collects himself and lifts his head with an exhale. "She's a little angel, Tweek.. I'm so happy for you." He turns his head to his left to lock eyes with Craig, who looks to be stunned at the sudden eye contact. "You too, Craig. You guys are gonna be really wonderful parents, she's so lucky."

"Thanks, dude." Craig actually grins at this, searching for Tweek's reaction, but he looks to be too busy with the baby and her adorably slumbering face.

"Thank you, Kenny. I love you to bits..." He sighs, "Craig is actually an amazing father already. I think he's probably irritated, thinking that I'm hogging the baby right now."

Kyle smirks, eyelashes still damp in emotion. "Are you?"

Craig crosses his arms and gives himself away with a sh*t-eating grin. "Of course I am, she belongs in my arms."

Tweek looks over slowly, then offers nothing but his tongue to his boyfriend. "Shut up." His eyes fall back on his best friends after a second. "He's been holding her since she came out."

"Aww.. It was expected, though. He was literally all over you and those f*cking pregnancy books for the entire time."

"Literally. You couldn't get him out those books." Kenny wetly chuckles. His eyes pan from the baby to Tweek inquisitively, "You spit her out, dude. She's your mini-me."

"Craig must have the prayer of a thousand souls or something, he wanted her to look like me so bad."

"But you know what that means, right?" Kyle directs to Craig once more. "You can't boss her around. She's not Tweek, she just looks like him."

"I have a feeling she's actually gonna be bossing me around." Craig admits, monotonously.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes." Tweek acquiesces seriously, admiring Kenny's disposition, he looks as if he's a first time older brother again. "She's definitely not afraid to whine if she doesn't like something. Already."

"Damn. She really takes after you in every way. Craig's going to have a field day."

"Tell me about it.."

Kyle takes his hand to rub Tweek's thigh. "Are you gonna tell us her name now? I think we deserve to know."

Tweek looks over to Craig expectantly, "D'you wanna tell them?" He quickly turns back to his friends. "He named her. I couldn't really come up with anything."

"Let's pray its not f*cking Stripe." Kenny half-heartedly complains.

Craig's mouth flattens at the implication. "No, you idiot. Like hell I'd name my child that. Her name is Lux."

"Lux!" The pair echo in adoration. Their eyes take up their goddaughter's little face again, playing with the name in their minds to see if it truly fits her. It does.

"Lux Star," Tweek adds. "I was kind of worried it wouldn't fit her, but it definitely does."

"Why that name, though? It's adorable, I'mjust curious."

"Craig's a space nerd.." Tweek reminds. "Lux is the unit of illuminance, and her nickname is little star. He wanted to name her something that basically said she is not just a star, she's the intensity of light that makes the star bright in the first place."

"Oh, f*ck, man. That's so beautiful."

Just like magic, as if she comprehends her name, or maybe she's had it with these f*cking kids disturbing her sleep, Lux begins to open her amber eyes, making little noises as she does. This tugs at Craig's heartstrings, furthering his urge to pluck her from his boyfriend's arms and hold her.

"Did we wake you?" Tweek blinks, a bit apprehensive that she might start crying. "I'm sorry.. but look who's here.. its Kenny and Kyle.."

Kyle's heart fills at the oddly fitting demeanor of Tweek being, well, a mommy. He notices the gentle movements-- he's so intentional, refusing to jerk around or speak over a certain decibel. He's hyper aware of his surroundings, even his hair's out of his face so nothing has a chance of falling free and into her face. He's so calm, from the looks of it, parenting comes so natural to him. One would believe he'd be freaking out, maybe even refusing to hold her in fear that he'd drop her or even harm her. But he's so still..

The baby's eyes simply fall on Tweek's silhouette, and he's so in love with how her eyes sparkle in the same way Craig's do. "Wanna say hi..?" He leans down to press a kiss to her fluffy little head. "If you want, you guys can hold her. There's a sink over there.."

You'd think Butters holding a bag of top shelf indica would be in the room the way Kenny jumps up and races to the sink to thoroughly clean his hands. Kyle follows suit, his neck craning back to meet eye contact with the couple, and finger swirling around his head to signify that Kenny's f*cking crazy for how he reacted, leading them to laugh discreetly.

