The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (2024)

  • The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (1)

    Blake Baumgartner, ESPN Staff WriterMar 31, 2023, 01:50 PM ET

College football's 2024 recruiting cycle is beginning to take shape.

Over the past month, 11 recruits in the 2024 ESPN Junior 300 have committed, bringing the total number of ranked committed prospects to 91.

We break down what has happened in March, which prospects are ready to commit soon and which recruits are taking visits.

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (2)

Last 2023 ESPN 300 prospect finally commits

Duce Robinson, the final uncommitted prospect in the 2023 ESPN 300, committed to Lincoln Riley and USC on Thursday.

Robinson, the No. 40 overall recruit and No. 1 tight end in the 2023 class, is a 6-foot-6, 235-pound football standout who doubles as a baseball star, ranked No. 84 among ESPN's Kiley McDaniel's top 100 MLB draft prospects.

He picked the Trojans over Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Oregon. Robinson had 84 receptions for 1,614 yards and 14 touchdowns last season for Pinnacle High School (Arizona).

With Robinson's commitment, USC jumped from 13th to 10th in the 2023 recruiting class rankings.

Michigan bolsters offense with ESPN 300 QB, RB

Four-star quarterback Jadyn Davis (No. 35 overall) announced Friday on SportsCenter he committed to Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines.

Davis, who threw for 3,425 yards, 43 touchdowns and six interceptions as a junior with Providence Day School (North Carolina), picked Michigan over Ohio State, North Carolina, Clemson and Tennessee.

The 6-foot-1, 200-pound Davis is the first ESPN 300 quarterback to commit to Michigan since J.J. McCarthy (No. 25, 2021) and the second 2024 ESPN 300 commitment for the Wolverines in the past 10 days.

Davis joins four-star running back Jordan Marshall (No. 189), who committed to Michigan on March 21.

Marshall, a 5-11, 195-pound running back for Archbishop Moeller High School (Ohio), bypassed the in-state Buckeyes to commit to "the team up North." He is the fourth ESPN 300 running back to commit to Michigan since 2020, joining Blake Corum, Donovan Edwards and Cole Cabana.

Ole Miss lands pair of 2024 ESPN 300 commits

Lane Kiffin's Rebels were the only program to secure two 2024 ESPN 300 commitments this month.

Athlete Chris Davis Jr. (No. 241 overall) and defensive end Jeffery Rush (No. 126) from Pascagoula High School (Mississippi) committed in the span of three days.

Davis, who attends Picayune Memorial High School (Mississippi), told ESPN in February he was being recruited as a running back. Rush would be the program's first ESPN 300 defensive end since Demon Clowney in 2020.

Four teams that landed notable commits

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (3)

Virginia Tech: Quarterback Davi Belfort (No. 259), a product of Gulliver Prep High School (Florida), gives Brent Pry a tremendous building block in the 2024 class. The 5-11, 190-pound Belfort is the Hokies' first ESPN 300 signal-caller since Joshua Jackson in 2016.

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (4)

Auburn: Running back J'Marion Burnette (No. 123), from Andalusia High School (Alabama), decided to stay in state by committing to Hugh Freeze's Tigers over Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Florida State and Arkansas. Burnette, who is 6-1, 210 pounds, ran for 1,473 yards and 17 touchdowns last season.

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (5)

Mississippi State: The Bulldogs landed their fifth ESPN 300 quarterback since 2019 when Josh Flowers (No. 226) announced on March 8. The 6-3, 210-pound Flowers threw for 1,453 yards and 10 touchdowns while also rushing for 1,367 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2022 for Baker High School (Alabama).

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (6)

Tennessee: The Volunteers landed four-star quarterback Jake Merklinger (No. 90) on Thursday. Merklinger, who threw for 1,987 yards and 32 touchdowns for Calvary Baptist Day School (Georgia) in 2022, picked the Vols over Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan State, giving coach Josh Heupel his second ESPN 300 quarterback in as many years (Nicholaus Iamaleava, No. 23 in 2023).

Three recruits with upcoming commitment dates

Aaron Flowers, CB
2024 ESPN Jr. 300 ranking: 227

Flowers, a four-star cornerback for Forney High School (Texas), is expected to announce his commitment on April 7.

He is considering Alabama, Oregon, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Washington, USC, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Louisville and Baylor. He has taken visits to the Ducks, Trojans and Crimson Tide over the last few weeks.

Michael Hawkins, QB
2024 ESPN Jr. 300 ranking: 238

Hawkins will decide between Oklahoma, TCU and Penn State on April 8.

Hawkins is the son of former NFL cornerback Mike Hawkins, who was the Green Bay Packers' fifth-round draft pick in 2005 out of Oklahoma. The 6-1, 190-pound Hawkins threw for 2,007 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior for Allen High School (Texas).

Asked about what advice his father imparted on him, Hawkins said he told him, "Don't worry about what other people have to say about your play or how hard you work. Just stay focused on the main course and you won't have to worry about anything, and everything else will fall in place."

Josiah Thompson, OT
2024 ESPN Jr. 300 ranking: 72

The 6-7, 290-pound Thompson is a four-star tackle for Dillon High School (South Carolina). He will decide between Georgia, South Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, Miami and Alabama on April 14.

If Thompson commits to the in-state Gameco*cks, he'd be the second ESPN 300 offensive lineman to join Shane Beamer's group, along with Kam Pringle (No. 32), who pledged in January.

