Obituary for Marion Muir Baker at Caul's Funeral Home (2024)

Passed away peacefully in St. John's NL, on July 3 in the presence of her loving family. Daughter of the late C. Douglas Muir and Marion (Doyle) Muir. Predeceased by husband Samuel Baker (2009) and daughter Patricia Lévêque (2022).

Left to mourn: daughters Maureen Baker (Neil King), Noelle Baker (Phil Oliver), and Brenda Baker; sons Douglas Baker (Tracey), Ted Baker (Cheryl Fenk), Colin Baker (Roseanne Hickey), and James Baker; son-in-law Mario Lévêque; grandchildren Colin Fahey (Angela), Patrick Lévêque, Philippe Lévêque (Laura Asencio Pérez), Alexandra Lévêque (Laura Sbrizzi), Amy Baker (Charlie Sibley), Emily Baker, and Maria Baker; great-grandchildren Owen and Caleb Fahey; and numerous extended family and friends.

Born in St. John's and raised in the Goulds, Marion was educated at St. Bride's College (Littledale) under the watchful benevolence of the Sisters of Mercy. Her solid grounding in the classics - Latin and Music included - gave her a deep appreciation for intellectual rigour and the need for self-discipline. She finished her schooling with a year of advanced piano training, receiving the Trinity College Licentiate Diploma with highest marks.

Experiencing the early loss of her mother instilled a steely self-reliance that she kept all her life. Though she certainly had a close relationship with her father and may have enjoyed some aspects of being an only child, Marion cherished her lifelong friendships with the Keiley sisters who lived just across the road, especially her true best friend Marg (Keiley) Breen.

One of Marion's earliest mentors was her mother's sister Rose. Auntie Rose Whelan was a steady and joyous presence in her life, and the entire Whelan clan is permanently woven into the family tapestry. Another close family tie has been Carol (Muir) Helfenstein, whose loyalty and love has been unflagging.

Perhaps being an only child is what drove Marion to plant her own family tree. When she married Sam Baker in 1955, she took his name and gave him eight children in exchange. Enough said. Partly defined by running the family business Muir's Marble Works, their lives together took them across the island and back. Over the years, Marion set up house in Stephenville, the Goulds, on Old Topsail Road in St. John's, and finally Outer Cove, her beloved forever home.

All her life, Marion had made her home a sanctuary, and nowhere was that more evident than in Outer Cove. Life revolved around the big table in the kitchen where there was always room for one more. The kitchen glowed when the sun shone, and plants always flourished - apparently from being ignored. Marion always enlisted help keeping the house in order, and Barb Oliver deserves particular gratitude for her unswerving loyalty for the past fifteen years.

A true family matriarch, Marion thrived on feeding family and friends. She was always ready to dish up tea and squares - and a game of Scrabble. Her prowess at the family game was legendary, and she was always a formidable opponent. It is safe to say she has made the All-Star team.

Always an avid reader - as long as it was the truth - Marion developed a keen interest in family history which she pursued for more than twenty years. Genealogy further enriched the family tree and connected her with many far-flung cousins.

Aside from Outer Cove, Marion dearly loved spending time at the family cabin in Kingman's Cove on the Southern Shore. A family home away from home for more than forty years, Kingman's was always a place of welcome and peace. After Sam passed away, Marion cherished her times there with the Golden Girls: Jean Heffernan, Myna Mulrooney, and sister-in-law Marie Baker.

As life progressed and her children started their own families, Marion truly came to enjoy the fruits of her labours. Grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!) were one of her life's great joys, and her love shone on them all equally and without fail.

Marion's final five weeks found her back on familiar ground. The staff of the Residence at Littledale went above and beyond in their kindness and care during her time there. Special thanks go to Margaret Harrington and Helen Pusag-Lunas, her main Personal Care Attendants.

The family would like to extend deep gratitude to the staff of the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Emergency Department. Their sensitivity and assistance during Marion's last days made her transition that much easier. Particular thanks to Dr. Sahar Iqbal for her compassion and empathy.

Always secure in her sense of self, Marion lived as an example to all in her orbit. Her quiet strength and unwavering resolve showed how one can say very little and yet express so much. She is dearly loved and deeply missed.

Cremation has taken place. Visitation will take place on Friday, July 5, 2024, at Caul’s Funeral Home, LeMarchant Road, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Celebration of Life will take place at Caul’s Chapel on Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 11 a.m. with Inurnment to follow at Belvedere Cemetery.

No flowers by request; donations may be made to the Autism Society, NL Chapter.

Obituary for Marion Muir Baker at Caul's Funeral Home (2024)
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