"I'll warn you, she's ten whole pounds, so brace yourself.." Tweek chuckles, briefing Kenny before relieving himself of the little bundle. He watches as his face melts into a permanent 'oh' in adoration of the baby in his arms.

"Noooo..." Kenny gently supports the baby's head-- too many terminally pregnant cousins for him not to have experience with little babies. "Dude, she's literally so..sweet.." His grin stretches his cheeks to the point where they burn.

Kyle comes to rest his head on his best friend's shoulder. He pensively reaches to nuzzle her cheek with his index finger. "You're so pretty, aren't you?"

"So you were the one responsible for eating half my lunch every day."

"Kenny.. you offered, dude."

"I know!" He argues back, "Never said that was an issue.." He leans to take a whiff of her light brown hair, "New baby smell.. hell yeah."

"New baby smell?" Kyle inquires, leaning in to do the same. "Oh, whoa. She smells like heaven."

"Jesus, Tweek. She's the cutest little thing I've ever seen, but I totally get why you walked like a sloth for most of your pregnancy." Kenny remarks just as his lanky arms begin to tire out.

"Isn't she just solid?" Tweek shakes his head.

"Yeah, man. She's so heavy.. and long."

Craig finally decides on joining Tweek on the bed, lacing his hand with his and watching their friends bond with their little angel.

"Aww, I'm gonna kind of miss pregnant Tweek, though." Kyle kids, "Don't you wanna have another?"

"f*ck no." Tweek exhales at the relief of not being swollen anymore. "I don't think I've ever seen a belly so big in my life.. I was dragging her around, and eating nonstop. Can't do that again."

"You looked so beautiful the entire time. So adorable. She definitely enhanced your beauty to make up for the pain."

"True.." Craig agrees, "I loved pregnant Tweek.." He reminisces briskly on how unbelievably beautiful his boyfriend was during his pregnancy, the glow was real.

"K. Try not to cream yourself." Kenny plays Craig with a snarl. "We know you'd jump at the chance to try for another if you could. Jesus, I couldn't even playfully say I wanted Tweek without you going nanners."

"I don't know what brought that out of me.. I was just fiercely protective of him for some reason. And I don't think it was bad." Craig shrugs to his admission.

"I think he was just in daddy mode. I think it wasn't something he could control.. but I wasn't gonna leave you, stupid. Not for Kenny, not for anyone. I was pregnant with your child.."

"I know.. even though I'm known for my wits, let me have my stupid moments sometimes, okay?" Craig rubs the back of his neck in a moment of embarrassment and resentment.

"It's okay. To be fair, you had a lot of strange, thirsty people in your inner circle acting out. But, like, Kenny would've never taken Tweek from you. He's too much of a greedy bottom, stuck on Butters and all the attention he can get." Kyle notes, inexpressive.

"It's true." Kenny gently plays with the baby's little fingers. "The real tea is that Mcwhor*Mick really speaks to my attention whor*ness, not my bedroom whor*ness. I got broken up with all the time by guys for being too needy and posting thirst traps. It's my own battle to content with, I fear."

"I get it. I was just being a weirdo.. I know Tweek wouldn't just leave me."

"f*ck no, with all that bank you're gonna be making with that NASA job, he wouldn't leave you under the worst circ*mstances."

"Hey!" Tweek blinks. "That's not true, I don't love Craig for potential salary.."

"Just f*cking around.." Kenny winks. "Dude, Jesus, okay.. Kyle, you wanna hold her? My arms are getting so tired. I gotta get back to lifting weights or something, my arms are like noodles."

Kyle cradles her with the help of Kenny, having not held a baby since his parents brought Ike home almost thirteen years ago. He admires how she squirms around every few minutes, and how she just straight up stole Tweek's entire face. "Hey.. it's nice to finally meet you..and hold you.." He takes her little hand from her blanket and kisses her little fist. "I'm uncle Kyle.. I'm the sane one."

"You're just mad she likes me better."

"She's going to pull your hair and spit up on you eventually." Kyle scoffs playfully. "Oh my god, she's like a little teddy bear.. she's so snuggly.."

"She really is.. she's so fluffy. I just can't believe she's this precious."

"Aw, but everyone kind of called it. You can Craig are pretty adorable, so it makes total sense that your baby would be too." Kyle leans in to press a kiss to her head. "Uncle Kyle's so happy to finally meet you.."

