Steve Harvey calls out Family Feud player for 'stupidest' answer (2024)

STEVE Harvey has called out a Family Feud contestant for giving the dumbest answer possible.

On Sunday, Family Feud shared a clip of the player's answer and the comedian's reaction on the game show's TikTok account.



Steve, 67, asked contestant Jeff, "Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what?"

Jeff, very aware he'd soon be landing in the dog house, responded, "I'm going to get myself in trouble with my wife, but the kitchen."

Applause slowly trickled in as the audience and Jeff's team members were shocked by his bold response.

One of his teammates yelled, "Oh buddy," as Steve looked around the stage, quietly chuckling to himself.


Steve Harvey calls out Family Feud player for 'stupidest' answer (3)
OH NO Family Feud's Steve Harvey warns player before shocking response that stunned viewers
Steve Harvey calls out Family Feud player for 'stupidest' answer (4)
OUCH! Family Feud's Steve Harvey says contestant 'looks stupid' as his answer gets booed

He finally said, "Jeff, I got to tell you..."

The player interrupted as he freely admitted, "I'm not going home."

Steve continued, "That's about the stupidest thing you could've said."

In the post's comment section, fans scolded Jeff for his subpar answer.

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One person wrote, "Nothing, bikini, dress, come on Jeff."

"Definitely divorced," added another.

Steve Harvey rages 'be quiet' and jokes 'people will hate you' after Family Feud player's eye-opening response

"DIVORCED," asserted a third.

A fourth fan joked, "And he was never seen again."

One commenter asked, "Did you notice the guys stepping back?" with a laughing face emoji.

"Bet he slept on the couch lol," added another.



A third fan commented, "All the noise of the jaws dropping on the floor lol."

"I wish they let us see if it made the board or not!" complained a fourth.


Last week, Steve was accused of setting up contestants to fail.

On Thursday's episode, viewers watched a player take on a difficult round ofFamily Feud - which supposedly included a major error on the board.

Contestant Hayley joined Steve at center stage to compete for $20,000 during the Fast Money segment.

The game show host read, "We asked 100 women to fill in the blank. When I see something I want, I blank for it."

Haley froze as she struggled to come up with an answer.

"I...pass..." she said while tightening her eyes.

Steve then asked for "a word that rhymes with wink," then to name "a type of cheese with a funny name," and finally he told Haley to pick "something else that gets caught in a tree besides a cat."

When it was time to reveal the answers on the board, Steve claimed Haley had previously said, "Look," but she passed.

She lost points for the wrong answer anyway.

In anonline thread, critics pointed out that the prompts were worded trickily for the contestant.

"I feel like leading the question off with ‘besides a cat’ is tricky because your mind automatically thinks of an animal," one critic mentioned.

"Those were some really HARD questions..." another critic added.

"This Fast Money was set up to be tough to win," a third critic suggested.

"[Haley] never said, 'Look.' Are they just throwing in a random answer for no reason whatsoever?" a fourth person wrote.

"Fairly hard questions and slow answering contestants. A bad combo for Steve," a commentator chimed.


Recently, Steve warned a contestant to be quiet after they gave an answer that shocked everyone.

During the Fast Money round,Steve asked player Susan, "Name an annoying creature that you wish would hurry up and become extinct."

With only 20 seconds on the clock to answer five questions, Susan said the first thing she thought of.

"Dog," she blurted out.

Steve Harvey's Hosting Gigs

Steve Harvey calls out Family Feud player for 'stupidest' answer (11)

Steve has hosted several shows since beginning his career in stand-up comedy

1993-2000: It’s Showtime at the Apollo

2010 - Present: Family Feud

2015 - Present: Celebrity Family Feud

2012-2019: Steve Harvey Show/Steve

2016-2019: Little Big Shots

2020 - Present: Steve On Watch

2022 - Present: Judge Steve Harvey

The clipwas postedtoTikTokand then fast-forwarded to Steve and Susan going over her answers.

Steve said the question again and her answer "Dog" popped up on the board.

He could barely finish the question as he leaned forward and laughed into his cards.

"Like a neighbor's dog," Susan explained.

"Be quiet," Steve suggested as Susan laughed.

"You know how many people are gonna hate you?" the comedian asked.

Steve picked his head up and said, "You said, man's best friend."

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Ultimately, Susan got zero points for her answer.

Fans in the comments did not agree with Susan and offered alternative answers like mosquitos, snakes,roaches, and more.




Steve Harvey calls out Family Feud player for 'stupidest' answer (2024)
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