Two schools making moves in 2025

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (7)

Oklahoma: After coach Brent Venables brought in five-star quarterback Jackson Arnold (No. 3) in the 2023 class, he added another future signal-caller in Kevin Sperry on March 13. The 6-2, 200-pound Sperry threw for 1,527 yards and nine touchdowns last season as a sophom*ore for Rock Hill High School (Texas).

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (8)

Penn State: Omari Gaines, a 6-2, 180-pound cornerback from Malcolm X Shabazz High School (New Jersey), became the second member of the Nittany Lions' 2025 class when he committed on Tuesday. "Their guys are aggressive, like up front on the line of scrimmage, and I feel like that's really me," said Gaines, who recorded 14 tackles with an interception as a sophom*ore for St. Peter's Prep (New Jersey).

The latest in 2024 college football recruiting: Newest commits, upcoming visits (2024)


Who has the most 5 star recruits in college football in 2024? ›

Alabama and Georgia combined to sign nine five-stars, leading the country in the category within Top247 individual player ratings. Clemson, Florida, Texas, Oregon and Auburn signed a pair each, giving all of those schools top 20 hauls. Final rankings for the 2024 class came this month.

Who is the number one prospect in football in 2024? ›

The 2024 NFL Draft presents an exciting quarterback class full of notable names. It is led by USC's Caleb Williams, the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner and dynamic dual-threat quarterback. Williams is followed by Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr., who likely would have been the best pass catcher in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Who had the best recruiting class this year in college football? ›

Georgia Bulldogs

The Dawgs' 2024 class is ranked first nationally per the 247Sports Composite.

How do you get college football scouts to notice you? ›

Send an introductory email to the college coach, including your highlight video and key stats. Follow up with a call to the coach, mentioning the introductory email. Respond to all correspondence from coaches, including recruiting letters, emails, social media direct messages and more.

Who is the number one quarterback recruit in 2024? ›

2024 ESPN Top Quarterbacks: Pocket Passer
1Dylan Raiola Video | Scouts Report6'3''
2C.J. Carr Video | Scouts Report6'3''
3Air Noland Video | Scouts Report6'3''
4Michael Van Buren Video | Scouts Report6'0''
37 more rows

Which state has the most 5 star football recruits? ›

1. Texas: 43. Texas has long been a pipeline for two things: oil and high school football talent. The Lone Star State leads the nation with 43 players in the Top247 and has produced seven 5-stars and 46 4-stars in the 2024 cycle.

How many Alabama players will be drafted in 2024? ›

Alabama finished the three-day 2024 NFL draft with 10 players selected. Michigan led the draft with 13 players chosen, followed by Texas with 11. Alabama was tied with Florida State and Washington for third-most. It marks the 13th consecutive season that at least seven Alabama players have been picked in a draft.

What is the best football team in 2024? ›

NFL Power Rankings, 2024:
Power RankTeamChange
28 more rows
Jun 3, 2024

Who has the number one pick in the 2024 draft? ›

The order for all 32 picks in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft is set, with the Chicago Bears picking No. 1 and the Washington Commanders picking No. 2.

Which football recruiting service is most accurate? ›


This is the sixth consecutive year that 247Sports has been the most accurate scouting entity among the recruiting industry when it comes to evaluating first-round prospects. Only seven prospects of the 32 first-round picks had a grade of three stars or lower from all of the services.

What is Alabama ranked in football recruiting 2024? ›

Alabama is listed as the No. 13 class for the 2024 cycle, with LSU and Tennessee both rising above UA in the SEC. Highlights of Alabama's 2024 class so far include five star quarterback Juliam Sayin, who plans to join the Tide from Carlsbad California.

What is a 4 star recruit in college football? ›

Four-star prospects comprise the rest of the top 300 or so players nationally. They are also expected to provide an immediate impact on their college teams and have potential for All-American status and professional careers, just not quite as likely as is expected to be the case for five-star prospects.

What is the best age to get scouted for football? ›

You can get scouted in football from the ages of 7 until 22 and most of the players get scouted by football academies at 13. There isn't necessarily a specific age when you're too old to get scouted, however, the oldest age for you to be scouted normally is the early twenties.

Where is the best place to get scouted for football? ›

Get yourself in a Sunday football league

Football scouts regularly attend county games to find new talent from a young age, so you need to be on the pitch showing them what you can do. Over time, providing you're consistent in your approach and show talent, you may then be invited to trials for a professional club.

How do you impress a football scout? ›

Play to benefit your team. Showing off your skills in a game situation will only impress your friends. Scouts are looking for players that are technically strong in the basics of the game and can play in a way that is positive for the team. Make passes, shots, crosses or tackles that are beneficial to the team.

Who is the number one football recruit? ›

2025 ESPN 300
1Julian Lewis Video | Scouts ReportQB-PP
2Bryce Underwood Video | Scouts ReportQB-PP
3Dakorien Moore Video | Scouts ReportWR
4David Sanders Video | Scouts ReportOT
39 more rows

What is a 5 star plus recruit? ›

The 5 STAR Plus Recruit Method is a proven successful model for recruiting based on over 15 years of Business, Human Resources and Recruitment experience. It is a structured, yet simple process that incorporates four important stages to attract, identify and recruit A grade employees.

How many 4 star high school recruits are there? ›

For each recruiting class, we found an average of 33 five-star players, 332 four-star players, 2,087 three-star players, and 10,044 players below that.

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