Kenny reaches to squeeze Tweek's hand. "You're so strong, dude. Stronger than all of us combined. You really took that sh*t like champ, like you totally kept your calm the entire time. I think being pregnant so young and so unprepared would send me into a panic, but you took it on so flawlessly, and that needs to be like, acknowledged, dude."

"Kenny.." Tweek frowns. "Thank you.."

"Both of you, really. Craig, dude, props to you for getting your life together so early." Kenny's sleepy, fox like eyes wander to the black-haired's incredible eyes, "I know you'd be a mess if you didn't have it together, but like, hats off to you for being able to get your sh*t together at nineteen.. and being so helpful to Tweek.."

"Aw, thanks, man. Thank you guys for not abandoning him.. he needed all the support he could get, and he definitely reaped the benefits of having such amazing best friends. You guys definitely deserve to be her godparents. Thank you for keeping an eye out for him.. and Kenny, thank you for making sure he wasn't alone after school."

"Of course." Kenny leans forward to squeeze Tweek's cheeks. "I love Tweekerbell. He's my big brother, he deserves to be loved on no matter what."

Kyle tears his face away from the baby. "For the record, we would never abandon Tweek. He's too valuable. I feel like this brought us all closer together, and I'm really grateful." He looks back at the baby. "Thank you, Lux.."

The other three pause for a moment, then peer over Kyle's shoulder to impart the same echo. "Yeah, thank you, Lux."

All of the visitors for the day have departed. After Kenny and Kyle (hesitantly) left, Tweek got to have dinner they brought, and this was the first moment of lull since the baby was born, really. Craig jumped to immediately feed her bottle and hasn't let go since.

The night has arrived to relieve the day of its duties, and the moonlight gently spreads through the windows of the suite. The lights are dim enough to illuminate the small family's faces against the darkness. Craig paces slowly around the room, gently holding Lux, supporting her head and marveling at her every move.

"I just can't get over her." Craig confesses with a shake to his head. "She has to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Tweek's exhausted, but his eyes somehow can't shake the view of Craig holding their child. "We all kind of called it, but, dude, you are so f*cked. She's got you wrapped around her finger."

"I know. I don't care." The raven-haired leans down to press a kiss to her head, giving a laugh when she whines. "Oh no, are you getting tired of me? I'm not gonna stop looking at you and kissing your head. For the rest of your life.. so I guess you'll have to get used to it." He's tickled at how much she favors Tweek already. How she crinkles her nose habitually, just like he does when he's thinking. How she's so tiny in his arms, but in everyone shorter's, she's like a little noodle. How she seems so serene in his arms, like its home. They're so natural.

"Come here.." Tweek beckons, and after a few paces, Craig's sitting on the bed next to his thigh. "Let me have her now."

"Tweek, you carried her for nine months. Let me have time with her."

"Not only have you been carrying her all day, you have her whole life! I just want to look at her some more before I go to bed."

Tweek gently raises her tiny hand and bestows a kiss. "Thank you for finally coming to meet me and daddy.. I don't care how much I complained, I loved every second of carrying you in my tummy. Now you're here, and you're so beautiful..more beautiful and delicate than I could've ever imagined." He snuggles up to her little balled up fingers, and his eyes well at how much of a little doll she is. Every feature carved out of heaven. He's in utter disbelief that she'll be more beautiful than this.

"I don't think I have a single bit of anxiety about this anymore." Tweek confesses with a glance into Craig's honeyed eyes. "When I look at her, it's like life makes sense."

"No, I feel the same way." Craig nods, hand instinctively stroking his daughter's fluffy head. "She's the best thing that's happened to me. I'm serious." He effortlessly holds her closer to his face, then presses a kiss to her cheek and nuzzles it with his nose. "You make me soooooo happy... already."

"If Craig Tucker had a daughter, he'd be sooooo happy. And now he does."

"Oh, man." Craig shakes his head at the disbelief of one of his greatest desires is right in his arms. "I don't want to give you away to mommy just yet.." He takes a moment to marvel at her once more, at how she looks so sleepy and pouty. "I just wanted to tell you that I've wanted you forever, and I'm in complete disbelief that I'm holding you and that you're mine, little star.." He points to Tweek. "You look just like your beautiful mommy. Both of us have to take it easy on him, he's got a tender heart. I know he's really happy to see you,

He finally settles the baby girl in Tweek's arms, and watches as the blonde presses a kiss to her cheeks, hands, and forehead. She seems to shift in his arms, receptive to the familiarity of his voice, and she falls asleep as he mutters sweet, gentle musings to her about how loved she is, how beautiful she is, and how it's so perfect that she was born on the day of love, because that's what she's made of.

