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1 C. 71, cite 7 C. in fo USBR Tells Cost of Drainage Work PASCO, Wash. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has released a detailed report on expenditures for drainage works in 1960 on the Columbia Basin Project lands.

The Bureau in the past has been roundly criticized and charged with not adequately reporting on such expenditures by Idaho's Toll for Holiday Reaches 6 By the Associated Press Labor Day weekend vacationers were starting the trip back home today with six deaths recorded on Idaho's highways since the start of the three-day holiday at 6 p.m. Friday. Five perished in traffic accion last year's Labor Day holiday period. The six deaths this year brings the fatality total for the state this year to 164, 18 more than the 146 recorded last year on this date. Family of 3 Dies The Meridian family, Vern Marshall, 49, and his wife Cora, 45, their daughter, Shirley Ann, 21, and a passenger in the car, Mrs.

Elsie Eshelman, 43, all of Meridian, Idaho, were killed late Saturday night when the car they were in collided with another car on Highway 30 between Nampa and Caldwell. Driver of the other car, Darole L. Carpenter, 26, of Meridian, was reported in poor condition at Nampa hospital. Mrs. Robert Bean, 28, of Logan, Utah, was killed Saturday when she was thrown out of the car she was driving near Anderson Itanch Reservoir.

Her four children and an Elmore County woman and her two children rode the car to the bottom of a 300-foot embankment. They were not seriously injured. The other Idaho traffic fatality occurred shortly after the week end period began Friday, Frank For of Lewiston drowned the car he was driving into a river near Grandevill Spokane Daily Chronicle 5 Monday, Sept. 4, 1961. Rain for Area some Irrigation District officials and water users.

The criticism reached white heat in 1960 when water users for the first time were required to pay a special assessment for planned work. Assessment in 1961 was $2.30 per acre. Payment of the 1961 assessment has been delayed by Congress pending the outcome of talks on a new repayment contract. The Bureau said the drainage for in $667,884 comworks completed. or contracted pared to the estimate of $634,000 made in 1959.

Assessments actually collected from the Quincy, East and South Irrigation districts amounted to $632,042.57. The difference between this and the $667,884 obligated 34.841 was taken from assessments lev- lied in 1961. Board Gets Copy A copy of the detailed reportwhich also lists construction completed within the limit of the original $8,176,000 authorized by Congress for drainage workshas been submitted to the South Columbia Irrigation District Board here. In a letter accompanying the report, W. E.

Rawlings, Ephrata, project manager for the Bureau, said that "performance of contractors who did the work was satisfactory and on some jobs the work performed was of unusually high "In some instances bids were considerably lower than had been anticipated," he added. Appears Likely A frontal system now hovering off coast the probably northwest will Washington. ers and gusty winds into the In- Remember? Thundershowers dropped .44 of an inch of moisture on Spokane a year ago today, when the high temperature was 63 and the low 54. The sun shone, however, for nearly three hours between the storms. land Empire by tomorrow after- Family Hurt in Mishap A holiday weekend traffic mishap on the Post Falls-Rathdrum Highway, about one mile north of Ross Point, attracts plenty of spectator -including that of the dog in foreground.

Three Newman Lake residents, Delbert DeWolf, 24, his wife, Evelyn, 22, and their son, Clive, 10 months, were injured and Funeral Set for Albrecht KENNEWICK, Wash. Funeral services for Ernest Albrecht, 79, a resident of Kennewick since 1920, will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Mueller's Chapel of the Falls here. The Rev. D.

C. Schroeder will officiate. Burial will be in River. view Heights Cemetery, Mr. Albrecht was born Aug.

28, 1882, in West Prussia. He came to the United States in 1800 from Germany and settled with his family in Effington. Minn. years later he went to Alaska, where he was in partnership in mining ventures for many years, Mr. Albrecht was a member of the Lutheran Church, Kennewick, He made his home here with his nephews, George, Emil and Het muth Albrecht.

ile also is sur vived by a niece, Mrs. Karly Her19. Pasadena, Calif Benjamin 11. Gilliham PASCO, Wash Punral lees for lien jam 71. Pace, who died Friday at al hospital here, will be at 10 a.m.

in the Assembly of Church The Rev. T. Morrow, of Assembly of God Church wit ficiale, will be in City View Cemetery Henry W. Puckett Wash fees for Ge in Fairfield, where ho had she will Relit at She Church Here Spell me. He was a member of the Baptist Church and a 60-year member of 100F Lodge No.

78 in Tekoa. He is survived by three! sons, William Puckett, Sanders, 1 Idaho; L. Puckett, Dishman, and Roy Kenneth Puckett, Otis Orchards; two daughters, Mrs. Jessie Sy. nold, Sanders, and Mrs.

Della Clem, Corvallis, Oregon: two brothers. Alfred Puckett, Norman, and John Puckett, Pomona, grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. The Rev. James it. McGee will officiate at services.

