Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (2024)

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Registered Pharmacist at Walgreens Boots Alliance

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Paula Walczewska's Contact Information

Email (work) ***********
LinkedIn URL ska-7asor
Tel. (Company) +40 21 407 XXXX
Company Walgreens Boots Alliance
Residence United Kingdom, England, Wakefield
Last updated 2022-08-08
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Paula is working at

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Location Romania , Municipiul București, București
Company Size censo redcens
Employees 11160 profiles available
Last Updated 2020-03-08

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. operates as a pharmacy-led health and wellbeing company. It operates through censo redcensor edcens oredcens ored censor edcensor edcensoredcens ore dcensoredcenso redcensore dce nsored censored cen soredce nsore dcensoredcen sored cen so redcensore dc ensore dcensored censoredc ensored censore dcensore dcens oredcensore dce nsoredc ensoredcens oredcens oredcen sor edcens oredcensor edc ensoredcen sore dcensore dc enso redcenso redcensor edcensor edcensor edc enso redcensor edc ensored censored censored ce ns oredce nso redce nsor edcenso redcenso redce nsored censor edcen sor edcensore dce nsore dcens oredce ns ore dcenso redcens ore d censoredc ensoredcens or edce ns oredcensoredc ens oredcens oredce nsoredcens ore dcenso redcenso redcensoredce nsoredc ensor edcensoredce nsored cen soredce nsoredc ensoredc ensor edc ensor edcensor edcensor edcenso red censoredcens oredce nso redcen soredc ens oredcen soredcenso re dcen so redcens oredcenso red ce nsoredcens oredce nsoredcensor edce nsoredc ensoredc ensor edcens oredce nsore dce nsored censoredce nso redcens or edc ensore dcensore dcensored censore dce nsoredce ns oredcens ore dcensoredcen soredce nso redcen sor edc ensored censoredce nsoredcen sor ed c ensoredce nsored cen soredcensoredc ensoredce nsoredc ensored ce nso redcensor edc ensoredcenso re dcensored cen soredce nsoredcensoredce nsored cen soredc ensoredce nso redc ensoredcen soredcen sor edcensored ce nsor ed censored censore dcensore dc ensoredcen sor edcen soredcenso redcensore dcen soredce nsoredce ns ore dcenso redcenso redcenso redcens oredcen soredc ens oredcensored censor edcenso redcenso red censo redcensor edc ensoredcen soredcens oredc ensoredce nsor edc ensored ce nsor edc en sored ce nsoredcens oredcenso

Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (1)

Pharmacists dispense medications, determine possible drug interactions, administer immunizations and ensure patients are receiving appropriate treatment plans.
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Decision Makers at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (5)

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Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (6)

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Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (7)

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Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (8)

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486 Decision Makers at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Peers of Paula Walczewska in the area

Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (11)

Sheetal PatelNon Management

Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (12)

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Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (13)Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (14)

Tania HussainNon Management

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Paula Walczewska's current details

Current Title
Registered Pharmacist

Type of Role
just 0.1% from United Kingdom work as a Pharmacist

Job functions
Healthcare Services

Job Seniority
Non Management
71% from United Kingdom are employed in Non Management

Current Industry
Pharmaceuticace nso redcenso redcensoredce

United Kingdom, England, Wakefield

Experience (tracked since 2019)
c ensore experience at Walgreens Boots Alliance
c ensore experience as Registered Pharmacist

LinkedIn profile ska-7asor

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Company "Walgreens Boots Alliance"

Company name
Walgreens Boots Alliance

Company size
censo redcens

Stock Symbol


Linkedin Profile hcare-rsor

Romania, Municipiul București, București

Full Company Profile
Walgreens Boots Alliance

Paula Walczewska's Work History
data available since 2019

  • 2019 (6 months)
    Walgreens Boots Alliance
    United Kingdom
    Registered Pharmacist
    Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Manufacturing
    Walgreens Boots Alliance

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Frequently asked questions

What company does Paula Walczewska work for?
Paula Walczewska is working for Walgreens Boots Alliance

What is Paula Walczewska's title at Walgreens Boots Alliance?
Paula's title is , Registered Pharmacist

What is Paula Walczewska's Seniority at Walgreens Boots Alliance?
Paula Walczewska has been with Walgreens Boots Alliance for 6 months and is a normal employee

For how long is Paula Walczewska working as a Registered Pharmacist?
Paula Walczewska has 6 months experience as Registered Pharmacist.

What are Paula Walczewska's functions as a Registered Pharmacist ?
Paula Walczewska is responsible for Healthcare censored

What is Paula Walczewska's company phone number?
Paula Walczewska's company phone number is +40 21 407 ****

What is Paula Walczewska's email contact?
Paula Walczewska's email address is ***********

Who are similar contacts like Paula Walczewska ?
Some similar contacts are Sheetal Patel, Premiz Rai, Tania Hussain, Jess Davis, Alexandra Pharm.d and Rachel Willey.

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Paula Walczewska working at Walgreens Boots Alliance (2024)
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