Los Cabos, Mexico Transforms From Resort Town to Adventure Travel Destination (2024)

There's truly no rest for the weary these days — even on vacation.

With a booming annual growth rate of 28.7% every year, adventure travel is one of the fastest-growing and most popular ways to travel.

It's a trend quickly transforming even the most typically relaxation-focused destinations, like Los Cabos, Mexico, long known as a go-to destination for a resort vacation, whether relaxing or rowdy. New accommodation styles and enhanced offerings for travelers eager to pump up the adrenaline and explore beyond beautiful beaches are transforming the area's vacation style.

Bringing the Adrenaline

As interest in adventure travel rises precipitously every year, consumer attraction to leisurely resort stays hasn’t taken the hit experts anticipated. Resort vacations are as popular as ever, even more so after the pandemic. The popularity of the resort vacation is why resort-focused travel destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico enjoyed rapid post-pandemic travel recovery.

Though luxury stays remain popular, travelers are shifting their expectations. An American Express Global Travel Trends Report found that vacationers seek increased travel schedule flexibility. Around 68% of travelers surveyed say they like to leave time in their itinerary to experience local culture and activities. For many, this means leaving resort grounds.

Los Cabos, Mexico's busiest resort destination, is leading a resort transformation. "Los Cabos offers a plethora of adventure travel opportunities," says Gerardo Vela, Hotel Manager at Mar del Cabo by Velas Resorts, located along the golden sands of the area's beloved coastline.

The area’s natural features are conducive to many adventurous activities, like desert hikes, waterfall observation, and swimming with sea lions and whale sharks. "These activities have become more popular in recent years due to increased accessibility, improved infrastructure, and a growing interest in experiential travel among tourists," says Vela.

Travelers aren’t shunning Los Cabos resorts’ luxurious grounds when stepping away to explore. Instead, globe-trotters bring additional business to nearby boutique properties with customizable guest experiences.

Meet Mar Del Cabo

The boutique resort of Mar del Cabo is considered one of the best places to stay in Los Cabos, namely for travelers looking for the city’s adventurous side. The property’s aesthetic embraces area culture — airy apartment-style suites, whitewashed walls punctuated by rich blue tiles, colorful Mexican textiles, and vibrant magenta bougainvillea.

Mar del Cabo belongs to Mexico's leading Velas Resorts group, which boasts six properties spread across some of the country's most beautiful beaches. Mar de Cabo is the only resort in the group that offers a European Plan rather than all-inclusive rates.

Room-only rates are a bonus for travelers looking for the freedom and flexibility of a vacation beyond resort walls. Coupled with the resort's spacious, apartment-style suite layouts and new pet-friendly policy, it's a perfect spot for extended stays and exploring nearby spots and San José del Cabo.

Guests needn’t travel far to experience the region’s breathtaking adventures. From Mar del Cabo's oceanfront restaurant, Encanto, lucky guests can enjoy breakfast during whale-watching season. Diners will observe the waving fins and flopping tails of migrating mothers and babies in the rich waters of the Pacific. Whale-watching tours between December and March are one of the area’s most alluring activities. Adventurous guests looking to travel the region can depart from the resort grounds and explore nearby La Paz, a popular whale shark swimming destination.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Mar del Cabo's size contributes to its popularity among adventure-seekers. "The hotel's smaller size also means that guests can easily access the concierge for assistance in planning their adventures, whether booking a sailing excursion, a round of golf, or making a reservation at a local restaurant," says Vela. "This intimate setting fosters a sense of community and encourages guests to step outside their comfort zones and experience all that Los Cabos has to offer."

The intimate resort’s allure pushed the construction of the similarly stunning 79-suite Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos just next door only a few months ago.

The Next Phase of Los Cabos Tourism

While locals and guests are happy to see Los Cabos shed unsavory stereotypes amid its popularity, the next phase of Los Cabos tourism isn't without its downsides. Nearly half (42%) of Baja California Sur is a protected area, and despite dedication to environmental preservation, tourism surges spark desert and marine environment conservation concerns. Provided guests adhere to conservationist advice and honor resort restrictions and rules, visitors can enjoy new ways to enjoy a beloved travel destination.

Los Cabos, Mexico Transforms From Resort Town to Adventure Travel Destination (2024)
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