"Speaking of which." Craig pulls out a sleek black box from his backpack with a white card attached. "Happy Valentine's Day, honey." He holds his arms out to take the baby so Tweek can read the card and open his gift. Tweek decides on opening the gift first, whispering a 'thank you, Happy Valentine's Day, my Craig..', revealing luxury chocolates filled with coffee and liqceur.

To my beautiful Tweek, on our first Valentine's Day as parents, the day of our daughter's birth, and the best day of our lives as we know it,

I was such a miserable little boy when you walked into my life. I was set in my own ways, stubborn, and admittedly selfish, I looked at everyone as if I was better and they were lesser. You humbled me, showed me how to extend patience, get in touch with my softer side, and you changed me. I fell in love at such a young age, and I feel like that's why our lives have progressed so quickly, I mean, look at us, having our first child, still in high school. I think we are characters in our own fairytale. Every waking moment I have with you feels so cathartic, I'd die happy if it were my last. Thank you for loving me, Tweek. Thank you for simply existing and showing me that there is beauty in life, after all. Thank you for showing up for me, supporting me, making me laugh in my darkest moments. You have continued to be the light in my darkest hours. Thank you for making me a father, even if its a little early. I have no doubt in my mind that our baby girl will be the apple of our eyes, and I know that she'll harness the best parts of both of us. Thank you for being my best friend, my soulmate, my peace. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and with you by my side, I know my life will be heaven on Earth for as long as there's air in my lungs. I love you so much, honey.

Your Craig.

Tweek's a blubbering mess.

The night finally ends, with Craig joining Tweek in bed, and though it killed him to put the baby in her bassinet, he ended up placing her in, but close enough where he could keep an immediate eye on her. Tweek's in awe still of how absolutely sweet she looks when she's sleeping. They fall asleep beneath a passionate kiss that places a perfect ending to the most important day of their lives thus far.

Its been exactly one month since Lux Star Tucker entered the world, and it's been abundantly blissful. Albeit, both sets of grandparents have stepped in and practically absolved her parents of doing much at all. Not because they don't trust them in their tender age, but because they want to spend every waking moment with their precious doll of a granddaughter. Finally, though, it seems they're ready to tap out. Especially with the feedings, and the young couple are glad they get to...well, parent their daughter for once.

"Here we go.." Craig gently lifts the perfectly toweled baby into his arms from her little bath. She takes them three times a week, he expertly checked on ten websites prior to her arrival about the frequency. His mom typically gives her baths, but now he finally has a shot at it, and he's exceeded his expectations. Tweek's prepping her bottle down in the family's kitchen, presumably twitching and whining about the temperature and burning himself.

Once back in his room, Craig places her down and gently slathers her with lotion, Tweek insisted on apple-banana when they shopped for baby stuff a few months back, and Craig's glad, it makes her smell heavenly. She stares up at him with her brilliant eyes, locked onto his fuzzy silhouette and she's placid as she does so. He's smitten, absolutely head over heels in love with his daughter. He had doubts about how good he'd be to her, by means of his own insecurities, but they have an unmistakable bond that he feels in his soul.

"Look at my mini Tweek." He muses adoringly to the little bundle of joy as he slides a white onesie with bunny ears and strawberry patterned fabric on her little body. Finally, he lifts her up and places her on his shoulder, the perfect position to place a few kisses on her rounded cheek. "Mmmm..daddy loves his baby's cheeks. What's in them, hmm? All the sugar your crazy mommy ate crafted these glorious cheeks, and I wanna bite 'em." He sweetly confesses, not taking notice of Tweek admiring the scene at the door frame.

"You need to stop. You're going to give me diabetes." Tweek jeers with a silly grin on his face. He pads over to press a kiss to Craig's lips, then gently tickles Lux's tummy with his index. "Oh my god, you smell so good..and you look so precious." He nuzzles her cheek with his finger, heart nearly stopping when she stares up at him with those beautifully wide eyes.

