How To Play Family Feud On Zoom (2024)

Due to the raging pandemic, people have been barred from going out and socializing. Life has come to a complete standstill in this lockdown, and people have been desperately looking for ways to spend time together with friends and family. Having conference calls on Zoom is one of the ways to hang out with others, and to make it more fun, people have been trying to play various games while on a Zoom call. Let us talk about a new game today and “How To Play Family Feud On Zoom.”

Although drinking games on Zoom are becoming a new sensation, some other cool alternatives do not have any alcohol involvement. People have been trying to get their creative juices flowing and creating games that are fun for all. Several classic dinner party games are being converted into apps or online versions so that everyone can easily join from their homes.

One such game is Family Feud, and if you are a US citizen, this name hardly needs an introduction. For beginners, it is a classic family game show that has been on the air since the 70s. The hilarious ‘Steve Harvey’ currently hosts the show, and it is extremely popular in all US households. However, it is now possible for you to have your own Family Feud game night with your friends and family, and that too over a Zoom call. In this article, we are going to discuss this in detail. We will provide you with all the information you need to make on your next Zoom call on a Family Feud game night.

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What is Family Feud?

“Family Feud” is a popular TV game show that pits two families against each other in a friendly yet competitive battle of the wits. Each team or family comprises five members. There are three rounds, and whichever team wins all three or two out of three wins the game. The winning team gets cash prizes.

Now, a fun fact about this game is that its format has almost remained unchanged over time. Apart from a few minor changes, it is exactly similar to the first edition of the show. As mentioned earlier, the game primarily has three main rounds. Each round projects a random question, and the player has to guess the most likely answers to that question. These questions are not factual or have any definite correct answer. Instead, the answers are decided based on a 100 people survey. The top eight responses are selected and ranked according to their popularity. If a team can guess the right answer, they are given points. The more popular the answer is, the more points you get for guessing it.

At the start of the round, one member from each team fights for control of that round. They try to guess the most popular answer on the list after hitting the buzzer. If they fail, and the opponent team member manages to outrank him/her in terms of popularity, then the control goes to the other team. Now the entire team takes turns to guess one word. If they make three wrong guesses (strikes), then the control is transferred to the other team. Once all the words are disclosed, the team with the highest points wins the round.

There is also a bonus ‘Fast Money round for the winning team. In this round, two members participate and try to answer the question in a short span of time. If the two members’ total score is more than 200, they win the grand prize.

How to Play Family Feud on Zoom

To play any game on Zoom, the first thing that you need to do is set up a Zoom call and ensure that everyone can join it. In the free version, you will only be able to set up sessions for 45 mins. It would be great if any one of the group can get the paid version, so there won’t be time restrictions.

Now he/she can start a new meeting and invite others to join it. The invitation link can be generated by going to the Manage Participants’ section and then clicking on the ‘Invite’ option. This link can now be shared with everyone via email, text message, or any other communication app. Once everyone has joined the meeting, you can proceed to play the game.

There are a couple of ways in which you can play Family Feud. You can either choose the easy way out and play the online Family Feud game by MSN or choose to create the entire game manually from scratch. The second option allows you to create your own questions, and thus you are free to customize the game in any way you can. It takes a lot more effort, but it is definitely worth it. In the next section, we are going to discuss both these options in detail.

Option 1: Play the Family Feud Online Game on Zoom/MSN

The easiest way to play Family Feud with your friends is by using the free online Family Feud game created by MSN. Click here to go to the official website and then click on the “Play Classic” option. This will open the original online version of the game, but you can play only one round, and to have complete access to the game, you need to purchase the full version. There also exists a different option. You can click on the “Play Free Online” option to play a similar game with the same rules called “Guess It.”

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Now before you start the game, make sure that everyone is connected on a Zoom call. Ideally, the game requires 10 players in addition to a host. However, you can play with a smaller number of people as well, provided you can divide them into equal teams, and you can be the host. The host will share his screen and share the computer sound before starting the game.

The game will now proceed as per the standard rules discussed above. Since it is difficult to arrange for a buzzer, it would be better to alternately give control of a particular round or question to a team. Once the question is on-screen, the host can read aloud if he/she wants to. The team member will now try to guess the most common answers. The more popular it is according to the 100-people survey, the higher points they get. The host will have to listen to these answers, type it in, and check if it is the right answer.

If the playing team makes 3 mistakes, then the question will be transferred to the other team. If they cannot guess the remaining answers, then the round ends, and the host proceeds to the next round. The team having the highest score after 3 rounds is the winner.

Option 2: Create your Own Custom Family Feud on Zoom

Now, for all those genuine Family Feud enthusiasts, this is the way to go for you. One player (probably you) will have to be the host, and he/she will have to do some extra work. However, we know that you have always secretly aspired to host your favorite game show.

Once everyone has connected on the Zoom call, you can organize and conduct the game as the host. Divide the player into two teams and assign specific names to the teams. With the Whiteboard tool on Zoom, create a tally sheet to keep scores and update them right answers guessed by a team. Make sure that everyone can see this sheet. To emulate the timer, you can use the built-in stopwatch on your computer.

For the questions, you can either create them on your own or take the help of numerous Family Feud question banks available online for free. These online question banks will also have the set of most popular answers and the popularity score associated with them. Note down 10-15 questions and keep them ready before starting the game. Having extra questions in stock will ensure that the game is fair, and you have the option to skip if the teams find it too difficult.

Once everything is ready, you can proceed to begin with the game. Start by reading out the question aloud for everyone. You can also create small question cards and hold them on your screen or use Zoom’s whiteboard tool, as discussed earlier. Ask team members to guess the most popular answers; if they make the right guess, write down the word on the whiteboard and give them points on the score sheet. Proceed with the game until all the words have been guessed or both teams fail to do so without making three strikes. In the end, the team with the highest score wins.


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With that, we come to the end of this article. We hope that you find this information helpful. Family Feud can be a fun game to play with friends and family. This article is essentially a comprehensive guide to play Family Feud over a Zoom call. With all the resources at your disposal, we would strongly suggest you try it on your next group call. If you want to spice up things a little, you can create a small prize pool by contributing some cash. This way, all the players would eagerly participate and stay motivated throughout the game. You can also play the bonus “Fast Money,” where the winning team competes for the grand prize, a Starbucks, Amazon or Microsoft gift card.

How To Play Family Feud On Zoom (2024)
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