Burial will be in the Pines Cemetery, Opper. tunity, with the 100P Lodge assisting with graveside services at 3 Kimball's of Tekoa charge of arrangements. Velma E. Newcomb OROFINO, Idaho- Mrs. Velma Newcomb, died last week at an hospital of a heart attack was born April the daughter of Mr.

John She spent her sear Kansas where her father was a ma married Raymond tall Rosedale, by a supply to if the works for the U.S. Forest mines and som. Robert, Also and the Vat da retired farmer of He who lived Brief City News-Records 0 I E. LEERIER Popital Sit with pollen tR here's Call tine Came War will at a and RE Second Shrine at a DE 5. The Weather taken to' a Coeur d'Alene hospital.

Idaho State Police said the DeWolf car ploughed into the back of the silage-filled trailer (right) being pulled by a tractor operated by Richard Waller, 25, Post Falls. Police said Waller had planned a left turn and stopped to let the DeWolf car pass. (J. Neal Evarts photo.) D. L.

Fourt Dies at 66 MOSCOW. Idaho (UPD Serve ices were pending today for Prof. David L. Fourt, 66, Emeritus head of the Dairy Science Department at the University of Idaho. Fourt and his wife were on their way to a southern Idaho cattle judging event yesterday when he stopped his car near Winchester to arrange luggage in the trunk and suffered a heart attack.

Fourt, who had officiated at nearly 200 dairy shows in the Western United States and da, was a well-known dairy husbandman. He was born in Houston, Mo. He received bachelor and master of science degrees from the University and joined the staff in 1923 being named department head in 1967. at Dulce L. Westeott KELLOGG.

Idaho Funeral services for Mrs. Dulce Lucille Wesfcott. who died Hayden Lake, Idaho. Saturday. be held tomorrow af I p.m.

from the Episcopal Church here, with the Nev. David Knight Cremation will be ranged by the flame. Surviving are her Rex the a Robert A. Me her mother. Mrs.

Elsie Den two and Seve Me 1. Clever VER AL Far and Mrs. Fred all af Spokane, and a grand Group Says Basin Plan 'Foolhardy' Columbia mitten called the Columbia point DroP which vonne one a amine these wheN de Hilton Pair Fined Seven Victims Are Improving All seven victims of the carnival blast and fire at Odessa eight days ago who remain at Deaconess Hospital are improving, but four remain in serious condition. hospital officials reported today. On the serious list are Mr.

Margaret Palmer, 26, Odessa: Mrs. Elizabeth Zwick, 56, rington: Kathy Morton, 4. Portland, and Glen Dry, 26, St. Louis. Listed as in fair condition are Billy Palmer, 4, Odessa, and han Stevens, 10, Puyallup.

Mrs. Evelyn Stevens, 38, Puyallup, is listed as satisfactory, Girl Captures Valley Trophy Betsy 16. Wenatchee, and her horse Limerick won the award Valley Broomtails Club's second annual horse show at the During the three day yesterday and her purebred two drive classes, chewing place in Arab and Arabian called purebred Arabians, forte Essen reining. and and Archian al PERINENTES PONS Irene De Forge teleme Famous Quote Disesery of a Pies so we the end Nations Whet weld to settle Flee one even stes he Wets de became Majors longes Mace Fares de end who its Coo seeing dit Savings- noon. That was the forecast today from the weather station at Spokane International Airport.

Forecasters 1ook for cooler temperatures to accompany the showers, with a high of only 75 expected tomorrow. Today's high was to be about 82, they said. A five-day forecast indicates the front may be the start of a general cooling trend here, the weathermen said. Temperatures should average near normal from midweek on, with highs in the 70-80 range and lows in the 40-50 range, they said. Pasco the last nine years, died at a rest home there yesterday.

The body was brought to Colfax for services at 2 p.m. Wednesday from Bruning's chapel, the Rev, Milton Andrews officiating. Burial will be at Thornton. Born in Denmark, Mr. Bidstrup came to the United States when he was 18 years old and located at Enterprise, Ore.

He was a member of the Masonic lodge at Thornton. Survivors include a son, Henry, Pasco; a daughter, Mrs. Earl Schmidt, Rosalia: two sisters, Karen Jensen. Ronne, Denmark; and Marie Nielson, Lakewood, N. a granddaughter, Nikilyn Bidstrup, Pasco, in Lloyd D.

Marker LEWISTON, Idaho Marker, 67, a retired area farmer, died St. Joseph's Hospital. He was born Jan. 14. Latah.

Wash, and spent his near Neaperce. lie married Laura Nerperce in 1901. She Mrs. Rosemary and Mrs. and Venette Francis and James a brother and Mrs.

Grace Clark, Viola Parts, Lewiston Clark, Libby, The Sely Neil Halley Lloyd D. Nesperce Saturday at 1854. most lle came retirement Jacobo three both of Lee. Marl James for and and and Rawls Maho a Services Neil 74., retired area and will he Send 0. Want chapel with will af come.

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Spokane Chronicle from Spokane, Washington (2024)
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