Craig grins down at the both of them, overcome by their beauty. Tweek opens his arms to invite Craig to hand the baby over for her feeding. It looks to pain him, but he does it anyway. Tweek lovingly relieves him of her and carefully sits on the bed, adjusting her so she's cradled gently. He brushes the nipple of the bottle across her lips before she begins to suckle.

"My god..." Craig giggles at the way she's scarfing it down. "That girl can seriously eat." He shakes his head. "Eating so fast..if she doesn't puke on you, I'll be shocked."

Tweek shrugs, "We knew she had an appetite.. I'm just wondering how tall she's gonna be when she's in school."

"Tallest in her class. Without a doubt.." Craig settles in next to him, supporting his head on his hand once he's laying down. "God, I don't wanna imagine her that big yet."

Tweek presses a kiss to her head, awed how her hair adorably sticks out of the bunny ears hood, "Mmm, don't. Right, Lux? Say, 'daddy, I'm still tiny, don't worry..'" He gently directs to his little girl, voice so dim and calming. His eyes flicker to Craig, who can't keep his eyes off him sitting there, holding their beautiful little angel.

"Being a mommy really suits you." Craig confesses, love strewn into each word carelessly. "You look so natural."

Tweek blushes, "So do you.. you're so incredible with her. I can tell she absolutely adores you. The way she looks at you.."

"She looks at me the way you look at me.I get to feel double the love for the rest of my life."

Tweek gives a small, contented hum, before becoming stunned with the bottle already being empty. He trades a shocked laugh with his boyfriend and proceeds to burp her on his shoulder once the shock has worn off. It doesn't take long, and when he's done, he settles her between him and Craig.

Craig gently rubs her belly, "The most beautiful girl in the world..we're so lucky, little star."

"We really are.." Tweek shakes his head and gives her an adoring smile when she stares sleepily in his direction. "And sooo sweet, too. I can't believe we made something so sweet. We can be kind of cynical and neurotic."

"Hey, speak for yourself. I'm mysterious and laid-back."

Tweek rolls his eyes. "Yeah, whatever."

Lux stares sleepily up into Tweek's eyes, who lovingly strokes her cheek, astonished at what he created. "Do you know how magical you are? You've got mommy and daddy wrapped around your finger and you're this tiny."

"She knows.."

"I just can't believe this was the same baby throwing tantrums inside of me all the time.. she's so calm and quiet." Tweek shakes his head, placing his finger in her hand to test her reflexes. "I thought she was gonna be a crier.. she's so well-mannered."

"I know. I figured she'd be cranky and pouty all the time. But she's so laid back."

"A true Tucker."

"Mm.." Tweek hums, then leans over the baby to present Craig with a kiss. "I've never been so happy in my life, dude. I could die happy.. I'm so complete.. and life is only going to go up from here."

"Right." Craig plucks one of Tweek's hands and kisses it. "I get to spend the rest of my life with you two and I'm sooooo happy."

Tweek rolls his eyes, a smile stretched and a shake of his head filling up Craig's line of vision. Their eyes finally drop on their baby girl, who has fallen asleep while they've fallen distracted with one another. Both lean down to bestow a gentle kiss on her cheek, and stare at each other, completely full of love once they come up. There undoubtedly is a wholeness that fixes itself in their lives now. Though still somewhat babies themselves, they've managed to find solace in one another, and now in the beautiful product of their love. Tweek, who once lived as an anxious little boy who didn't think he would find love, let alone harness the ability to be lovable, lays beside the two humans who would never forsake him or usher doubt of their love for him. Craig, hardened by what was actually rejection and hurt, with ego and disdain for everyone around him, has been carefully molded and shaped into a more tender and patient creature, with his entire world lying next to him, two beings that have facilitated that ushering in of patience and tenderness. There's a peace that would be impossible to threaten from him, his life at the moment is at one of it's very may peaks, and there isn't a singular tangible or intangible thing that could tear him from his contentment. Mutually, the two of them are complete, with no lack eating away at them, no animosity, no anxiety, just the beauty of being with one another and their creation is enough to live on happily. And they will, with their beacon of light to bring about maximal joy in their lives, a tiny beacon of light that the sun renders unmatched to. And she's right here, enveloped in the gaze of her parents. She doesn't know it now, but she's the light to the path they're imminently embarking on. She's what's completed them.

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